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Thread: Gamma update 2.05 incoming

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    Gamma update 2.05 incoming


    Gamma 2.05 is incoming. Everyone will be moved off the server at 5pm GMT and the servers will be off for up to 45 minutes.

    Here's the change log:

    - Fix a rare crash that could occur if a ship belonging to a stale but valid faction shot someone
    - Fix a rare crash that would be caused by a missile that was partially constructed (or partially shut down) appearing on someone's radar
    - Fix rare crash in nebulae sorting
    - Fix a rare crash when hyperspacing
    - Prevent crash if we fail to allocated vertex or index data
    - Scrolling with the Game Pad in a module slot in Outfitting causes the highlight to disappear
    - Fix unrecoverable error when trying to abandon a mission
    - Stop missions disappearing when switching servers
    - Stop in progress missions disappearing when switching servers
    - Reputation fix for massacre missions
    - Decrease many reputation gatings for missions
    - Increase number of missions on a board
    - Fix independent permit missions
    - Fix salvage mission contracts so that they tell the player what system to search
    - Make sure that permit missions are included in the upload
    - Added in game links (in the training descriptions) to the external tutorial videos
    - Fix for several system specific mission components failing. Specifically addresses salvage and assassination missions
    - Don't allow the route finder to make more then one step which performs a galaxy octree search to improve performance
    - Filters are reset when you exit from the map fixed
    - Avoid showing trade route lines for the same commodity flowing both ways
    - Update stations to allow for planet classification changes (fixes some missing stations)
    - Fix a bunch of incorrect meta-data about terraformed planets
    - Mission jump distance corrected for long range jump distances
    - New batch translations (French & German - not text complete yet)
    - Better debug output for starsystem web request errors
    - Rename slave category to 'slavery' to hopefully reduce confusion about slave legality
    - Various text fixes
    - Fix erroneous cargo item "CropHaarvestors" in USS


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    .......Seems a bit... lacking with whats broken vs. need fixing? IS this it? Really??

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    On a sunday? You guys even sleep these days?

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    Wow, thanks for all the updates! You guys rock!!!

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    Superb FD,Awesome job as usual!

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    Much appreciated, and go hug the devs too

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    Thanks a lot, great work as usual

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    Originally Posted by PhanttoM View Post (Source)
    On a sunday? You guys even sleep these days?
    It's crunch time! No sleep! No rest! Moar coffee!

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    45 minutes to interact with the family. It'll kill me.

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    Well done and thank you for your efforts, you must be sweating blood over this right now. Good luck Frontier !

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    Holy moley, excellent stuff guys.

    Michael, could you please answer a question. When will the ability to install the game outside of appdata be added?


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    Originally Posted by PhanttoM View Post (Source)
    On a sunday? You guys even sleep these days?
    What do you think, release is in 2 days and the game is broken with all these recently introduced bugs. They simply have to fix them before launch and have them tested by us if Elite is to have a chance in reviews.

    Anyway I'm glad they're taking this as seriously as they should.

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    Any fix to trading? Seems like there is very little profit left in most things now, I'm guessing the NPC's are bringing the prices down?

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