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Thread: Gamma 2.07 incoming

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    Gamma 2.07 incoming


    Gamma 2.07 is incoming. The servers will go off at 10.15pm GMT, and will be down for up to 45 minutes. Here's the change log:

    - Don't crash if a location ID isn't valid
    - Fix text chat
    - Fix assert when loading nebulae
    - Fix set target AI assert
    - Don't crash when in system map and dropped out of supercruise
    - Prevent rare crash if camera thinks it's in 3D mode but isn't
    - Avoid crashing if LightCones gets destroyed before it has finished creating
    - Make shields on Adder fit better
    - Bring warzones and civil warzones more in line with new bounty numbers, reward up to 3000c
    - Block incorrect Minor Factions giving Federal or Imperial missions
    - Fix massacre mission feedback/flow
    - Fix courier mission flow/feedback
    - Fix assassination missions so they don't pay out twice
    - Prevent players from accepting the same permit mission again after they've already got that permit
    - Extend timeout for mission initial object query
    - Auto-downgrades: only select resolutions that match the native aspect ratio of the current display
    - Make all Salvage Rebel Transmissions missions use the indie text
    - Prevent the old repairer module from having more ammo than it has capacity for by restoring its ammo capacity to 5000
    - Added missing decal slots to Python
    - Fix broken paint job strings
    - Fix to a region name to prevent confusion when looking up generated systems
    - Prevent queueing the same cargo more than once to be ejected
    - Handle the case for when adjusting binary stars closer we end up causing them to intersect



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    Fingers crossed!

    I'm guessing trading, as it is now, it is how it will be?

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    You guys rock.

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    Quick work, must be the last until launch surely?

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    Nice.... good news

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    Woohooo, what a ride

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    Excellent, a final patch before Release.

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    Hopefully i can find a warzone and get some sweet sweet bounties off of it.
    Will certainly give my countdown stream something to do

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    Nice! Well Done FD.

    Who says working under pressure doesn't yield results.


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    Any word on missions with alternative mission objectives being bugged?

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    Originally Posted by Georgio View Post (Source)
    Quick work, must be the last until launch surely?
    Originally Posted by reaper7 View Post (Source)
    Excellent, a final patch before Release.
    Don't bank on it... two more hours left in the day!

    @FD Get working slackers!

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    holy hell thats quick

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    And ready for a night of 2.07 here

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