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Thread: Gamma 2.01 incoming

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    Gamma 2.01 incoming

    Hi everyone,

    Gamma 2.01 is on its way. The servers will be unavailable from 5PM

    Thanks! Read the full change-log below!


    - Fix one cause for server disconnects when exploring
    - Fix asserts when quitting the game and the ship isn't shut down
    - Fix the issue with users unable to use the control bindings if they dont have the en-GB layout preloaded
    - Make sure that location data is available before activating crime component
    - Fix for hardware cursor in borderless windowed mode
    - Use combined major+minor reputation for mission requirements
    - Add extra checks to make sure a set of police scenarios don't appear in dead systems
    - Fix abandon branch of collect missions
    - Balancing pass on USS frequency, now should be generally a bit more prominent. Tweaked up the chance of them appearing in relation to your distance from the capitals and upped it in relation to the population of a system
    - Use the correct Harvard/temperature table for bright giants and super giants when finding the nearest Yerkes classification of generated stars
    - Improved supercruise lens flare to work with both the normal game and occulus rift
    - Optimisations for retrieving data from SpectralClasses by temperature values
    - Fix an issue with classifying authored ammonia worlds
    - Made the initial position saftey check handle spawning at close binaries by first updating its universal address before checking to see if the position is inside the body
    - Fixed incorrect Python manufacturer name from Zorgon to Faulcon deLacy
    - Increased the duration of warning/positive messages
    - Don't try and connect to server if we're in the middle of quitting
    - Glowy Orrery model is now less glowy and slightly smaller
    - Steps to improve core in galaxy map
    - Make the dolly distance for narrowing the range of stars to show based on the focus range of the galaxy map
    - Remove the update tick from the galaxy map core. The disappearing systems was more distracting and helpful
    - Change the narrowing of the search range whilst moving in the core to be dependent on dolly position, so doesn't affect the zoomed in view
    - Change the focus of the star generation to be at the galaxy map camera when not zoomed in, instead of halfway between the camera and the cursor
    - If the client returns to the main menu, stop trying to serve them missions related information
    - Fix collision mesh on Anaconda
    - Soundbank updates
    - Don't repeat server player info check (fixes telemetry spam)
    - Hovering mouse over paintjobs causes paintjobs to be reapplied when looking at decals fixed
    - Increased completion time for Federal Collect missions
    - Voice Comms - Forever hanging ringtone on client fixed
    - Galaxy map search needs to find authored planets and starports as well as systems
    - Balanced wear values down by a large amount across all sources
    - Gamepad stops responding after confirming two friend requests in-game fixed
    - ED-27599 Rework of training scenarios, Docking tutorial split in two, training scenarios reordered
    - Ensure the number of items in the cartography sell page is correct
    - Automatically add "Conflict" tags to ships in warzones, which includes ships spawned from capital ships
    - Instantly refresh the reputation screen's data when you do something in a mission
    - Increase route planner spiderweb distance
    - Fix for a malformed text string in slave missions

    And a short server-side change-log:

    - Universal Cartographics once again add exploration data into Commanders' navigation computers
    - The rarist types of commodities are now prized by Commodities Markets across the galaxy, once again offering a premium price to Commanders willing to travel that extra light year.
    - Reliability improvments to trade route generation, market and faction background simulation and exploration data trading

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    Thanks Ed. The adjustments to wear will be most welcome I am sure.

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    Sweet! Great Job as usual FDEV

    Looking forward to it tonight

    Edit: Don't see a fix for disappearing missions, was this addressed?

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    Great, can see a few things in there we've been highlighting receiving a fix, thanks FD.

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    Excelent! All sounds good to me!

    Thanks guys - Happy about the wear & tear

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    Any news on the track IR smoothing issue?

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    Dang, I didn't even get to play Gamma 2.00

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    Ooo - missed this!

    - Increase route planner spiderweb distance

    I am happy now....

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    Thumbs up for the Dev team!

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    Still up!

    I just got home too. =/

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    Originally Posted by Darkfyre99 View Post (Source)
    Dang, I didn't even get to play Gamma 2.00
    Same, I only just logged in and it told me to log out again

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    Originally Posted by shabbyj View Post (Source)
    Same, I only just logged in and it told me to log out again

    Hmm, what happens If the update came out half way through my 2.00 download?

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    You will need to update again I assume, but this one should be quicker.

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    Nobody else kinda confused as to why the galaxy map doesnt save your orientation / position when you exit the map and go back in? Kinda annoying having to spin it round to find out which direction you were going in previously. Why cant it just save that? if i wanna reposition to my current location I can do that already from the navigation map, no need to reset to a set view etc EVERY time.
    Thought it would have been fixed in this patch as it looks like some love went in to galaxy map

    Great stuff as usual! Another quick update from the FD boys.

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