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Thread: The Quest of the Lavian Brandy

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    Talking Distance Behavior of Rare Commodities (The Quest of the Lavian Brandy)


    During the last days I've tried to learn more about the mechanics of the rare commodities. To unveil the distribution of the selling prices depending on the distance from the origin system I've travelled approx. 160 LY around Lave (including Sol and some Archenar systems).

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    During the last days I was searching for a better model function which better fits the distance behaviour of the rare commodities. I finaly found a new model:

    SP(x) = p0 + p1 /  ( 1.0 + exp( - ( p2 * ( x – p3 ) ) ) )
    This is a modified version of the logistic function. In the last post in this thread I explain the four different parameters of the function.

    Wikipedia Logistic Function

    The new results fit the distance dependency much better. The chi²-value decreased multiple orders of magnitude.

    From the results of the evaluation I've created a new spreadsheet for calculating the selling price in dependency of the distance to the origin system:

    Rare Commodities Distance Dependency Spreadsheet

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    Thanks, this is very helpful and informative!

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    What an excellent thread - have some rep!

    It is great to see that there is method behind such things and gives me confidence that there is more to trading than just hoping something will sell for more in system X.

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    Wow. I applaud your efforts

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    Cant rep you on my phone but well done.

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    Blimey, I can't even be bothered to search my Sky channels for BBC One. Have some rep.
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    maybe change up the thread heading for commodities all over the system so we can then start posting other such finds.

    Im doing a database on what i find at present bases that only sell and buy and how much they have in there stock so you can tell if you wish to buy from them or do trading to them.

    I don't yet have a graph much like your liqueur here but i could probably do one if i put out a separate database with what i find for each good.

    Im thinking even with out tools that are mentioned in the forum that we as people as traders can come up with some way to easily give out destinations or even ways of finding the true cost of doing trade's if your ship is able.

    So maybe a table for each ship type is needed as well because of the jump distance each ship can jump ?.

    Anyways just a thought. Great to see your hard work being paid off.

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    We need more stuff like this! Well done mate +1

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    Nice post I've been hunting for rare commodities, check this thread for a few other rare commodities:
    If you know of any others please post them there

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    Originally Posted by Patau82 View Post (Source)
    Nice post I've been hunting for rare commodities, check this thread for a few other rare commodities:
    If you know of any others please post them there
    Thank you all...

    It took some time to prepare the data for the Lavian Brandy. I think I have some spare time this evening and will start a search for the other known rare commodities.

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    Ahh, a refreshing thread indeed, and nice to know. Thanks. +Rep.

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    OK. I just finished the conclusion of the distance dependency this will mark the end of this thread. If your interested in the rare commodities jump over to the rare commodities list.

    Attachment 3436

    As you can guess from the figure all four commodities share the same distance dependency. This is a little suprise for me. If we are in the realm of procedual generation why are some aspects still hard-coded?

    Don't let you foo by this figure Lavian Bandy is NOT the most lucrative commodity in this test. If you compare the rations of buy and selling price Lavian Brandy only reaches a factor of approx. 6. While the Phoenicis Palms and Toxandji Virocide are in the order of 29 to 35.

    Writing down all these numbers and guessing the right fitting function was a lot of fun for me. I think my wife bought a new frame-shift interdiction device pulling me back into real life.

    See you in space....
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    Originally Posted by Ulysses_W View Post (Source)
    Blimey, I can't even be bothered to search my Sky channels for BBC One. Have some rep.
    This. And I get embarrassed at my relatively modest level of geekery, this is a different league on a different planet and worthy of admiration.
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    I can confirm also that the Ethgreze Tea Buds also follow a similar trend, where I sold 16T about ~120Ly away from Ethgreze and made some significant profit; from 3645 cr/T to around 18.5K cr/T.

    I am falling in love with Tea all over again haha!

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