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  • 13 psykokow - Unwitting explorers

    5 29.41%
  • 14 bitrogue - Intrepid explorer

    1 5.88%
  • 15 Ian Phillips - Finishing the job

    1 5.88%
  • 16 Mobius - The Thargoid Expanse

    4 23.53%
  • 17 Cathy - A New Horizon

    5 29.41%
  • 18 Frank - Curiosity

    5 29.41%
  • 19 The Lone Gunman - Little appetite!

    6 35.29%
  • 20 Musashi - The Final Discovery

    9 52.94%
  • 21 insanephoton - Heading home

    3 17.65%
  • 22 Listeri69 - Rain

    4 23.53%
  • 23 Listeri69 - coriolis

    0 0%
  • 24 Bikky - A mini adventure

    1 5.88%
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Thread: Explorer Poll No2

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    Explorer Poll No2

    Too many entries for on poll and so I've split it in two. This means you'll get 6 votes in total, three in this poll and three in the other.

    Have fun voting for your favourite Drabble. Everyone is welcome to vote. It's a multi-vote but please limit your choices to just three.

    Anyone can vote for up to 3 drabbles,

    The contestants shouldn't vote for themselves,

    The winner gets to choose the topic of the next drabble.

    The first half of the poll can be found

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    13 psykokow
    Unwitting explorers

    The ship schlurped out of hyperspace and leered sideways to a shuddering halt.
    'What did you do??'
    'I pressed the button'
    'What button?'
    'The Big Red one'
    'Aww Crap Ben, my Dad's gonna kill me'
    'Why what's happened?'
    'I dunnoh... here help me up so I can look out the window'
    It was dark outside, not many stars. Just the odd pin príck of light deep in the distance. The ships alarms started and the cockpit panel started to flash as a large Alien ship approached.
    'John, please I want to go home now...'
    'I don't know how to.. '

    14 bitrogue
    Intrepid explorer

    The ship held steady, floating through the void, stars burning all around, an incandescent nebula dominating the vista.
    “Beautiful,” said Kehan as he gazed at the sight before him, mesmerized.
    “Mmm,” responed Teylah, her attention held elsewhere.
    “So smooth”, murmered Kehan, shifting slightly.
    “I feel like I’m in heaven,” whispered Teylah, sounding short of breath.
    After a while he sighed and said, “I could do this forever.”
    “Really?" Teylah turned to look at him and laughed. “Don’t you ever tire of exploring my body?” She grinned and lay back against him, pulling up the covers, and gazed outside.

    15 Ian Phillips
    Finishing the job

    He checked the claim marker one last time. All systems green. Pressing the launch button, he watched as the satellite shot out from his loading bay to take up its station.

    As he relaxed back into the gel of his flight chair, pleasure washed over him now the job was done. Now to get back.

    Busying himself with the Galactic navigation interface he programmed the return flight to civilization to register his claim. He would have to refuel twice, so he selected systems with gas giants as stopovers.

    Hyperspace jump engaged. A few seconds wait.

    All hell broke loose.


    16 Mobius
    The Thargoid Expanse

    "Wolf 359 Command and control here, Commander God Speed on your 2 year mission to explore the Thargoid expanse".
    This wasn't something that I set out to do but due to the bounty hunters and debt collectors after me it was the only option, I had to go into hiding and the leave my debts behind me, I needed to run as far away as possible, the Thargoid Sector was good money but no one ever made it back from there.
    I'm looking at a picture of my wife and children, my final thoughts are, I love you all.

    17 Cathy
    A New Horizon

    "Beautiful," said Frank, his voice breathy.

    "Awesome," said Larry, gazing wide-eyed.



    Neither cared that the clipper had seen better times. Its vast interior exuded industry. Those dents and scrapes were the scars of hard work, of solid endeavour, of profits made and the promise of many more.

    "I always knew we'd have a beast like this of our own one day," said Frank. "We'll pay off the loan in no time."

    Larry did a dance of excitement. "I'm gonna explore!"

