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Thread: The 1001newbie tips thread

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    The 1001newbie tips thread


    Here is a spreadsheet with them all on for ease of reading. All contributors get a credit.

    A mighty big thanks to fw190a8 for doing the compilation and editing.

    1 until practised, dock on the stations with outside bays.

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    2. That guy in the anaconda will try to kill you

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    3. Invest in voice attack to improve functionality to your ship and up the immersive stakes; kindly recommend:
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    4. Do NOT risk all your credits filling your cargo bay. Sooner or later it will end badly.

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    5. Stick with your free Sidey until you are proficient at docking. I mean, don't even upgrade it.

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    6. Sell your discovery scanner and buy 2 ton cargo rack for your startwinder, 6 ton cargo capacity will allow you to acces more profitable missions.

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    7. Before accepting a mission that asks you to take cargo - use the Galaxy map with it's cargo and travel distance slider to work out if you can reach your mission destination with the amount of cargo the mission requires.

    the same applies to trading. cargo can reduce the distance your ship will jump. too much cargo and you may find you can no longer reach your destination.
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    8. Until your really proficient with controlling your ships don't use Boost while docking or leaving the docking area as you will end up splattered against the station walls or a T9.

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    9. Maneuvering speed: keep the throttle midrange to get best turning performance (see that blue scale next to the speed/throttle indicator? )

    10. Power management: Keep 4 pips in SYS during station docking/launch (less speed and more shields means you just might survive an accident)
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    11. Create a routine/check list for docking. Request permission to dock when 7.5KM from the station, lower your landing gear at 3KM ( this will slow you down) and activate ship lights (this will save you from hitting that floating billboard drone thats in shadow)

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    12: When leaving docking stations, leave gear down until your aligned with the exit, this way your speed remains low so if you need to stop/move you have time.

    13: Assign the Boost key away from the Deploy Landing Gear key
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    14. Keep a button mapped to 75% thrust. Use it in supercruise once the time-to-target reaches 0:07 to maximise your speed to the destination.

    (In detail: You should supercruise to your target destination at 100% thrust until the clock below the target distance indicates 0:07 (0:06 is the actual sweet spot but 0:07 reduces the risk of overshooting. It will settle at 0:06 anyway) then press the 75% thrust button. This is by far the best way to reduce supercruise time)

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    15. Realise that you HAVE to understand power management. If you leave it at two pips each for SYS, ENG & WEP in all scenarios you will really suffer. Get used to flipping between them, especially in battle.
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    Originally Posted by antonygoldrick View Post (Source)
    8. Until your really proficient with controlling your ships don't use Boost while docking or leaving the docking area as you will end up splattered against the station walls or a T9.
    Much easier to deploy landing gear ASAP and all the time in the station which disables boost and IIRC deployment of hardpoints (ie weapons).

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    If you can aford it get a HOTAS - failing that just a flight stick - makes things much more enjoyable

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