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Thread: Gamma 2.00 incoming

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    Gamma 2.00 incoming

    Hi everyone,

    Gamma 2.00 will be going live later this afternoon - EDIT: the update process should start around 17.30PM

    It's a big list - enjoy.


    - Add Lakon Type 7 playable ship
    - Add Adder playable ship
    - Route planning added
    - Alliance stations now have their own colour swatch
    - Scenarios in system updated on state change
    - Slavery missions and commodities added


    - Fixed possible unhandled NULL interfaces if you happen to shut down a ship on the same frame as it fires a drone
    - Fix network initialisation bug
    - If the player ship is shutting down, don't bother doing anything in response to its load out being changed
    - Fix potential crash highlighted by static analysis in shield emitter modules
    - Protect the game from shutting down while the exploration database is 'dying'
    - Fix memory leak on shutdown caused by the stellarforge manager not cleaning up a generation job if one was still active at the time of shutdown
    - Fix for assert seen when an AI was trying to send a chat line to a dying ship
    - Fix GPU crash on lens flares
    - Catch a few more cases where the game can fail to start-up: OS window can't be created; D3D device can't be created
    - Don't assert when forced to abandon EnterLocation - can happen legitimately
    - Fix crash on GeForce card when starting in bootcamp
    - Fix memory leak when texture generation fails
    - Fix AI cruise duty assert
    - Prevent asserts trying to access systems that don't exist
    - Also allows daughter stars to be queried in constellations, stopping an assert at start-up
    - Make asteroids release decals before releasing their physics object
    - Fix for occasional startup crashes caused by the Oculus message activities trying to open the dialog box movie when it is not yet loaded
    - Fix assert that happens in the larger ring cells
    - Moved Beagle 2 landing inside its parent moon's hillsphere to stop an assert
    - Fix the transfer of live ring objects to prevent softlocks
    - Fixed Station Services UI locks up if you hammer A button while exiting Galaxy Map while docked


