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Thread: List of Permit Required Systems?

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    List of Permit Required Systems

    Has anyone been collecting systems that require a permit? Seems like it could be useful post-launch.

    EDIT: Okay, quest accepted. Here are the ones I've seen reference to so far, whether this thread or elsewhere:

    SHINRARTA DEZHRA - Federation of Pilots HQ & Founder's World

    ACHENAR - Empire
    ALIOTH - Alliance
    SOL - Federation

    HODACK - near Federation of Pilots HQ
    LUYTEN 347-14 - near Sol
    ROSS 128 - near Sol

    Holy Systems
    ISINOR - Near Lave
    LTT 198
    VAN MAANEN'S STAR - Near Sol

    Story / Other
    BETA HYDRI - Federation Founder Member
    BELLICA - Unoccupied
    EXBEUR - Federal Money Maker
    FACECE - Imperial Naval Base
    LFT 509 - No additional Info
    PHEKDA - Anarchist Tourist Trap
    POLARIS - Outside Human Space
    SIRIUS - 1st Corporate system; 1st Interstellar War
    TERRA MATER - Anarchist Farmers and Miners
    TILIALA - Dictatorship
    VEGA - "Interesting"
    WITCH'S REACH - Unoccupied
    WOLF 262 - Outside Human Space

    51 ARIETIS - No permit required, but system description says it does.

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    Congratulations! You have just volunteered yourself as the poster who lists the Permit-Required systems.
    The only two I know of are Sol and Polaris.

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    Ross 128 (prison planet) and Sirius springs to mind. There are more, but can't recall them right now.

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    Alioth and Phekda, the latter being a rather wealthy industrial/tourist anarchy. Must be a quite interesting place for a vacation, amirite?

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    I found an unassuming WOLF 262 to require a permit. Out past the edge of human space.

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    The Permit only systems I found after scrying the Glaxay Map were the ones everyone else posted. It was good fun looking at the Map. It's given me ideas about where I want to visit.

    I think I've found the role I want to play in this game:- Space Tourist

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    I've found a system called Bellica which requires a permit but I haven't visited it or got any more information than that I'm afraid.

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    Has anyone managed to earn a permit yet? If so how did you do it?

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    I know there a prison by the founders world. I think it starts with a H.

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    Hodack - Independent Prison Colony

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    Confirmed and list updated. Looks like I should break out the prison systems into their own category, sometime this weekend.

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