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  • Diplomacy - Insanephoton

    4 25.00%
  • Let Rip - Psykokow

    4 25.00%
  • Survival of the fittest - Gavthomas

    1 6.25%
  • Clean air - Ian Phillips

    5 31.25%
  • Thargoids: Lesson 2 - Caring for your pets - Bikky

    1 6.25%
  • Thargoids: Lesson 3 - Breeding your pets - Bikky

    1 6.25%
  • Thargoids: Lesson 4 - Harvesting the perfume - Bikky

    2 12.50%
  • Metamorphosis - The Lone Gunman

    6 37.50%
  • Sympathy for the Devil - Frank

    5 31.25%
  • Boundary of Good Taste - Cathy

    11 68.75%
  • Significant Number - Splendour

    1 6.25%
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Thread: Thargoid Poll Two

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    Thargoid Poll Two

    Diplomacy - Insanephoton

    The guard shouts 'It says that it “has come in peace and want's to trade”'

    I look at the creature in the airlock. It appears far weirder than could be imagined from the reports. They are a dangerous species. They started an unprovoked war against us and tried to exterminate us, and now they want to trade?

    I remember the dead, so many dead. I quash my feelings of disgust. I must be professional. We are here to negotiate with them.

    'Bring the human to the bridge, I will talk to it there'

    'Greetings ambassador, I represent the Thargoid Empire...'
    Let Rip - Psykokow

    The thargoid human peace talks were going well. Ambasador Rippit was conducting himself with great dept and tact. Hive Queen Selarven was appreciative of the efforts and it truly was in both species interests to strike some kind of accord.
    The Cultural Performances came to an end and the Species representatives prepared for the meal..
    The Waiting staff made of Thargoids and Humans brought platters of the foods of their species to the tables and allowed both parties to partake of the best from both worlds.
    It was looking like these peace talks were going to work... then Ripper farted!
    Survival of the fittest - Gavthomas

    Lt Cmdr Darius Phillips was approaching retirement from the Navy. It had been years since the Thargoid threat had been neutralised by the virus introduced to their organic Hyperdrives. Good bloody riddance. Whilst life had been easier since then, the scourge of ruthless pirates filled the gap, decimating mining interests and wiping out explorers. His Viper's alarms sounded, threat inbound. Four, five, six of them, old Adders and Cobra MkIs...strange. Quick, hyperspace, any system, quick!!! Nothing. How could they jam his hyperspace, it's not possible.! Six horned claws squeeze on their triggers and retirement arrives for Lt Cmdr Phillips.
    Clean air - Ian Phillips

    We have been studying the derelict Thargoid ship for months now. The stink of the ship overwhelmed us when we opened it.

    The air recycling and cleaning systems are large and sophisticated, but in this ship, broken.
    Body waste disposal is likewise aimed at preventing any escape of odours into the atmosphere, much as our toilet systems are.

    What is interesting is that the thargoids seem to have just sunk into coma's and died of starvation.

    We are positing that they became overwhelmed by an overload of conflicting pheromone signals in the air, accumulated because of the broken air recycler.
    Thargoids: Lesson 2 - Caring for your pets - Bikky

    The couple wallowed in the warm soap suds, gently caressing each other with a sponge covered in bubbles. The woman picks up a glass of wine, situated near some softly illuminating candles. She takes a sip and looks at her partner sitting opposite her with a wicked glint in her eye.

    He catches the look, and smiles back, feeling his stomach tighten and a twinge, then a familiar swelling in between his legs. This captivity isn’t so bad.

    He looks towards a mirror.

    On the other side of the mirror his captors look on.

    ‘KARRAK ZZARR KARRK.’ Points the teacher.
    Thargoids: Lesson 3 - Breeding your pets - Bikky

    He steps out of the bath, his excitement plain for the woman in front to see.

    She looks on, I’m so lucky to be trapped with this hunk’ feeling butterflies in her stomach, and a warming sensation in her groin.

    He helps her out of the bath, and then gently towels her off.

    She turns and lingers over a gentle kiss, getting wet and soapy again from their proximity.

    He picks her up and carries her into the next room gently laying her on the bed.

    Behind the wall, on-lookers scuttle to the next mirror.

