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  • 01 - Splendour - Scientifically Speaking

    4 26.67%
  • 02 - Goose4291 - Start-up

    2 13.33%
  • 03 - azdour - One hand makes light work

    5 33.33%
  • 04 - Galactic Midden - Trapping ones prey within the iron veil

    1 6.67%
  • 05 - Gibbonici - Power and Plebeians

    8 53.33%
  • 06 - Riedquat - Grand theft spaceship

    2 13.33%
  • 07 - MrMogadon - The Smart Money Knows the Difference

    8 53.33%
  • 08 - Ian Philips - Last repairs

    4 26.67%
  • 09 - Erik Marcaigh - Asha's Gift

    1 6.67%
  • 10 - Bleke - MOTU

    2 13.33%
  • 11 - Frank - Power Struggle

    4 26.67%
  • 12 - Rog - Power Trip

    2 13.33%
  • 13 - insanephoton - The balance of power

    2 13.33%
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Thread: Drabble Contest: Power

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    Drabble Contest: Power

    Here's something to take your mind off the big event that's looming on the horizon. Let's play a game of storytelling. Listed above me are 13 of the finest stories about power, set in the Elite Universe, that anyone has ever managed to write within a couple of days. 13 stories so short they can all easily fit into this one post.

    You job is to vote on the ones you think are best. To make life easy for you, we've made it multiple votes. Choose your top three. You will find out if you have common tastes on Sunday night when the poll closes.

    Good luck to my fellow contestants. At this point in the text I normally threaten violence, in a manner fitting to the topic of the week, to any of you considering voting for yourself. Instead I've decided to treat you all to a little song...

    01 - Splendour - Scientifically Speaking

    "Power is the rate at which work is done." -Concise Scientific Encyclopaedia Galactica

    "Urgh, this work is killing me. I need to chill." There click, an ominous drop in tone of the engines, followed by silence as Frank stared incredulously at the dashboard as all systems powered down. The ship's computer started crooning an ancient earth melody.

    "Heat is work and work's a curse
    And all the heat in the Universe
    Is gonna cooool down 'cos it can't increase
    Then there'll be no more work and there'll be perfect peace
    Yeah, that's entropy, man! "

    Ice crept across the canopy.

    02 - Goose4291 - Start-up

    “Maneuvering, this is Fritensis Actual. Initiate undocking procedure.”
    “Acknowledged Actual. Bringing systems to space going line up.”
    “System shows power plant is self-sustaining with no fluctuations. Previous harbour watch reports confirm final maintenance and safety checks completed with no errors.”
    “Station side supply status?”
    “Reports from Remex’s Davisilo and Gravali indicate all dockside power couplings have been isolated and are ready for physical disconnection once plant is online.”
    “Acknowledged your last. Raising output levels to support ships systems.”
    “Plant is at 86% output, board is green.”
    “Disconnect dockside supplies.”
    The lights flickered slightly as the ships reactor took the strain.

    03 - azdour - One hand makes light work

    The ships internal lights were fluctuating in a random but most annoying way.

    The engineer at his console cursed, trying to figure it out.

    The ships system had been deteriorating over the last few weeks amidst the engineers broken promises.

    The captains tether had also been deteriorating.

    “You either fix it right now or at the next station, no more excuses”, he demanded.

    Eventually the engineer gave up, irritated that there was no rhyme or reason for the light issue.

    The engineer dejected, exited the cockpit. The captain smiled, moving his hand away from the power switch for the lights.

    04 - Galactic Midden - Trapping ones prey within the iron veil

    "Commander Slyvern, this is the Interceptor Broadsword you're in contravention of statute 375a-4 shut down your weapons systems or be destroyed"

    Stalling for time Slyvern grabbed at the comms, "w-w-wait, you've made a mistake! I'm just transporting err... pet food to Felixpootch"

    "Oh really commander, since when did pet food travel in cabins with Imperial senate designations? Now disengage weapons targeting little worm and you and your 'passengers' might just live to see federal prison."

    But Slyvern didn't disengage his launcher choosing instead to trigger the now fully powered prototype destructor in another live test of the Empire's new power.

    05 - Gibbonici - Power and Plebeians

    Senator Ashveil snatched the comms set from her pilot and glared at the station ahead.

    "What is the meaning of this delay?" she snapped into the mic.

