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Thread: [RELEASE] Slopey's BPC Market Tool! - New version!

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    [RELEASE] Slopey's BPC Market Tool! - New version!

    UPDATED to v5 18-01-16

    Hi All

    New version of my BPC (best profit calculator) Market Tool is now available!

    Current Version:

    You can get it from:

    Windows Version:

    Basically, run the tool, it'll download the CROWDSOURCED market data (from direct entry, or EDDN) from my servers, ask if you want VerboseLogging turned on in your log files (as that's how the BPC knows where you are), and then you need to use the "Add Prices" button to manually type in the data. Please be careful when typing in data! If a system or station isn't in the list - add it! If a commod isn't in the list, post here or PM me and I'll add it. Please be careful when adding data - and remember SUPPLY = STOCK!!!!!! You can use tab to move between the data input fields on the add prices page.

    Please use the Elite Market Connector (3rd party) to update EDDN from the Frontier iOS API. Or you can enter the data manually/or from EliteOCR. If the tool doesn't know where you are, check you have VerboseLogging="1" in the AppConfig.xml of ED, and the Logs folder (in that same directory) set correctly within the BPC tool.

    See you out in space Commanders!

    Hi All


    - Fixed an issue storing the log directory
    - The BPC now knows about the x64 folder name
    - Flight log should select top entry by default
    - Various back end issues fiddled with.

    For overlays, you launch them with the "Show Overlay" button in the top menu. You can then drag them around by clicking on the windows (not on labels/listboxes, but any free space) - you can resize them by toggling borders with <>, and you can change the colours from the BPC Options menu. You can have any colour you want from the chooser Overlay positions will be retained. These are top most forms, so put ED into windowed or borderless and drag on top. They also work in full screen - but you need to Alt-Tab a bit to get the order right to get them to show up.

    Anyway - have a go, and let me know for feedback. Next on the overlay list is likely last BPC search or something similar, and Edit buttons on the notes overlay so you can add notes from "in game" itself.

    v4.5.0.3 is now out

    - Fixed an overflow error with the price updating
    - Fixed the voice rate not being saved
    - Voice rate now starts at the default value for a new ED4.db
    - the BPC now informs after table updates (which should stop the table locked errors)

    v4.5.0.1 is now out - just a few quick bug fixes from

    - Overlays don't throw an error if there are no known stations (whoops)
    - Removed the "Are you sure" exit message when quitting the BPC


    This contains multiple bug fixes including:

    - when installing from scratch each database update is acknowledged with a message box which should solve the "table locked" issues
    - tab order is now correct on the BPC tab
    - Adjusted the system name length on the Dashboard to not overwrite the exploration status
    - Updating an exploration status on the Flight Log bounces you back to the top of the list, not halfway down it

    - Added overlays - more suggestions for overlay ideas are welcomed!

    V4.4.0.0 is now up! In this version:

    - "Dashboard" added
    - Rares data/grid added
    - Added "Target System" which will show you the distance to that system in the dashboard from your current system
    - TargetSystem for dashboard distance items saved between launches
    - Pad Size filter now saved between launches
    - Rares page now updated on Jump
    - Jumps to systems with no coords show last rares results
    - Added Exploration status against system - set from Dashboard (Partial/Full) or from Flight Log/Exploration Data (right click) - new systems are marked as "visited" by default
    - Added new Exploration Data tab in the flight log - more stuff to come with that in the future :)
    - Added voice selection in options with test button
    - Added Voice Rate slider in options
    - Commodity Filter selection is now saved between launches
    - Fixed the Flight Log crash (hopefully!)

    v4.3.0.3 is now available:

    - You can now choose between Radius or ANY/ANY search when needed
    - From pads/star distances added
    - Min Pad Size filter added
    - G19 log crash issue fixed
    - Galnet text cleanup fixed
    - Chat.txt is now ignored if it exists, so it won't be replaced. If it doesn't exist, it's created with the defaults
    - fixed when using multi-select combos
    - Export is now possible in XLS/XSLX/CSV/PDF (for BPC results, Notes, Flight Log, Commod, System data)
    - Fixed a search issue with an INNER rather than LEFT join which may have hidden results for systems with no pad data
    - Added option to show "Distance from Current" in Notes pane
    - Fixed an issue whereby update frequency was not being saved

    V4.2.2.0 is now available!