    Hours later Frank closed the user manual.


    His echo went unanswered. He sighed.

    "Ok. Search and rescue..."

    18 Frank

    The points of light within the navcom display were more like question marks to Felix. A generation ship? An alien civilisation? A planet of solid diamond? The money side of things wasn't important to him. He just wanted to see and experience new places. He once stood beside a singing waterfall beneath a rainbow sky.

    Not all the surprises out there were pleasant. He asks the navcom to select the next star in the sequence. His finger poised over the Hyperspace key, he recites his little chant to give him the courage to press down, “Let's see what's out there.”

    19 The Lone Gunman
    Little appetite!

    The Cobra came out of Hyperspace and to a sudden stop
    “Mary, come quickly, we’ve hit the jackpot!”

    Mary bought little baby Harry with her, covering the cooked food laid out on the table first

    “What is …..” Mary’s words tailed off

    Several kilometres long, it lay motionless, illuminated only by the star nearby, thousands of portholes remained darkened, silent….

    “A legendry Titan ship!”

    Suddenly a single light came on amongst the thousands of portholes

    Hours later, a second Cobra found the family’s ship drifting
    Food still on the table, systems working fine

    But no sign of the Celeste family!

    20 Musashi
    The Final Discovery

    Pirates? Thargoids? Pah! It’s the Deep Black itself that is wholly unforgiving.

    Like the mariners of old and their seas, those of us who explore the vast emptiness between worlds have an abiding respect for it. It’ll kill you quickly, but not so fast that you won't have time to scream your last agonised breath into the void. A rare few touch it and live.

    I look at the cracks in the viewport - courtesy of an errant cargo cannister. They're growing; there's nothing I can do to stop them. Should've bought that escape pod...

    Soon I’ll know the vacuum completely.

    21 insanephoton
    Heading home

    The trick to exploration that most people don't understand is that it's all about getting back to tell the tale.

    Sure it's dangerous beyond the frontier, but no more so than anywhere else.

    You might be unlucky enough to run into pirates or thargoids but mostly it's safer as there's no traffic to run into.

    The real danger is 'the call of the void', people head out and just keep on going. What you need is a reason to return.

    Tali is my reason. I couldn't bear the thought of never seeing her again...

    'Engaging hyperdrive. We're heading home now'

    22 Listeri69

    There was a gentle sound of rain hitting the cockpit windows.
    People didn't seem to think it rained on other planets other than their own.
    It was a long way from home for rain, waiting for that perfect moment.
    The minute the light of 4 suns defused through the rain. That once in a 23 year cycle where light produced square rainbows.
    Life was hard being an explorer but this is the sort of thing we live for, the reason we take all the risks, the beauty and the majesty of it all, oh and the 10,000 credit photo prize....

    23 Listeri69

    Seutonius frowned, although he had the space for it in the vast acreage of his estate. A kilometer square the dents and scratches of years of use
    The thing was huge really huge and dwarfed the collection of ships he had accumulated from all the far reaches of the galaxy.
    'Did you two imbeciles actually listen to a word I said' He clicked his fingers as a slave girl came over and brought a tray of drinks. Seutonius took one and looked back at the two pilots before him. I said get in some exploration, not an ex core station....

    24 Bikky
    A mini adventure

    Fighting his way through a dark tunnel, brushing aside the strange things that dangled into his hair and face, ignoring the origin of such things, unaware they may be dangerous…. Toxic.

    He fought on over the climb without care that, being on hands and knees, he may wear through garments of clothing, or even sustain injury.

    Tumbling down the other side and being entangled in mysterious draperies hanging from above, he fights onward, through the onslaught of his adventure.

    Then, light appearing at the end. Breathing a sigh of relief, he climbs out.

    Boo! He giggles into his mummy’s arms.


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    You missed the end off Bikky's drabble!

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    Originally Posted by Darren Grey View Post (Source)
    You missed the end off Bikky's drabble!
    Whoops! Sorry.

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    nice to see that i got 3 votes, wasnt expecting that.