    - AI: Try to avoid going backwards when avoiding obstacles
    - Added schematic and damaged models for Broadside gun
    - Added schematic and damaged models for LaserInterceptor gun
    - Fixed for multiple small issues on ship shop screen.
    - Overlapping description text fixed
    - No longer show cost for stored ships (which was always 0CR)
    - Can press up to loop the focus to the exit/purchase buttons, instead of having to scroll through all the ship stats
    - Adjusted scroll mask rect to avoid overlap at top edge
    - Added 3D models for Imperial Clipper and Python to the ship shop
    - Removed cannon and slugshot firing animation delay
    - Allow the overwriting of seeds sent to the noise generator for planet surfaces
    - Use atmosphere thickness from the BodyInfo, as it may have been overwritten
    - Override the visualinfo atmosphere thickness with that from the body info
    - Have changed dumbfire missiles to use a tertiary gunsight (a group gunsight that merges) instead of the primary one
    - Mouse becomes unresponsive when attempting to purchase new ship fixed
    - When using multicannons in Wolf pack tactics, The leading reticule sometimes disappears fixed
    - Moved the headlook toggle into the mode switches group so that binding is now exclusive
    - Added support for international keyboard layouts in the binding options screen. It should now display the correct key for the current keyboard layout rather that the English equivalent
    - Fix for Federal Dropship image in station services seems too large
    - Fix for light flickering on sunrise/sunset
    - Fix to allow the rocks speed of rotation to match with the time override functions
    - Fix collect missions having CommodityIsCouriered set
    - Combine multiple bounties/bonds in the left panel
    - Add an activity to confine the mouse cursor to the game area on menus when running in full-screen mode
    - Added in cameras for the four tiny hardpoints for Imperial Clipper
    - Adjusted medium thrusters so that they don't clip through the Orca's wings
    - Masking out the orbital lines where the windows are smashed
    - Revised default colours for galaxy map visualisations
    - Fixed it so delivery cargo is stolen when abandoned
    - Freeport should now use the anarchy variant of the Coriolis
    - Text cut off when paying a bounty in "Contacts: Pilots Federation" fixed
    - Smuggle missions have destination faction id
    - Capital ship railgun clipping fixed
    - Icon was needed on left panel (contacts) for high energy FSD wake
    - Use localisation strings for government and economy types in the market type string
    - Fix for incorrect COMMS chatter regarding target location in Another Castle Mission Branches
    - Remove the code that populates the Buy section of the Cartographics store, as it's in the Galaxy Map
    - Many weapons had no indicator to say if it is fixed, gimballed or a turret fixed
    - Made the station docking portal cage lights more vibrant and more visible at distance
    - Made the red lights blink and the green lights steady
    - Adjust trade and explorer rank thresholds
    - Fixing a LoD issue which revealed a gap through the Sidewinder
    - Put in extra check to try and stop NPCs hyperspacing when in stations
    - Set up sensors to take damage
    - Use "debt" instead of "loan" when talking about the player debt from mission
    - A suite of little fixes to the behaviour of the galaxy map's pop-up
    - Now much more compact, to avoid gobbling loads of the screen.
    - Go's away much more readily - feels less 'sticky'
    - Can be clicked 'through' on the system map
    - Fix an erroneous loadout appearing at USSs
    - Influence, rep and states updated for assassination missions
    - Pick correct LOC strings based on news feed item template and origin
    - When buying Exploration data it does not update immediately from the Galaxy Map fixed
    - Prevent occulus blocking main load
    - Anaglyph - No colour separation outside of cockpit fixed
    - Anaglyph - The Red and Cyan channels in game are not rendering correctly fixed
    - Anaglyph - Enemy ship hologram disappears fixed
    - Increase the timer for "revert to settings" when enabling/disabling Rift Mode
    - Prevent Side Panels disappearing when using Rift, when leaning in too close
    - Fix Station Services menu losing focus when looking at the Comms Pannel with Oculus Rift
    - When using oculus rift with supercruise the positional shift of the player's head can clip through seat fixed
    - Loading screen spinning ship is missing from one eye of Oculus Rift fixed
    - Rebalanced shield stats
    - Stop AIs choosing to flee during a fight if they feel threatened due to facing a ship with a high ship score
    - Ensure tutorials force the pre-flight checks on or off
    - The dust billoards are rendered to a downscaled offscreen target when on galaxymap
    - Multiple AI can now be trying to interdict at the same time. There is a configurable reduction in interdiction chance (default 10%) as the number of AIs trying to interdict increases (min 10%). If the player moves within a configurable (default 100ls) distance of the AI then the interdiction chance will be 100% (subsequent to no other blocking conditions e.g. lack of bounty, rank too low)
    - Each time a player is successfully interdicted, drop the chance of further interdictions by a configurable amount (min 10%) until they exit supercruise for a reason other than being interdicted
    - Stop AI from trying to interdict until a configurable time (default 10s) after spawning, to stop instances where players are interdicted immediately by an AI they haven't seen yet
    - In interdiction check we have a valid faction before asking for our reputation with that faction
    - Sometimes AIs weren't showing up in normal space after interdicting a player fixed
    - Reduce the amount of time between AIs spawning. Now 5s to start with, and then 5-10s between spawns
    - Military ships now only perform one journey and then drop out, rather than patrolling to different destinations first
    - Ensure that damage decals have a right vector perpendicular to their normal
    - Fix the UI for silent running getting a bit stuck
    - Reduce unnecessary network logging
    - Pressing 'B' or 'Esc' while an options screen combo box is open causes unexpected behaviour fixed
    - Don't spuriously report that the shields have just broken if you're in fact loading into a ship with no shields
    - Improved collision effects
    - Intersecting debris causes debris to shudder instead of gracefully floating away
    - Jettisoning 400 fish no longer spams web requests
    - If you sell a module get an indication the impact will make on your ships stats like you do with buying a module
    - Fix courier abandon branch rewards
    - Sidewinder Cockpit Texture Rework