    - Fixed deleting notes
    - Added FULL database download in the Options -> Database page
    - Resolved a distance display issue in the Commod grid
    - Fixed a crash in the Flight Log
    - Added an indicator icon to the To/From dropdowns to show if tbe BPC has coordinates for that system
    - Added new Salvage commodities
    - Return Trips are back!!!!!


    - you can now add notes against systems/stations
    - "Betty" will optionally read out the notes for you on arrival if you check the box on the notes page
    - fixed the GalNet news bug
    - Gxx support: Flight log is now 6 lines long on G19 displays
    - Gxx support: Sys data should show update times for top 5 stations if they exist
    - Auto update check on the System tab is now saved in the settings
    - Galnet News items now display the correct item if the grid is reordered (whoops!)


    Fixed distance data not saving
    Fixed timezone offset not saving - please set it after updating
    Auto-new-version-update is back on
    Right-click on BPC results sets To/From and stations correctly
    'Swap' button now works correctly for stations
    Stations now populate correctly for systems loaded from settings on startup
    Added G13/G15/G19 support! Shows current location, time since update and known stations, also top 3 or 6 (G19) trades by distance by profit (will be scrollable soon), and flight log
    Added Galnet RSS News feed
    If the selected system in To/From has no data, it is shown as red
    Fixed the "Index out of range" issue on a with distance multi-select search


    - Much much faster parsing!!!
    - Settings are now saved in the database, and work properly (hopefully!)
    - Added flexibility on the Auto-Update period from Options
    - Options screen is now tabbed
    - Added a new About screen
    - Timestamps removed on the BPC results grid and replaced with aged minutes
    - Fixed the colour coding on aged minutes
    - Added Auto-Delete for aged data on startup (see Database Options in Options)
    - Added function to delete data over a certain age manually (see Database Options in Options - may require a one-shot timestamp check for data prior to
    - Commodity filter on the BPC now works properly (whoops!)
    - Right clicking on results in the BPC grid allows you to set the From/To systems to those values


    - just aligning version numbers with the installer and the app - no new functionality


    - fixed the dupe entries when downloading
    - sorted an index out of range issue


    - Much much faster searching as I've re-written the queries in the same style as Kaden's tool/post, but with some more columns returned.
    - Export now works for the Pilot Log tab
    - Parsing should be a bit quicker, but I've not finished optimising that function yet.
    - Distance value should be saved between launches (but not the initial due to the settings issue)
    - fixed an issue with BPC format importing from EliteOCR (in
    - ED4.db is now backed up on launch. If you have auto-updates switched off and want to back up your data, back up the ED4.db file. (
    - fixed the issue which caused a crash for users who have a comma as a decimal separator (


    - Added the BPC format for CSV importing from EliteOCR
    - The BPC can now search for your ED folder and set it automatically if you want (might take a while)
    - Fixed an issue with the To Station combo resetting to ANY constantly
    - Fixed an issue with To/From not being saved at exit if not using Multi-Select mode
    - Added ability to toggle multi-select!
    - Fixed an issue with ANY <> ANY searching
    - added more frequent news check
    - BPC now refreshes the available server list more often.
    - Fixes to Distance based searches
    - Added "Radius Search mode" which is an ANY <> ANY search with a Distance when the BPC knows your location.
    - A little adjustment to the Combo box system


    - changed to comboboxes in the BPC to multi-select
    - fixed a timestamp issue when updating commodities in local mode (for NoTones)
    - added a "add commod" button to Grid Update for adding additional commodities
    - fixed issue with commod list not loading properly
    - addressed capitalisation issues, all data is now loaded into the backend DB, but is shown as Capitalised based on Locale
    - added News page on startup if required
    - added News button in options
    - BPC now remembers within distance check status
    - Added a timestamp to the Pilot Log visited system list
    - The BPC will now correct the logs path if the FORC-FDEV folder is mistakenly selected
    - Auto-Update capability added! :)


    - you can now use the "Enter/Return" key on Add/Update prices to skip fields, so if a commodity only has a sell price, enter the sell price and press return and it'll add it (you don't need to tab over to Add> and press return there).
    - fixed the startup crash issue (Updates overlapping) - i.e. see above topics
    - fixed and import issue due to threading
    - fixed local mode issues, updates now work correctly, and local mode should be working now without issue
    - Added "Grid" based price updating - this lets you quickly compare and update commods for a station with EXISTING data. You can't add new commods, and you can't add new stations from the Grid view however.
    - You can now Delete entries from system/commod list from your local database. Select (multi-select is supported) and right click and choose Delete (no confirmation)
    - You can now Delete entries from System Last updated list from the local database (removes the entire system data) - as above, multi is supported, right click then delete (has confirmation)
    - Fixed an issue exporting xlsx files as xls's
    - Added Station comboboxes to the BPC filters more more specific filtering
    - Round trips now calculated from the arrival station in the destination sector