    "This is docking control. Senatorial docking codes are not valid at this station."

    "Do you know who I am?"

    "Of course, Senator."

    "My word is law in sixteen systems. Nobody countermands my orders!"

    "I am sorry, Senator. Docking at this station is subject to Imperial Doctrine 483 section C. Please comply."

    Senator Ashveil's nostrils flared.

    "This is the Senatorial clipper Tempus Domina," her words were thin with rage. "Requesting docking permission."

    "Permission denied."

    06 - Riedquat - Grand theft spaceship

    “Power!...damnit!...where is the section on power!?” Gareth spat, frantically navigating the Ship's computer index.

    He glanced at the scanner, a triangle shaped blip rapidly moved toward the rear of his ship.

    “This can’t be happening!”

    The blip moved closer.

    Suddenly an alarm sounded and the ship lurched to one side, Gareth grabbed the stick, trying his best to keep the escape vector within view.

    Moments later the ship crashed out of supercruise, Comms lit up, “Prepare to die!.

    Moving to the console, he grinned whilst pressing the button to transfer pips to engines.

    ‘Clunk’... went the landing gear...

    07 - MrMogadon - The Smart Money Knows the Difference

    Two ships approach the entrance to MacFeegle Station.

    One a huge Imperial pleasure yacht; a plaything for its owner.

    The other, a battle scarred yellow Sidewinder, with a barely visible red lion on its hull.

    “Don’t worry Mr Croesus, we’ll dock first”, the captain said, accelerating to overhaul the sidewinder.

    “Belay that Captain!!” Croesus’ commanded from his lounger, “Sidewinder first”.

    “But, why should you wait? You could buy that ship; the entire station” the captain queried, slowing his approach.

    “That ship’s the station commander and that's his well-armed station. He’s powerful, I’m wealthy. Never confuse the two Captain. We'll wait”

    08 - Ian Philips - Last repairs

    Something stirred amongst the wreckage. A repair module. Self contained and mobile it clambered over the drifting hull towards the deployment ports of the giant ship.
    It skirted around a clean edged hole. Starlight shone, glinting on the internal power banks, sheared in half by the laser strike.

    Reaching the ports it extruded a cable and connected to the port motors, sacrificing itself to supply energy to open the ports. It shut down, magnetic pads keeping it in place whilst solar collection panels deployed.

    The ship spun slowly in the darkness, without power.

    No light shone in the dark system.

    09 - Erik Marcaigh - Asha's Gift

    The Orca was absolutely beautiful. Smooth, curved lines led from it's nose all the way back to the engines. The glistening white hull had been given a new coat of paint of gloss black. The windows, which were normally tinted anyway, were replaced with one-way mirrored windows, also black. No one was going to be able to see in, which suited Kalran just fine.

    The last compartments brought in and fitted were a shielded cargo area and shielded cabin.

    Kalran wanted to carry only the most influential and revered representatives of the galaxy. "Asha's Gift" would make certain of it.

    10 - Bleke - MOTU

    NR"*Neon Raven to Isinona: Ah... I could use some help here…*"


    NR"*Um.… Hello?*"


    NR"*HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? Come on, take out those vipers!*"

    I"..Zkronk! Huh… wha? … … Oh!"

    I"Switch to power profile five."

    [power profile five activated]

    I"Transmit on all channels."

    [all channels ready]


    NR"*For the love of… cut it out.*"


    Isinona's gimbled beam lasers extends their swords of energy and caresses the system vessels. Soon there are only two ships left in scanner range.

    NR"*Thanks, man. Awesome. But you've got to stop watching that old crap.*"

    11 - Frank - Power Struggle

    It had been quite a gunfight. The conclusion had been Jake, his blaster pistol held with both hands, pointing at four pirates.

    Jake said "There's been lots of bloodshed today. There's no need for any more. You folks can kindly turn around and walk out with dignity intact."

    Jake saw the pirates looking at each other in a "We can take him" kind of way. He blasted the floor in front of them "Who wants melted first?" They fled without much dignity.

    Jake heaved a sigh of relief. His left hand had been covering his blaster's "Low Power" warning light.

    12 - Rog - Power Trip

    In hindsight, the crew had been perhaps unwise choosing such an outspoken representative.


