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  • 1 Bikky Tourism: Proffesional Tourist

    1 4.35%
  • 2 Darren Gray The Song of the Tourist

    7 30.43%
  • 3 Jeff Ryan Big Comet Hunter

    7 30.43%
  • 4 Cathy We're Gonna need a bigger boat

    11 47.83%
  • 5 Gav Thomas Generations

    2 8.70%
  • 6 The Lone Gunman Coffee, White or Black

    4 17.39%
  • 7 El Tel Detourists

    2 8.70%
  • 8 Frank So Bad I Walked Out

    3 13.04%
  • 9 Musahsi That Poor Agricultural

    3 13.04%
  • 10 Stabb666 Adventures In America

    1 4.35%
  • 11 Insanephoton Wonders Of The Empire

    3 13.04%
  • 12 Psykokow Playing The Field

    1 4.35%
  • 13 Alien The Things Tourists Say

    9 39.13%
  • 14 Darkoba Llyn Ogwen is'nit.

    6 26.09%
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Thread: Drabble Tourism Poll

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    Drabble Tourism Poll

    Welcome to Psykokow's week hosting the Drabble de wabble competition..

    Thank you to all who took part and please remember 3 votes each, no voting for yourself and you don't need to have put in a drabble to vote.

    Winner will be announced in 3 days and as a prize they can choose the next theme/ 'word or phrase'

    Drabble Number : 1
    Author : Bikky
    Link :
    Title: Tourism: Proffesional Tourist
    Drabble : "Trawling through the spaceports, picking up dross and drabble as he went. Threeplant, was the Universe’s first professional tourist. Coming from the countersunk system, in the galaxy of Andromeda, where the only galactic jump capable drives came from by using a gravitational well. Their planets were embodied with a substance, massif-heavystuffiyum, used to create a temporal black hole, used to cover great distances.

    Threeplant adored the flotsam that washed up in backwater galaxies, and a keen collector of big things. Entering the “Massive Emporium of Big Things” in Alioth he spies the first laser weapon ever made.

    ‘Wow thassa biggun!’"


    Drabble Number : 2
    Author : Darren Gray
    Link :
    Title: The Song of the Tourist
    Drabble : "From Alioth’s springs to Saturn’s rings
    Around giants big and small
    Past binary stars and canyons of Mars
    I have flown and seen it all

    I gambled on Lave and purchased a slave,
    Just to set her free
    I flew without fear through dark frontiers
    For all the wonders there to see

    A nova’d sun, a nebula spun,
    Dark stars dying alone
    Abandoned stations of fallen nations
    Their names no longer known

    Such uncounted sights in the endless lights
    Of the infinite, star-filled sky!
    While my heart still pumps and my ship still jumps
    I’m a space-tourist till I die. "


    Drabble Number : 3
    Author : Jeff Ryan
    Link :
    Title: Big Comet Hunter
    Drabble : """Wow, that's a big one!""

    Skipper nodded, ""She's the third target this year. Grissom Colony needs about another hundred of these comets before she has a proper ocean.""

    The Princess smiled, ""Can I?""

    Skipper gave her his most charming grin, ""Of course your highness.""

    The Princess leaned over and pressed the button. The remote motors on the comet fired up and burned for about thirty seconds.

    ""Well done your highness, the people of Grissom Colony will be most grateful.""

    The Princess gave a serene nod and with her bodyguards headed back to the state room.

    ""Bloody space tourists,"" grumbled Skipper."


    Drabble Number : 4
    Author : Cathy
    Link :
    Title: We're Gonna need a bigger boat
    Drabble : """We're gonna need a bigger...""

    The Goldfinch lurched. Scarry watched the skipper's head smack the dash. Their valued paying customer squealed in terror, his knuckles seized like rusted gears on the harpoon stock. Scarry winced. Their hardpoint adaptation for big game wouldn't survive this.

    Captain's Fish. Not a fish, but the first space dwelling creature bigger than a microbe discovered, so named by rich tourists desperate to bag one, to gawk and boast before the hunting and habitat destruction rendered them extinct.

    Some a lot bigger than a fish, as it turned out. The stars vanished.

    ""Crap. It swallowed us."""


    Drabble Number : 5
    Author : Gav Thomas
    Link :
    Title: Generations
    Drabble : "Wow that's a big one Daddy!" Charlie wasn't wrong... it was the biggest ship in the known universe, a once-fabled Generation Ship. Until recent technological advances in long range scanning, these could only be seen in off-chance encounters in deep space. Now, suitably equipped Dolphin class passenger ships could track them down and, as in the case of Torgrup Tour Group ("you're never tour alone with a Torgrup Tour Group group of tours"), you could charge a LOT of money to those willing to spend it. "That ship's where naughty kids get sent to... best be a good boy Charlie..."