    ‘Click-click-click, KAAZRIKAKAKA.’ The teacher points.
    Thargoids: Lesson 4 - Harvesting the perfume - Bikky

    Some while later, lying in bed and smoking a cigarette, she looks over to the man lying beside her snoring away. How can such an ignorant lump be such a good lover?

    He grunts as a little wind biscuit escapes. She then begins to choke on the fumes just as a hidden door bursts open and two creatures come racing over to the bed and try to inhale the sweet perfume.

    ‘Click-click RAAKAAHHH KAHHH.’ Says one

    ‘RAZAKAHH, KRAAARAK KAAHHH.’ Says the other

    The man in the bed wakes up, ‘Aighht Cathy? What are these doing here?’

    Metamorphosis - The Lone Gunman

    The last stand of the Thargoids on their home planet was ending
    Assault on the research station had begun

    Precious time given, in Thargoid lifes!
    But the Thargoid scientist was ready, waiting

    Explosion! Commander Jameson led the Elite Pilots through
    The last Thargoid, a strange alien smile, just staring back at him

    Human prisoners on stretchers, alive!
    “Evil scum!”

    A shot, the last Thargoid was dead
    Jameson began to itch

    The Human plague started weeks later

    Mass quarantine camps

    Too late, the mixed DNA of humans and Thargoids had spread
    Metamorphosis was not long; the new Thargoid race had begun!
    Sympathy for the Devil - Frank

    Her crewmates were dead, her craft on fire, and she could feel her conciousness slip away as more and more of her sisters became unavailable.

    She could see the cause through a porthole. The demon interloper was dodging and weaving through laserfire. His return fire was as deft as a surgeon performing a lobotomy.

    Eventually she was all alone. Her instinct was to huddle into the only mind she could find. What exotic thoughts! Fear, hate, and vengeance.

    He was oblivious to her presence. He emitted one last thought before leaving her to the emptiness, a cry of anguish, “Scarlett.”
    Boundary of Good Taste - Cathy

    Thargoid Surprise (serves 4)

    2 thargoids (young if possible)
    1 onion
    1 tbsp olive oil
    4oz plain flour
    1 red pepper
    1 aubergine
    6oz mature cheddar, grated
    pinch cinnamon
    fresh basil, thyme
    salt and pepper to taste

    Skewer thargoids through thorax to ensure death (cooking while alive toughens the flesh). Crack open carapace, remove meat and chop.

    Dice pepper and aubergine and mix with meat. Slice onion and fry in oil for ten minutes or until slightly caramelised.

    Add herbs and seasoning and mix all together in oven proof dish. Cover with cheese and bake at 200C for 30 minutes.
    Significant Number - Splendour

    Eight had always been a significant number to humanity. The number of prosperity. The atomic number of oxygen. The number of light years to the next inhabited system. The number of times a green lance had struck the unprepared Imperial Trader to render it helpless, a spinning glimmer of light in the gulf of space. The number of bits underpinning the code of the unencrypted broadcast now cycling through every radio frequency.

    “Mayday, mayday! This is the merchant trader ‘Octavian’. We have been attacked and crippled by Thargoids. Mayday, mayday!”

    The eight sided vessel closed in on their helpless prey.

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    Congrats again Cathy, nice big win and a great different take on the theme!

    look forward to your chosen subject

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    Thank you very much for the votes

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    These 3 deserve the top spot.

    1. Metamorphosis - The Lone Gunman
    2 .Sympathy for the Devil - Frank
    3. Boundary of Good Taste - Cathy

    choosehottubsdirect reviews

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    Originally Posted by abbeysnorth View Post (Source)
    These 3 deserve the top spot.

    1. Metamorphosis - The Lone Gunman
    2 .Sympathy for the Devil - Frank
    3. Boundary of Good Taste - Cathy
    ah thats very nice(will send the money later! .... Cathys was a very well deserved winner, hope you fancy a go yourself, everyone welcome

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    Cheers abbeysnorth, and welcome to the forum. We're all keeping ourselves amused during the Great Wait.

    Gunman is right. You're welcome to give a Drabble a go at
    The main Drabble thread

    Nobody points and laughs at other people's Drabbles, not even at my joke Drabbles.