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Thread: I-war 2 ship tribute

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    I-war 2 ship tribute

    Hi everyone, I'm Cmd Daedalus_ , not so new in the game but I really wanted to share this. Since I began playing to Elite, I felt the same joy of flying around the universe than in the I-war serie. So I dreamed about flying one of the most famous ship from I-war into Elite.

    And so I made it:

    Say hello to the I-war 2 command section!

    For the record, the command section is a one seat utilitary ship capable of housing 2 people in a living section situated in the back of the ship.

    There is a weapon rack on the right side of the ship and originaly no cargo hold. But there is a magnetic anchor on the back that can lock and carry a huge container.

    The ship is fast and maneuverable with its huges thrusters and has a good heat dissipation with its 2 heavy heat dissipators.

    here some of my work I made it:

    What do you think? Is this ships will fits in the game?

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    Ohhh... I-War 2 is amazing!

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    That was a good game I still have the CD of the original game.

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    Sorry for the shameless push. I don't know why I didn't stumble over this last year.

    I'm the admin of, I took over the website in December and since then we're growing stronger every day! Atari even released the second game on Steam shortly after our relaunch. Coincidence? I think not

    I've featured your renders on our frontpage and - of course - gave credit. It looks marvellous