    - Turn off overriding of atmosphere class when the body info has no fluid information
    - Rank icons are now streamed and are better differentiated between play-styles
    - Fix for entering System View through the Galaxy Map causing the text "System View" to appear at the end of the description of each planetary body
    - System map/Oculus Rift: Ensure the camera, which has a different range of distances from stars and planets when using Oculus Rift, can never get too close to them, by taking into account the maximum radius of the miniatures
    - Paradiso Outpost now uses proper prototype
    - Separate out Scenario visibility from the Stellarforge hierarchy, scenarios are now visible at a (tweakable) range of 1000LS regardless of other issues
    - Changed the amount of fog and its colouration, so it looks less milky around Orion
    - Add some landmass to backer's planet
    - Optimisation, move the Bloom composite to be part of the HDR, save one full screen pass
    - Moved the generation of star systems into worker threads to ensure the main thread does not get large stalls due to systems that are expensive to generate
    - Game now supports borderless windowed. Using Alt-Enter to switch to windowed and full-screen will stop you being in borderless window mode
    - System map/Oculus Rift: When calculating the range of distances for the camera, take into account the playspace, since the user can always stand up and move forward. This takes the camera even further away by default, but makes sure we won't get any clipping with stars when using Oculus Rift
    - Fix Acehnar description
    - Hauler image extends past box boundaries in station services menu fixed
    - There is no visual representation of a timer counting down when quitting combat fixed
    - Fix for Location names cut off on navigation panel
    - Fix for beam lights for lasers persisting after the laser itself has disappeared
    - The star billboards in map do not apply gamma. An alternate shader and renderer have been created for the visualisation mode so that the gamma is applied and the colours of the billboards match the colour of the key in the GUI
    - Added a force field barrier to the hanger skirts, so we can assume that the zero-g docks are pressurised as soon as the landing pad drops into the lift shaft
    - Added support for multiple of the same device being connected
    - Better fitting for tabs with long names
    - Slowed down the duration of the sequence explosions
    - Increased the duration, brightness and range of the light and lens flare attached to the death explosions
    - Making the chance of failure when timing out suitably less for a range of mission types
    - Duxford station added
    - Fix for rank icons being 2 levels higher than your current rank
    - Added ice and rock impact effects for the empire laser bolt ammunition
    - Fix for glowing lines in supercruise
    - System Map: Don't try to use the Oculus service to refine the dolly range if it is not available
    - Oculus - Having the station services open blocks your view of the comms panel, so don't focus on it when looking at it
    - Fix dormant fines showing a time of 00:00 in the Transactions panel. Now shows "(dormant)" instead of a time
    - Fix some collision issues on the Coriolis
    - Tweaked limpet controller ranges and speed
    - Ships may have at most one fuel scoop
    - The code that was culling all but the top n trades per star failed to account for trades with equal trade amounts
    - Fix stars disappearing and the background brightness being incorrect for a frame when changing location
    - Velocity ladders should fade out when dropping from Cruise
    - Randomise the asteroid composition instead of using the deterministic seed to prevent people quitting and reloading repeatedly after finding a good asteroid to get around the chunk limit
    - Fix the refinery sometimes requiring a frameshift in order to resync
    - Galaxy map line rendering fixed
    - Fix the cockpit related glitches when entering and exiting supercruise in the typical use case
    - Nebula dust and nebulas use an improved heuristic to set the ordering of them based on the assumption that the dust is fixed at the galactic plane
    - Mark the next system on jump route in the navigation panel
    - Only say the "pirate: enemy detected" line once. Also put a cooldown on the line in case AIPirate gets restarted frequently
    - Fix for buttons not changing the focused state when mouse coursor is still over them AND moved
    - Stats panel refreshes when you look at it and shows a update timer
    - Consistency pass on menu wrapping - and improved the behaviour of any wrapping currently implemented (it will no longer endlessly spin around if you hold the button down - you need to release, then press the button again to engage another 'loop')
    - Planet mapping of Titan
    - Gas giant overrides for Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Some work needs doing to find out why their atmospheres are so bright in the system map.
    - Fix for incorrect atmosphere colour on gas giants
    - Add in a "destroyed" message as well as a "failure" message on hatch breakers
    - Using the proportion of drop out as the scale for the alpha of the rings
    - Added a back button when you select a cargo item in your cargo bay
    - Added a back button when you select a destination on the navigation panel
    - Added a back button when selecting a station in the contacts panel
    - Fix for cockpit panel pop-ups interpreting 'button up' events as 'button down' - causing the list focus to doubly change
    - In ShipPurchase, the button to bring up purchase options should always be available, even if no individual option are available
    - Improve the galaxy map/background. Shader now allows us to fade out the core near the glow preventing the world whiting out, map now looks fluffier and more real. Current BG brightness/look is paintained in the default playspace but will improve further out
    - In asteroid fields also spawn some pirates and police (as well as miners), composition based on security level of the system
    - Fix issue with missions not marking haulage as stolen correctly
    - AI are dropping out too close to stars, unable to drop out at their wakes fixed
    - Fixed the banding that can appear in ring textures by ensuring the alpha gradient across the texture does not become too small
    - Have SSAA play nicely with high-resolution screen captures
    - Fix authored stars with names not having their name set
    - Fixes for station rotation can sometimes be twitchy, especially in busy stations
    - Allow exiting game from new commander screen
    - Fixes for Lave and Prism systems
    - Fix an issue with entering the tutorials then going into a multiplayer game causing the stellarforge time to go out of sync between clients