    Drabble Number : 6
    Author : The Lone Gunman
    Link :
    Title: Coffee, White or Black
    Drabble : "The passenger ship was day four into her maiden voyage

    Sneaking out, parents asleep

    Little Anne five, and slightly elder brother Timothy were alone on the observation deck

    Sitting content, little legs dangling

    Playing their game counting the different colored stars

    “That’s strange” said Anne pointing
    “Oh that’s a big one, black” Timothy observed

    “Swirly like mummy’s creamy coffee” she giggled

    The ship began to vibrate, alarms wailed, red lights illuminating their small faces

    “Am scared”

    “It’s ok” timothy’s lip quivered trying to stay strong for his sister

    Yes, the passenger ship Titanic was going where others had not before!"


    Drabble Number : 7
    Author : El Tel
    Link :
    Title: Detourists
    Drabble : "“Passenger comm request. It’s Mr Kingsley again.”

    “Captain. This is madness.”

    “Mr Kingsley. Everybody agrees.”

    ""Not everybody. I demand you turn back immediately. I want to get off.""

    Cathy's finger hovered over the lock-down button.

    ""And don't you dare even THINK of locking me down.""

    “Mr Kingsley. Be reasonable. I have offered you all a generous share. Twenty tons of pure Protactinium is worth a fortune.”

    “But Captain, this is a passenger liner! It's not equipped for mining!”

    “It's free-floating nuggets. We'll use the scoop, and store it in the saloon and passenger cabins.”

    “But it's radioactive!”

    “Only a little”"


    Drabble Number : 8
    Author : Frank
    Link :
    Title: So Bad I Walked Out
    Drabble : "The Biggens family were never off the holotelly a couple of decades ago. They're not so famous now. They were taken off the air when the started to tell puns so bad they caused headaches.

    They went their separate ways. A couple went into serving MegaBurgers. One made it big on local cluster radio. The others went to perform their pun-filled puerile tat to the poor passengers trapped on Dolphin star cruisers.

    You'd know if you'd seen one of their acts. You'd leave the concert hall with your head ringing at all the bad puns, saying...

    ""Ow! That's a Biggens."""


    Drabble Number : 9
    Author : Musahsi
    Link :
    Title: That Poor Agricultural
    Drabble : """I hear Reorte’s gotta be seen!”

    Carson frowned. “Let me tell you about Reorte."" The old pilot sipped his whiskey, then continued.

    “They used these nanobots nicknamed ‘undertakers’. The wee blighters disassembled decaying organic matter, then buried it in the ground. For farming, right? Except . . . something went wrong with their programming - they stopped distinguishing between living and dead. Most people didn’t make it off the planet. I swear I could hear the screaming from orbit.”

    I gaped in horror. “Seriously?”

    Carson stared mournfully into his glass.

    “Why do you think it’s famous for being the greenest world in the sector?”"


    Drabble Number : 10
    Author : Stabb666
    Link :
    Title: Adventures In America
    Drabble : "Rollercoaster ride, hit the slide, splash, mountain; ""Wow, that's a big one"".

    Planes, trains? I'll take the cruise, on the strip, giving tips; ""Wow, that's a big one"".

    Where's my bag? such a drag, lost in transit, no bus, need a car; ""Wow, that's a big one"".

    Shopping malls, Niagra Falls, nagging feeling, gonna drop; ""Wow, that's a big one"".

    Casino bright, morning already? Steady, steady, hangover coming; ""Wow, that's a big one"".

    Pretty lady, maybe? Upstairs, booty calls; ""Wow, that's a big one"".

    A Grand Canyon, A gushing geyser, what a rush, more, more! ""Wow, that's a big one"".


    Drabble Number : 11
    Author : Insanephoton
    Link :
    Title: Wonders Of The Empire
    Drabble : "To your left you can see the famous Colossus of Achenar. Standing at over one hundred and eighty metres, it is the tallest statue ever made. Constructed in the early part of the twenty fourth century, it is believed to be modelled on the second emperor , Harlan Duval...' The tour guide droned.

    The group of tourists on the 'Wonders of the Empire' tour shuttle dutifully looked to the left and started to take photos of the massive statue of a naked man holding a huge sword.

    'Look at that Frank. Wow, that is a big one' Cathy exclaimed to Frank."


    Drabble Number : 12
    Author : Psykokow
    Link :
    Title: Playing The Field
    Drabble : "Sweatily the couple released their embrace. Droplets of salty sweat splashing on the ground around them. The climax was reached quickly but elation from their performance radiated from their smiles.

