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  • (01) Frank - The Sum of all Fears

    7 41.18%
  • (02) Psykokow - Birth Wrong

    0 0%
  • (03) Ian Phillips - Accident: Waiting to happen

    2 11.76%
  • (04) Cathy Confined - Spaces

    2 11.76%
  • (05) The Lone Gunman - Testing Time!

    2 11.76%
  • (06) Corinthian - Rookie Mistake

    5 29.41%
  • (07) Listeri69 - Noobs 1st Flight

    5 29.41%
  • (08) Bikky - Lumberjocks

    2 11.76%
  • (09) Bitrogue - go easy on me

    2 11.76%
  • (10) Majere - Old School Docking

    0 0%
  • (11) Majere - So close

    2 11.76%
  • (12) Psykokow - wise words

    4 23.53%
  • (13) Darren Grey - Alternative universe

    2 11.76%
  • (14) Darkoba

    3 17.65%
  • (15) Insanephoton - Accidents can happen...

    8 47.06%
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Thread: Drabble Contest Poll: Accidents

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    Drabble Contest Poll: Accidents

    Have fun voting for your favourite Drabble. Everyone is welcome to vote. It's a multi-vote but please limit your choices to just three.

    Anyone can vote for up to 3 drabbles,

    The contestants shouldn't vote for themselves,

    The winner gets to choose the topic of the next drabble,

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    The Candidates

    (01) Frank - The Sum of all Fears

    I was mining for diamonds, which are considered contraband in this system, when I heard a distress call. They said that some rogue cyborgs were attacking their Federal space station for the glory of the Empire. I felt duty bound to help.

    The Coriolis Station was very dilapidated, and it had stopped rotating due to poor maintenance. I entered the zeroG environment to engage the rabbid robots in hand to hand combat. They started floating towards me in a menacing manner.

    I tell you, it was quite scary. I had a few accidents.

    ...And that's why I wear a Onesie!

    (02) Psykokow - Birth Wrong

    Irial checked his systems, the grey rotating sphere ahead was growing slowly as he sped towards Lave Station.

    Tonight was the important event, the signing of the treaty, his proud parents signing away the freedoms of their state.
    The ceremony had started and the video comms showed his parents in full regalia walking down the ramp from their stunning ship to meet the station commander, to be led to the ceremonial reception.

    He lined his ship perfectly with the docking port and speeding towards it, diverted all power to the engines sending them critical.
    'and they called ME a mistake'

    (03) Ian Phillips - Accident: Waiting to happen

    The hall lights dimmed and spotlights brought the Dias to everyone’s attention.

    From the side of the stage the principle walked unhurriedly forwards to start proceedings. The yearly graduation ceremony at Lave Technical school started, with it’s usual show of flawless technical expertise.

    One by one the graduates collected their diplomas. Suddenly the old man stirred, sitting up straight, suddenly attentive. The student accepted the certificate and descended from the stage.

    Frank watched proudly as Second Technician Fozza walked down the aisle clutching his diploma. He turned to the man sat next to him, “I learnt him everything he knows!’’

    (04) Cathy - Confined Spaces

    Something made Frank pause. He drew back from his navigation screen. A muscle twitched in his face. He glanced down, then up, then left at his co-pilot. He swallowed, hard.

    "Oh my God."

    Larry played dumb, silently updating the maintenance logs.

    Frank's whole body tensed. He slid stiffly from his seat. His hands became claws, grappling for the sealed door mere inches behind them.

    "No!" Larry grabbed him. "I'm still venting the cryo-mods. It won't be safe for another twelve minutes."

    "What did you eat?"

    "Jeez, Frank, it's just a fart."

    "In the cockpit!?"

    "Take big sniffs. It'll soon vanish."

    (05) The Lone Gunman - Testing Time!

    He was tense, as he waited Sat in the Cobra
    The other man got in, looking grim faced, pad at the ready

    “Right Mr err, Illu is it? When you’re ready, start the engine and begin”
    Illu adjusted his mirrors, turned the ignition, couplings unhooked

    Illu “Phew! going good so far"
    He glided out of the station

    “Please do a 360 degree turn, avoiding oncoming traffic”
    Nervous hand throttles the steering, to fast!