    - When an AI starts interdicting a target, all other AI that were trying to catch up go back to patrolling. If the interdicting AI is unsuccessful, require a cooldown (exposed in ShipBase.prototype, default 10s) before the other AI are allowed to start trying to catch up to interdict
    - Clamped the radius of the nebulas to a min size. The Tesseract is now gone
    - Text overlapped in the "Mass" info section of outfitting when browsing thrusters fixed
    - fix creeping gui dash line on the GUI gauges panel
    - After moving 100km away from Orbis and Ocellus stations, pieces start to detatch and then remain relative to the player fixed
    - Timed out or failed missions appear now in red in the transactions panel
    - Further improvements for supercruise transitions
    - Rotating NPC ships in super cruise fixed
    - When dropping out from an interdiction, have a free scan on the other interdiction sibling
    - Show "Data not available at this station" for the modules of ships stored at other stations
    - Stop AI from starting to charge their hyperdrives while they're mass-locked
    - Input devices are now detected if they are plugged in after the game starts
    - Fixed a bug with PC pads and gamepads sharing the same port ID
    - Always show the planned route on galaxy map
    - Transfer local star information used by the star billboard shader between normal and supercruise
    - Fix a possible timing issue where the start location is requested from the stellarforge live manager before it had been set
    - Empire Laser Bolts changed from red to blue
    - Lawful systems: light pirate interdiction, if you're wanted bounty hunters will have a chance to interdict. Police will always have a small chance to interdict, which is bumped up and down based on rep and criminal status
    - Unlawful systems: haavy pirate interdiction, and bounty hunters will magically be aware of global bounties, interdicting those that have them
    - Transfer black hole information between super cruise and normal space
    - Bias the adverts on the outside of stations
    - AI ambient traffic in supercruise, 1/3 chance of commuters, 2/3 chance of smugglers, when choosing composition of unlawful travellers
    - Fix chaff launcher malfunctions
    - Visual improvements to poly trails
    - Ensure AI ships' faction gets cached and recreated when transitioning between supercruise and normal space
    - Use the count of ammo per cargo unit when working out the unit price of a bullet, rather than the combined clip & hopper size
    - Adjusted hitcheck of the blast shields to help prevent ships from getting stuck
    - Unable to use the UI focus button on pad or keyboard after unplugging the Oculus fixed
    - Blocked friends now have "BLOCKED" graphic whilst still in friends list
    - Fixed not being able see new missions when changing server
    - Hitcheck at the rear of the rich inner dock now actually matches the geometry
    - Overrides for the look of the planets and rings in Sol Added IO and Jupiter noise files
    - Limit scenario visibility by range rather than hierarchy
    - Remove machine name from log files in final build
    - Tweaks to dust ball material and model
    - Fix piracy missions not needing stolen goods
    - Added missing altruism missions
    - Retain selected fire group when rebuying ship
    - Suppress repeated ship scan warnings from the same ship for 20 seconds
    - Fix 'free scans' (from stations, interdictions, allies or the fTweakable) wouldn't give you bounties properly
    - Fix AI flying in circles when trying to dock but pad is no longer available
    - Nav beacons should no longer teleport as you approach them
    - Add an alarm when an engine boost fails (either say it's off or that there's not enough energy)
    - fix a speed exploit that let people get to arbitrarily high speeds by using boost, forward, lateral, vertical and angular thrust all at the same time in the same-ish direction
    - Further balancing to background dust to improve the colour of the dust in the core and less 'super dust' above and below the galaxy plane
    - If we have a non-scoopable targeted, it's still legitimate to show the scooping GUI. This should happen when the refinery has resources unallocated, and the player needs to be told about this regardless of whether or not they are tyring to scoop something
    - Make the game behave a bit more consistently when drives are turned off, and remove the possibility of them being used in speed abuses
    - Reduced the ship explosion brightness
    - Medium landing pads reset rotation after launch
    - Don't spuriously show the charging bar when dropping from supercruise
    - Reduce rate of "NetUpdate" telemetry
    - Improve start up time for galaxy region initialisation
    - Repair modules now support the ammo hopper multiplier value in the same way as weapons
    - Class I gas giants with a reported surface temperature between 140K and 190K use the Jupiter noise file and colouration
    - The Anaconda now uses the front Cargo doors as the actual cargo scoop
    - If there are errors in matchmaking or commander info, disconnect player
    - Lighting optimisations for federation capital ship
    - Secret added
    - Fix for systems without meta data not showing their mineral resource level
    - Add slave missions
    - Fixing ship wear has a cost now!
    - Charging bar and countdown HUD elements on cockpits moved to the correct position for Oculus
    - Stop ships from getting too close to planets and show a message
    - Remove a slightly odd restriction on the preflight checks that made the throttle misbehave
    - Fix for cut off system names in Galaxy Map
    - Fixed chopped off text on nav target sight
    - Global Rebalance of USS weightings
    - Changing assassination USS scenarios to only show up when the mission calls them, it no longer has to meet two sets of requirements
    - Upping the weightings for PlayerEventOverrides on assassination missions, particularly the target
    - Malfunctions shouldn't eject mission critcal cargo
    - Both the direct and accumulated damage should show impact markers on shields, as they already do for Hull
    - Assassination targets are referred to by name rather than ship
    - Small balancing adjustment to mine launchers for AI (to fire them off closer) and the percentage of minimum cargo on bounty hunters
    - Dropped the distance of AI turning up from the capitals to 500LY's from 1000LY's. AI should stop appearing that beyond that distance from the capital systems, when in uninhabited systems
    - Reputation and state change pass on massacre missions
    - Player's reputation with minor factions now includes the major faction
    - Fixed missing Shipyard purchase options icons
    - Report telemetry when the player quits the game, and when switching primary server
    - Provided GUI that will prevent a player from selling data to stations that are not interested in the data