    Negotiations completed, Captain Rubella Perl lazily waved the smoking blaster (more handcannon) at the remaining members of the delegation.

    'Presumably there are no further objections? No...? Excellent!', she beamed. 'Remember: my door is always open...'

    The Empire officially frowned on such robust disciplinary measures, but having family in high places certainly had advantages, and the crew should consider themselves damn lucky, they had station leave last year for heavens sake!

    To duty! Now where was it Uncle, oops Admiral Lucius want her lovely ship to go?

    13 - insanephoton - The balance of power

    Captain Rosala swore as she tried to engage the drives. The lights flickered and the computer gave it's monotone warning, 'Insufficient power'.

    Leaving the bridge, she floated to the crew quarters. The source of the problem was immediately apparent. Heavy cables spilled out from the ducting to supply power to the shiny new entertainment console. Phil and Steve were still playing the latest Battle Rangers game.
    'Guys, that's enough, game over.' she said as she pulled the plug.
    'But we hadn't finished'
    'Tough, maybe if you two put in a decent shift, we could afford a better rated power plant.

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    Very nice, and so happy you took this one, Frank. I just now made it back. Helped move a bunch of furniture for a friend... now I don't know if I'll be able to play Elite tonight. I need a few beers!

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    Originally Posted by Erik Marcaigh View Post (Source)
    Very nice, and so happy you took this one, Frank. I just now made it back. Helped move a bunch of furniture for a friend... now I don't know if I'll be able to play Elite tonight. I need a few beers!

    You'd better not do both. If the Galcop find out they may install an alcolock in your cobra.

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    Originally Posted by Bleke View Post (Source)
    You'd better not do both. If the Galcop find out they may install an alcolock in your cobra.
    Yeah? You should hear our Teamspeak channel on a Saturday evening...

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    Worse than that is to get pulled over by the Galcops, "you were weaving in and out of those asteroids like you were blitzed out of your head... What!? You're sober!?"

    Not like anything like that has ever happened to me <ahem>

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    Eric: hush! What if a Galcop agent overhears you?


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    Lovely drabbles everyone.

    Nice to see double figures too!

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    The field is wide open, Mr Mogadon is leading the pack, but only by a single vote. Can he hold the lead until the end or will someone overtake him?

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    Gibbonici, Bleke and Rog!

    (That's made it interesting)

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    Keep those votes coming folks!

    Anyone interested in finding out more about this contest
    and/or is interested in entering next week
    can go to the main thread

    It's more fun than it looks.

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    The missus says she's going to give this a go. Although she's wanting to listen to Escape Velocity first to get the feel of the universe

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    She's in for a treat. If you get a chance you should both read/listen to "Tales from the Frontier". Lots of little stories give a better idea of the scope of the Elite Galaxy

    A good parallel would be "Firefly". Although that show breaks no laws of Physics at all, Elite only breaks them when it feels it is necessary to help the gameplay.

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    Originally Posted by Goose4291 View Post (Source)
    The missus says she's going to give this a go. Although she's wanting to listen to Escape Velocity first to get the feel of the universe
    When she does, I hope she enjoys it as much as I did. Can't praise it enough.

    I didn't listen to them when the first came out. However, since I listened to the Lave Radio podcast, I thought I'd listen to the first episode, after all, how bad could it be.

    After that first episode, I devoured all available episodes and then eagerly awaited each new episode.

    Chris Jarvis is such A* talent.

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    Originally Posted by insanephoton View Post (Source)
    The field is wide open, Mr Mogadon is leading the pack, but only by a single vote. Can he hold the lead until the end or will someone overtake him?
    Apparently not

    Still plenty of time to vote. Nag your neighbours; bother your brother or phone your friend.
    Every one of our entries this week could still win, so pick your three favourite entries and vote, vote, VOTE!!!

    Anyone know if Psykokow is doing an audio drabble for this week? If not, I recorded my drabble, so here it is.

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    Oooh, a 2 way split and we still haven't had all the contestants votes in yet. Just to remind people that you don't have to write a drabble to be able to vote. You can vote for your 3 favourite drabbles before the deadline and make some ones day.

    Amazingly enough, I did hear the word drabble mentioned on 'Pointless Celebrities' earlier, it would have been a pointless answer (which if you are unfamiliar with Pointless, it's a very good thing to be)

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