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Thread: [Tool] Galaxy Player Heatmap

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    [Tool] Galaxy Player Heatmap


    i created a small application, which will help us create heatmaps of players among the galaxy.

    Itīs currently very basic - just displaying a list of all visited systems by real Players with the visit counter and Dates of first Player ever entering the System and the last entry.
    I will be updating it with much more statistics, the first version is just to check out, if there is interest for such a tool. We could create 3D images of the galaxy and draw the heatmap there.

    How it works:
    Like the Slopeyīs Market tool, it polls the log file and extracts the system you are in.

    Heatmap? Why?
    For me: i am lost somewhere in the Galaxy and i miss player interactions, chatter and interdictions. I want to go to places, where things are happening.

    Getting started:
    Download the application from (Rightclick, Save as..) and extract
    There is a config file "", you need to insert your path to the logfiles. Something like C:\\Games\\EDLaunch\\Products\\FORC-FDEV-D-1002\\Logs\\
    If you are a windows user, start the tool with the supplied .bat file
    Or you run it via "java -jar heatmap.jar" in the console.
    The client has to remain running in the background while you play E.

    Accessing the stats:
    Very simple at the moment, but hopefully more to come if there is interest in the community

    What do you think?

    Update History:


    Notes added.
    You can add notes to Systems, you visited now. In oder to do so, go to your commander dashboard and click on the little pen next to the clock.
    There is a note overview added as well.

    Increased hop history to 60 entries.


    Heatmap added ;)


    Major update incoming

    Itīs now possible to register a commander name on the Heatmap Page ( ). This will enable you to view your personal travel record for that commander. It is available only to you, as your own travel-track.

    In order to use this functionality:

    The commander name is just an identifier - its up to you if you use your ingame nick or something else
    If you dont want to use this just leave the commander setting empty (commander=)

    Example config:

    Cmdr. Filth

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    Pretty sure FD already said that any third party apps that grab data aren't allowed.

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    This is allowed as the App doesnt access data in memory. Its works exactly the same as Slopeys Market tool.

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    Pretty cool idea. Would you mind releasing the code as well? Not that I don't trust you but... there could be anything in there

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    Code is here:

    Needs some cleanup - i did it in 2hrs

    1.01 uploaded.

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    Added overview of past 30 minutes.

    No client update required.

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    Nice, I love seeing people help build a community.

    You should get into contact with Slugsy as you are both working on something very similar. His is local yours is shared.

    It would be good to see what you both can come up with if you collaborate, and getting more data can only be a good thing.

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    Thanks for the info - i didnt knew there is something similar out there. I will be concating Slugsy and see if we can collaborate - the more data we can collect the better the apps will get.

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    Cool stuff, will try it out tonight

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    Grrrreeeeeat! (it said a simple "great" was to short to post)

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    Originally Posted by CarnbY View Post (Source)
    Cool stuff, will try it out tonight
    And I will start using it after the wipe

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    A player heatmap should be a ship module.

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    Client updated to V.1.02

    - Fixed a bug where wrong System Name would be transmitted if log is empty
    - Added Logging to console

    If you already downloaded HeatMap Tracker, you will need to replace the heatmap.jar - you can get the new Version here:

    New users:
    Download heatmap.rar and see instructions in first Posting how to configure.

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    This kind of app should be banned from the game. There is no such thing as starmaps showing heat sigs on player desity unless your playing EVE and it was stupid there and it's a stupid idea here. Seriously who decided it was ok to export this information?

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    Originally Posted by Malicar View Post (Source)
    This kind of app should be banned from the game. There is no such thing as starmaps showing heat sigs on player desity unless your playing EVE and it was stupid there and it's a stupid idea here.
    Simple answer: donīt use it then.

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