    - Prevent players getting too close to stars
    - Fix too make sure that in some cases planets are not placed in a position to be tidally locked to be spinning too fast
    - Updating Oculus SDK to version 0.4.4
    - Made sure that capital ship modules have reasonable names and added missing names
    - Turretted weapons can't target thigs if you're docked
    - When buying/selling modules - consider their maximum potential mass (not just the module mass) when deciding if the new loadout is too heavy.
    - Update to the status panel layout
    - Display details for all minor factions present on an Overview on the right panel
    - Supermassive black holes should not have infinite density
    - 4 additional heat relays added to both capital ships, existing placement modified for more challenging gameplay
    - Add mission completed summary to missions handed in at a station
    - Black hole small tweaks to reduce their power slightly and to put a cap on the maximum size of the effect
    - Fix for Repair menu and munitions displays a cost and is selectable at 100%/Maximum ammo
    - Fixed unable to enter a name with . in it e.g. Gliese 900.1 in the galaxy map
    - Fix for distant stars being incoherent between left and right views for certain systems
    - Prevent system data being sold to a station if it resides in the 20LY 'close systems' bubble
    - Added a post generation check to make sure bodies are within their parents hillsphere and moves them inside if they are not
    - Whenever we disconnect the player (ie. kick them out of gameplay), specify as much as we can about why
    - When making a faction selection use the two factions sent as part of the scenario if they're there rather than cooking up our own
    - Fix duplicate minor faction names
    - Fixed: ENTER key is the only way to accept/apply a Paintjob or decal
    - If AI ships get "stuck" during SuperCruise time-out and either skip to the next waypoint, or drop out of SuperCruise
    - Added more detail on the mission summary screen
    - Mission complete GUI with faction contributions
    - Assisting in the routing of a capital ship earns vouchers!
    - Rebalance of capital ships guns and modules, health up, damage up
    - Added surface scanner to pledge level exporer cobra default loadout and added missing stats for the scanner module itself
    - Imperial fighter art updates
    - Landing pad numbers are not always displaying but you can still dock on the pads fixed
    - Rebalanced the galaxy map UI elements to fit with the new, darker galaxy map
    - Added Imperial Slaves Commodity
    - Added capital ship checkpoints at some major systemsin the Federation and Empire
    - Add descriptions for systems near start locations
    - USS frequency is now based on Population and Distance to Capitals instead of Security Rating
    - Use correct schematics for asteroids, stations, star systems
    - Fixed where a docking bay that becomes visible and then invisible was deleting its envmap array and never re-creating it
    - Delay the scenario initialisation until GalacticRegion is initialised, otherwise we'll end up with a bucket of scenarios in a NULL system that will never appear
    - Don't treat asking for scenarios in a system where we have no data as an instant success (oops), but instead don't reply until the chain is complete
    - More fixes for stations lights popping at low lods
    - If a ship has a bounty with their own faction, attacking them won't make their faction hostile to you
    - Fixed system names with accented characters cannot be searched for in the galaxy map
    - Fixed there is no way to scroll through system info in the system map with an xbox pad, players are forced to switch to the mouse
    - Fix for schematic ship on the new commander screen being too dark
    - Fixed that user were able to hold enter and spam the API server with requests when searching for friends or private groups
    - Gradient the galaxy octree view distance based off type of the area of the galaxy, rather than having harsh cut on between two set distances
    - Do not try to render the invisible background stars when in hyperspace
    - Allow network configuration 'turn' setting to be set to 0 as a potential workaround for network firewall issues (where user has manully mapped a port in the router)
    - Fix for 'unit cost' field always reading 999,999,999 in repairs and munitions screen
    - We should be able to repair the ship hull in 10% increments in the same way that we can modules
    - Fix galaxy map search not finding generated systems with authored names
    - Added a new planet class, water giant. This class covers any planet with a thick water atmosphere, instead of them being classed as icy
    - Increase retries during hyperspace travel to reduce disconnects
    - Make rank up missions a bit more obvious
    - Add cargo hatch broken message when trying to eject cargo with a broken cargo hatch. Similarly for cargo hatch off
    - We should not allow cargo to be ejected by the player if the cargo hatch is broken or off
    - Double the submission timer when dropping from interdiction and add a warning message that you're about to submit
    - Fixed in the shipyard it is not possible to scroll down to the exit button on the "Ship Locations" tab with an xbox pad
    - High res nebulas are only loaded if they are big enough on screen
    - "Slow down" message shouldn't appear while being interdicted
    - Fix dropping targeting SuperToNormal wakes
    - Stop opening the comms panel when entering or exiting supercruise
    - Remove the 10% minimum cap on how far interdiction chance can be reduced when it's being reduced by 10% for each potential interdictor
    - Upped the time before an AI can choose to interdict to 24 seconds
    - Upped the time before an AI can return to interdicting the player, after a successful evasion by the player, to 24 seconds
    - Removed all police interdictions on clean vessels
    - Slightly upped the chance of pirate interdiction in anarchies
    - Set the close range override to 0 range, as it's skewing any chance of balancing interdiction rates
    - Removed Hauler from the commuter archetype, it's a trade vessel and confusing things
    - Disallow high res screen captures when in open play and in final builds (still available in solo play)
    - Movie added to main menu
    - Add "illegal" text to illegal missions
    - Prevent a 1-frame case where pausing while charging cruise would lock the players controls
    - Steps to make the regeneration of distant star billboard information is smoother on loading and hyperspace transitions
    - Fixed shadows missing on stations for one frame when dropping out of super cruise
    - Fix some hitcheck which was preventing guns inside of the inner docks from working correctly, plus fixes a hole at the back of the station
    - Fix rank ups when you complete a mission