    Frank gasping for air swept the little hair he had out of his eyes.
    Agent Psykokow, smiled at Frank and started to put his shirt on.

    They had always vowed to take part in a charity marathon, but to actually win it was beyond their wildest dreams. This marathon tour of the Federal systems had been amazing.

    As the medals were given out Frank smiled ' Wow thats a big one'"


    Drabble Number : 13
    Author : Alien
    Link :
    Title: The Things Tourists Say
    Drabble : "When do the lights come on?
    Our group is missing one
    Our Betty needs the toilet
    Don't buy that, it is utter tat

    Mr Wiggle only a pound
    This is the ride of the world around
    The queues for this ride are awfully long
    You know the words, so sing along

    Buy this souvenir, only one credit
    Billy dropped his toy, don't worry, I'll get it
    The sun is shining, no sign of rain
    We look forward to next year, we'll be back again

    These are the words, you'll hear them say
    They are tourists, and boy do they pay."


    Drabble Number : 14
    Author : Darkoba
    Link :
    Title: Llyn Ogwen is'nit.
    Drabble : "The hard slog on approach slopes done, peace and quiet all enveloping, broken only by the distant call of sheep.

    Next the steep grassy slope; hang on tight or slip back. Once this is over, the real climb on Tryfan can begin.

    The slope nearly defeated, looking forward to the rock face. A slip, a grab at the grass. I'm OK.

    A sound - wind, perhaps? A feeling of foreboding.

    The sound grows to a roar. A pressure wave nearly pulls me from the slope.

    My Cobra roars down Ogwen Valley.

    Why did I give my daughter the keys?

    Holiday over.

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    Thanks for hosting Psyko. You may want to edit you post so that Drabble 10 only appears the once.

    This has got to be my favourite part of the contest. Picking my Drabbles is like choosing which chocolates to take out of the tray. And yes, I do take three at a time.

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    Cheers Frank,

    I made a spreadsheet to put the data in and creates copy n paste bits to make it easy to do the poll and word counts.

    Works not too bad...

    but it duplicates drabble 10... so that needs tweaked

    I also would like to put in a copy and paste part for the poll field.

    Work in progress... but it made making the poll post SOOOO easy..

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    I can't believe im Norway this week... from the highs of last week to this... the drabble dustbin

    Thems the breaks!!!!

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    I can't believe im Norway this week... from the highs of last week to this... the drabble dustbin

    Thems the breaks!!!!
    lol am only one in front of you, that makes me the UK!

    still early mate, still a possible 10-12 voters yet to decide including me(havnt read them all yet) hint bribe hint

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    I'll let you off for posting the wrong drabble P. I had succeeded this one with another but as I wouldn't of won anyway it makes no difference

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    Better than nothing...

    It's nice to not have nil points, even if one's words do suck.

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    I was doing better than I expected, wasn't that good. Cathy's has a better ending.

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    I have clearly peaked in the art of drabbling, or had some real beginners luck with an early win, I'm bumping along the bottom at the mo with some clearly non inspiring stuff! So don't worry P, good for everyone else to have a chance t win (give other ppl a chance Cathy!)

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    I'll get Cathy to write her Drabble with one hand tied behind her back next time I host.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    I'll get Cathy to write her Drabble with one hand tied behind her back next time I host.

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    Yep! Hopefully with all that going on it'll upset your Drabble writing skills

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    I think Cathy is offering bribes no male wishes to think about .... she keeps winning

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    OK ... a last minute plea for more votes.

    If you have yet to vote in this poll ... VOTE ALIEN

    If I am elected, I promise to bring pizza, beer and / or women (or men if you prefer).
    I will make the uncool kids cool, I will make the cool kids even cooler.
    I will reverse global warming.
    I will make J K Rowling actually write good fiction.
    I will travel to Würselen, Germany, go to a certain office building and stand outside singing the Elite theme all day until they throw their beer and pizza at me.
    I will make wireframe graphics shaded, shaded graphics 2D, 2D graphics 3D and 3D graphics 4D
    I will make Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker actually like each other.
    I will fix the Tardis chameleon circuit.
    I will answer "which came first, the chicken? or the egg?"
    I will make Psykokow and Stabler best buddies
    I will raid the Frontier Development offices and bring you game footage.
    I will make it snow
    I will make it rain
    I will make it sunny
    I will prove Bigfoot actually exists and aliens are at Area 51
    I will stop Richard Branson from ever cross-dressing ever again


    * please note I may not be able to fuflill one or more of the above election promises.

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