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Thread: Gamma 2.03 Changelog

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    Gamma 2.03 Changelog

    Hello everyone,

    Gamma 2.03 changelog here for you!

    • Seperate 'UI Back' into its own bindable input (Note this might affect players with custom bindings!)
    • Made backspace the default back button for all control schemes to ensure it's always at least bound to something. Control pad schemes also have B bound to back too
    • Fix repro'd case of spinning ship lock on load
    • Fix soft lock when buying data and then going to system view
    • Ensure that we do not send a webrequest that will result in a module being attached to a slot that it should not fit on (fixes broken decal save crash)
    • Fix for ATI driver crash seen when the Imperial capital ship warps in
    • Fix client-side bankruptcy bug - clear player's fines & bounties from the respawn system, not the one that happened to be selected
    • Fixed assert caused by trying to generate planets in a nebula
    • Fix for missions not showing up when moving servers
    • Fix to cobra's front hardpoint door animation being swapped
    • Reduce memory footprint of route finder to compensate for larger search radius
    • Refresh the mission list if we initially fail to accept or update a mission
    • Split WearAndTear into visual and gameplay parts, repaired separately
    • Prevent dropping out of supercruise into capital ships
    • Remove Electosmelters from cargo drop
    • A couple of galaxy map trade route improvements:
      • Switching on an individual commodity will now automatically toggle on its parent category
      • Added buttons for selecting all/none
    • Track IR fixes:
      • No TrackIR roll in cockpit fixed
      • Sluggishness when using TrackIR 5 fixed
    • Added some logging for accepting missions failing and updating missions failing
    • Fix for plotting jumps in the galaxy map which are too long
    • Added support for AV8R01 by adding it as an alternate AV8R03 scheme
    • Auto downgrades support added (automatic graphic settings)
    • Commodities market UI cargo count doesn't update when discarding cargo fixed
    • Fix the problem where routes plotted with jumps greater then 20LY would not show up on the navigation panel
    • Galaxy generation optimisation
    • Tweaked shadow setting in the high and medium presets
    • Salvage missions now correctly spawn objectives
    • Make normal slavery collect missions give cash not just rep
    • Fix for galaxy map sometimes showing solid lines on plotted routes when they should have been dotted due to insufficient fuel
    • Fixed trade route filters stop working if you use Clear while a heading is expanded
    • Upped AI bounties to make bounty hunting more viable as a career

    And a server-side update too!
    • Prevent paintjobs and decals being applied to unsupported ship slots
    • Allow exploration data worth 0 credits to be sold
    • Activate the link between commodity markets and faction simulation
    • Fix some failing requests for starport news

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    Thank you hopefully i can play again!

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    Has this been released yet? No upgrade awaiting on the launcher

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    Wow, you guys are having some busy days, haven't you?

    Many thanks for your work!!

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    Thanks for the extra effort to resolve the OSOD *fingers crossed* . Looking forward to the update.

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    Sounds good to me!

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    In what way can we expect 'UI back' to effect our custom bindings?

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    Cheers ED. Great work.

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    Holy space cakes, yet another good list of fixes! Looking forward to checking these out, thanks

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    Wow, some awesome changes!

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    Increased bounties, better galaxy map, TrackIR fixes!!! I'm so happy....

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    Great, but now can we please get some fixes for connecting to other players? I have had serious problems staying connected to friends/group members since Gamma 2.0

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