    And an audio change log:

    - New ships: audio for Orca, Type7, and Adder.
    - Audio Options Screen: New stuff added, including tooltips.
    - Dynamic Range: 3 Dynamic range options added ... “standard speakers/Headphones” mode, which is the same as previous releases, with a target integrated volume of approx -23dB EBU R128. A low dynamics “Night-Time” mode for playing at low volumes, without losing too much detail, or getting blown away by loud sounds. And a high dynamic “Home Cinema” mode for powerful speakers at loud volumes. The new modes are a “work in progress”, so feedback from players is very welcome.
    - Many optimisations to increase performance.
    - GUI: Station Menu has ambiences for each section.
    - GUI: Transaction in outfitting has specific sounds for each module purchased.
    - GUI: Added menu sounds for front end.
    - Comms: Made text alert and voice ring tones audible in main menu.
    - Ambiences: Added Ambience to represent heat near stars.
    - Ambiences: Added ambience for volcanic planets and black holes.
    - Cockpit: Female breathing added to Remlok O2 mask.
    - Cockpit: Alarms when the ship heats up.
    - Cockpit: Gui Glitches in the cockpit are audible now and voice has a chance to glitch when receiving damage.
    - Cockpit: Ship ambiences are now unique per manufacturer with additional elements added for some ships.
    - Weapons: Sounds for tiny hardpoint animations and chaff launcher deploy/stow sounds added.
    - Weapons: New audio for hardpoint doors.
    - Weapons: Empire Combat Laser Unit has specific firing sounds.
    - Physics: Better explosion sounds on containers and missiles.
    - Gameplay: Black Box sounds.