    Cobra narrowly misses station, but hits and takes signals antenna off!

    “Mr Illu you have failed your test, and that will be two thousand credits for repairs!”

    (06) Corinthian - Rookie Mistake

    Mark paused before entering and checked his reflection once more. The vintage flight jacket had cost him a fortune but it was important to look the part. He squared his shoulders, pushed open the bar door and strode in like he was a veteran pilot.

    The Tannoy system crackled into life after he had taken only two steps.

    ‘Will the owner of a red interplanetary shuttle reg VIP-01 report to station control. It has uncoupled its mooring and drifted into four other ships.’

    Angry eyes slowly turned towards Mark.

    Chairs ominously slide backwards.

    A damp patch appeared on Marks crotch.

    (07) Listeri69 - Noobs 1st Flight

    'All rise!'
    The judge made his way to the chair, nodding as he sat down
    'Read the charges'

    A magistrate stood and started to read the list.

    'Unlawful firing at a space station. The destruction by ramming of a police viper. Extensive damage to a station entrance. Flying sideways inside a docking port. Failure to stop then accelerating into a cargo bay. Launching a missile and dropping a mine inside a station. Retracting a landing gear squashing two technicians and trying to hyperspace whilst docked'

    'Have you anything to say regarding these hideous misdemeanors?'

    'First flight, noob accidents your honour'

    (08) Bikky - Lumberjocks

    Angus checks out the bargain basement shipyard. Being Scottish he’s not willing to pay more than a few hundred credits for his next ship.

    A salesman aproaches. ‘Can I help?’

    ‘Arm Arfter a ship.’

    ‘What kind are you looking for? And what’s your budget?’

    ‘Jis a little runnaround, fer gittin ter see the kidz.’

    ‘We have this little number here, only four hundred. Used by a lumberjack to get to work.'

    ‘Ach, ah canny bai thart off ya, It’s a wreck’

    ‘What do you mean it’s a wreck? For only four hundred it’s a bargain’

    ‘Looka tha axe een dents.’

    (09) Bitrogue - go easy on me

    “So you're saying that you were in your Fer-de-Lance heading toward Riedquat Station at the time the accident happened?” said the lawyer in a loud, clear voice that echoed around the courtroom.
    “Uh … yup.” replied Malone, nodding earnestly.
    “And you said your Fer-de-Lance came equipped with specialized hyperbolic long-range hull displacement particle beams?”
    “And so having never used them before, you decided to test those lasers on an old space station you thought was abandoned?”
    “And in so doing just happened to 'accidentally' kill the president and elected ruler of the free Alliance?”
    A pregnant pause.

    (10) Majere - Old School Docking

    "What idiot thought it was a good idea to install cloaking devices on Coriolis Stations? All you can see are the edges, how am I supposed to dock properly?"

    The rookie commander was fidgeting uncomfortably in his chair.

    "Keep spinning, keep spinning, oops, not too much, dammit now overcorrected."

    Frantic hands swept over the controls as the Cobra MkIII drifted surely away from the entrance.

    "Agh, get back in line you idiot, slow down, slow down"

    The snake jerked and weaved into mouth of Lave station.

    "Now that's too slow, I can't see anything!"

    More speed.

    "Am I in yet?"

    (11) Majere - So close

    The Commander stared at his controls.

    His body shivered involuntarily, sweat moistened his palms inside his brand new gloves.

    They had been a present from his mother. He didn't wear any normally but she had insisted. "It gets cold in space" she had said. They didn't even fit properly, far too big.

    The base loomed large in the cockpit window, sirens started to blare.

    The Commander slumped, there was nothing he could do now.

    "So close" he muttered under his breath. "So close"

    Vipers swarmed around his feeble ship.

    "Why have the fire button so close to the undercarriage control?"

    (12) Psykokow - wise words

    Flames engulffed the cockpit and the smoke thickened blocking out the flashing control panel lights.
    The sirens worked tirelessly, blurting out the imminent demise of the vessel to all in earshot.

