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Thread: Trading Tool, any interest?

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    Originally Posted by Fangrim View Post (Source)
    Request: Ability to sort Planets/Station names aplhabetically, like you can commodities.
    Request: Ability to edit a station name (Now I just edit the system_data.txt file).

    "Bug": Minor typo - it says "Sytems /Stations".
    Yeap, sorting is already done.

    Ha! Nice typo I learned how to spell so that's fix now too.

    Editing station names eh? I don't think that'd be too hard to pull off... I was going to say "just spell it right in the first place"... but then I referred back the bug above... :/

    Good suggestions.

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    Cmdr's Log version 1.1 is Out!

    Download here:
    Cmdr's Log v1.1

    Just copy over your existing one. Note: The first time you run it, the tool will upgrade your save file to the new format.
    Probably see one of those CONSOLE boxes pop up briefly... that's it making a back up of your old file just in case!

    This zip has no sample data file. Anyone not upgrading from the previous version will start with an empty Systems/Station list.

    What's New for version 1.1

    - Systems and Stations list is now sortable.
    - There's a substring text filter for systems and stations.
    - You can now rename systems and stations.
    - The notes field is now a "Notes Preview" and there's a button to expand to a large edit field for notes.
    - Commodities will now start off as "Not Set" when you create a station.
    - There's a button to switch all "Not Set" commodities to "None". (usually do this after filling in all commodity data)
    - You can now flag a commodity as Illegal at a given station.
    - The Destinations list now has all possible supply -> demand style filters.
    - Commodities now track the time they were modified!
    - The "Mark Current" button will update a commodity's time to the current time. (naturally you can mass-select to do this if you want)
    - Right-Click context menu now has all the new functionality as well.

    Note: If you are upgrading and have save data already, the times for those commodities will NOT be set. You'll probably want to go verify and mass-set the times at a station, or just mass-set them without verification and hope you don't screw yourself over

    Oddly enough, I haven't seen anyone with the issue, but I realized this is actually a 64-bit only build. Hopefully no one is running a 32-bit OS

    Tomorrow I'll probably make a new post basically announcing this build alittle more "officially" instead of it being tucked away in this obscure thread. Giving you guys following the thread closely first dibs on testing out the new build

    Enjoy! Let me know if you find any glaring bugs. PM me if you want.

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    This will save me so many post it notes, thanks

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    Thanks, its great

    there is on weird thing happening for me ,
    once the program is opened for the 1st time if i click and add a station/system say station "A" System "A" its fine all the info comes up "not set",
    but if I then enter another station/system say station "B" system "B" the data that shows at first is set to the same as Station "A" and not as "not set"

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    Will come in very handy for when i start playing (just messing about in game atm) when you make a separate thread don't forget to head over to
    This thread and submit it with wolverine2710

    to include in the Complete list of all third party tools, spreadsheets, manuals and other data sources

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    I think this is the "official" thread for this now -

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    ArchV1. You might want to sent a PM to the moderators so they can close this (now obsolete older) thread.

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    A simple "chatlog" or note log in-game would suffice. That way people can keep track of what to trade at the locations their in. Yes, we can multitask to desktop, but not good enough. Short-term memory anyone?