    - Optimized audio assets and implementation to be more CPU and memory efficient.
    - Re-organised audio files to reduce download sizes.
    - Dropped volumes of some frame-shift bits that were overblown.
    - Tweaked mastering limiter and dynamic range safety compressors.
    - Re-jigged dynamic reverb system to be more robust and consistent.
    - Most ships have had a balancing/mixing pass and improvements to responsiveness, acceleration, pitch, yaw and roll.
    - Tweaked repetitive nature of ship-voice when under attack/taking damage.
    - Interdiction sounds for increasing the blue or red bar made louder.
    - Smoother transitions on the sequence landing > hangar bay > station menu.
    - Improvements to outfitting hangar ambience/reverb.
    - Tweaks and improvements to how landing pads and lifts sound.
    - Improve consistency of ship voice volume and removed ship voice from centre channel.
    - Made the ship voice follow the overall game volume more closely, for better audibility.
    - Various music volume tweaks.
    - Made drone-y parts of FSD engine noise only occur during accelerations.
    - Fixed volume differences between win/lose menu music and menu music.
    - Tweaked the transition into frame-shift to be more seamless.
    - Tweaked ship flybys to be more audible.
    - Tweaked cannon firing on others to be the same volume as all weapons.
    - Added sound for incoming homing missiles.
    - Improved transitions that are based on player location.
    - Tweaked loud missile lock-on sound.
    - Target hit indicator is now audible on all weapons.
    - Tweaked reverbs around rings, stations, capital ships etc.
    - Tweaks overly loud outpost.
    - Pass on the adder. Addered (!) some details.
    - Tweaked massively loud gurgle-y outpost (no more drinks for you outpost!)
    - Tweaked the way audio cross-fades when zooming in and out in the system map.
    - Multi-Cannon pass, try them... just...prtt goodness : )
    - Tweaked Pulse-laser small to be more like the version from beta, but removed the low end thumping that was causing mixing issues. (Thank you forum, keep listening and keep sending us those tickets!)
    - Duncan Vs. Outposts. Round 1. Optimisations galore!
    - Mixed Comms sounds for players going online/offline, incoming player message, incoming authority message and incoming npc message.