    The pilot on the floor crawled slowly towards the hatch coughing, his clothes charred and burned through, holes all over revealing his scorched skin..

    The hatch opened and the station fire guards burst in lifting him out to safety.
    He cursed his mothers words of wisdom as he was carried through the hysterical guffawing crowds a breeze cooling his rump..
    'always wear clean underwear...just in case of an accident'

    (13) Darren Grey - Alternative universe

    “What... what happened?” he said, restraining a cold fury.

    “I’m sorry, Thane! I must have ejected the wrong crate. It was an accident, I swear!”

    “Those robot parts... Have you any idea how much trouble I’m in?!” He gritted his teeth.

    “I’m so sorry,” she murmured, tears rolling down her cheeks. “It was an accident, an accident...”

    Thane reached forward and lifted her up. “There there, May, it’s all right...” She buried her head in his shoulder, sobbing quietly.

    “What are you doing?” she asked as his grip tightened and he strode to the airlock door.

    “Well, kid... accidents happen.”

    (14) Darkoba

    Drak's shaking hands took the controls. The man next to him sat slumped, eyes closed, breathing shallow.
    "It's now or never." Drak touched the throttle.
    They approached the asteroid belt.
    A small rock hit the hull, clanging.
    "Focus! No more accidents", he glanced at his companion.
    Two huge rocks approached; the ship rolled through 90 degrees, barely scraping through the gap.
    Two hours of sweaty, nerve-wracking, manipulation later, they emerged from the Belt.
    Drak looked anxiously towards the man in the co-pilot's chair. The examiner stirred, grunted, opened his eyes.
    "Bit slow, but you've passed. You may leave the simulator."

    (15) Insanephoton - Accidents can happen...

    Space is dangerous. Accidents happen all of the time. Except that some of these accidents aren't.

    I'm a problem solver. I make problems go away. Some people can be 'problematic'. My employer doesn't like that. When people won't listen to reason, it's amazing how 'accident prone' they become.

    Like the journalist that kept snooping around where she shouldn't. Tragically she was crushed by automated cargo handling machinery.

    Then there was the politician that asked awkward questions. A promising career ended when he didn't survive his shuttle colliding with an Anaconda.

    Don't say anything or you might have an 'accident' too...

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    Done early and only using two votes, to damn hot to do much writing! off for more cider.

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    liked Listeri69 - Noobs 1st Flight. sounds like a typical noob on his first flight.

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    Liked Franks, Combination of previous ones.

    Got to say sorry to Psyko though. Cracking one, but just dibbed out by the other 3 I voted for. I actually was tempted to cheat and make 4 votes

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    If anyone is thinking about voting, but hasn't yet, please be advised that you now have less than 24 hours to cast your votes or risk it going to a penalty shootout between me and Frank

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    The rules for the penalty shootout are simple. The poll will close on 17/07/2013 at 9:17 PM and anyone can provide the casting vote. Just be the first person to post their choice on this thread. Anything posted before the poll closes will not be counted. We'll go by the timestamp on the post.

    But we've still got until tonight for voting. All voters are welcome, and avoiding this stalemate means we can move on faster to the next drabble contest

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    Looks like a high turnout.

    *squints to see Frank and insanephoton tearing off into the distance*

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    WOOHOOO.... I got two votes.

    give me another few months and i'll make it 3 votes

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    Congrats Mark, a very good if not last minute drabble you got in there, good win.
    and bad luck Frank, yours was a worthy winner to, hopefully next time mate

    Your turn Mark on choice

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    Pipped at the post again <sigh> And by another one I'd voted for <sigh>

    Congratulations Insanephoton. That's one hell of a good drabble.

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    Congratumalations... well done.

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    Ooh, looks like I had the deciding vote. It was 7 v 7 when I did mine.

    Insanephoton, looks like you owe me a beer.

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    Originally Posted by Majere View Post (Source)
    Ooh, looks like I had the deciding vote. It was 7 v 7 when I did mine.

    Insanephoton, looks like you owe me a beer.
    or if i hadnt voted for him he would be in a dead he owes me a beer to!...oh and now Frank knows who to hunt down for not winning that week!