    - Compensated for surround down-mixing peculiarity, resulting in unexpected music, ship voice, and voice comms volumes. Please let us know if issues still persist.
    - Fixed all ships sounding dull and unresponsive when running at a high frame rate. A bizarre bug.(the viper should be back to its former glory!)
    - Fixed several issues that made other ship fly-by’s inaudible.
    - Fixed Changing Power Distribution to Engines in a Type 7 causes a distorted/corrupt sound.
    - Fixed excessive audio volume compression (or pumping) on station force-field.
    - Fixed bug that prevented silent running audio to play all layers.
    - Fixed bug that could cause a menu selection (navi) sound to always hang.
    - Fixes for pulse lasers, burst-lasers, multi-cannons and beam-lasers on others not always being properly reproduced.
    - Fixed hanging of multi-cannon gimbal medium barrel sounds.
    - Fixed hanging of navigation alarm when using the docking computer.
    - Fixed spamming of messages audio in the right hand panel.
    - Fixed boost on playable python being very loud and close.
    - Mix fixes tweaks and sneaks.
    - Fixed player-location transition turning down dogfight music.
    - Fixed air-con in hangar bays sounding like a storm.
    - Fixed small slugshot not having any deploy/stow audio.
    - Staggered sounds to reduce disc bandwidth spike when starting game or arriving at a location, to increase performance.
    - Fixed broken debris sounds.
    - Fixed planet flyby’s in SC not always working.
    - Fixed white noise in federation station ambience.
    - Fixed a click when zoomed out in the galaxy map.
    - Fixed station flyby in super-cruise.
    - Fix for the mad panning during frame shift transitions.

    Thanks everyone, see you in space.


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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Looking forward to seeing the Adder.

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    Whaa wow thats a big patch. Lots of fixes. And two more playable ships wow.

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    Great job guys! Can't wait to download!!!

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    Route planning! *wipes tears from Eye*

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    WOW! Cheers! And we have the Adder one of my favourite little shoebox-like ships of all time hurray! About time we got another small ship.

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    As long as my friend and I can get back to sharing fantastical space adventures together, I'll be happy. Dropping on each other's wakes was completely broken in Gamma 1.05 for us as were interdictions (dropping out of supercruise alone). It's a great life if you don't weaken as my old gran used to say. Thanks for the monumental effort from all concerned. I salute you, sirs AND madams.

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    just saw this

    Ooh, the Adder!! Can't wait!

    See you all in-game!

    "- Secret added" - sounds very interesting!

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    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    Secret added
    I like secrets :-) Thanks!!!

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    What can I say more. Wow.

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    "Route planning added"

    I think I may.. just cry.
    Thanks for all your hard work FD, love you guys!

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    THanks Frontier! DID NOT EXPECT THIS!

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    Woohoo! Type 7. Time to upgrade my trusty Type 6 I think

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