    - The BPC now checks the server pool at startup and picks one randomly
    - Added 3 new servers, and retasked the idling database server to handle some downloading stuff
    - Added the station name to the return route data
    - Added a Station combo/filter in the System tab
    - CSV imports are now case insensitive for System/Station
    - Local mode refreshing delay after an update reduced to 10 seconds
    - Added a "Commodity" combo/filter to the main BPC so you can search for runs for just one commodity
    - Fixed an unparameterised query


    - a fix to the BPC calc to account for multiple stations in systems, intra system BPC now works
    - added a CSV input to the Add Prices dialog - it's designed to work with Seeebek's OCR tool, and you have to set the System/Station first before you import the CSV as his files can contain multiple station data. The BPC will then populate the grid from his CSV file. If you come across an unknown commodity, let me know - there are a few discrepancies which I'm tidying just now.
    - Auto-updates disabled (i.e. local mode), now works as it should - it had a habit of always pulling down the cloud data on startup regardless. That's now fixed.
    - Added the Top 20 systems pilots using the BPC have visited over the last 24 hours, on the Flight Log tab
    - Added a Count of Current users to the BPC window so you can see how many are using it (it's averaged over a 15 min period, and is currently at 315 )
    - Significant performance improvements to the Data download thanks to incremental data loading, which wasn't working in 4.0 thanks to a silly timestamp bug.


    - the BPC can now adjust your AppConfig.xml for you to add the VerboseLogging="1" if it finds it (in the ../ from the Logs directory), existing one is backed up (as AppConfig.old) in case I make a boo-boo.
    - database persistence (sort of) - the market data is no longer cleared on startup, this will allow entries to persist in your database for evar. Any updates are incremental, but the server only serves the last 72 hours of data still at the maximum. So now data shouldn't "drop off", and the pilot log will be intact. I *MAY* have to re-create the database between updates, but I'll try and do it through scripting, otherwise I'll do something to copy data over.
    - Auto-Update setting is now saved (it wasn't previously)
    - Commodities are again pulled from the server on startup (so I can add new ones)
    - Posting updates to the server is now threaded
    - Added a separate database server - we'll give it a try
    - Backend is now SQL Server, I wasn't getting on well with MySQL and it's unix way of doing timestamps, or it's performance optimising. Over to good olde MS SQL. Yay!
    - Removed the graphs for now - they'll be back when data is more meaningful.

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    Wb Slopey!

    EDIT: How did I not +1 until now?? Fixed.

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    Originally Posted by Slopey View Post (Source)
    The BPC now features persistent data, so that gives you local mode by default. Disable Auto-Updates, and if you're a purist, clear your database from options, and hey presto - that's local mode/solo, where only your own data will be shown to you.

    I have refrained from using your tool (or any) in the past, but this makes it interesting... I might have to check it out
    Thanks Slopey.

    Edit: Hmm, actually I don't think I need to, not even in offline / local mode.. trading in ED seems to be much improved over the earlier gamma releases.. not perfect... missing 'snapshots' which is why I considered this tool in the first place, but overall more logical.

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    Those are good news.
    Keep up the good work Slopey.

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    Is it me doing something wrong (probable) or are there not much data in the online database atm?

    also +ret for making this tool. It makes some tedious saving-up-for-something work a bit less tedious

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    The data is crowdsourced, so if you want data in there, put some in yourself and hope that other people will

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    I haven't been in any of these threads in the while, but is there any plan to integrate with EliteOCR to make price entering less painful, and thus the data more useful?

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    Slopey mentions the CSV import in the OP - you'll just (I imagine) export your CSV then import that data into the BPC.

    Well, hopefully.

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    Originally Posted by ALLCAPS View Post (Source)
    I haven't been in any of these threads in the while, but is there any plan to integrate with EliteOCR to make price entering less painful, and thus the data more useful?
    Yes - via CSV, very shortly. And also the EDDM for sharing it. It's done and ready to go, just need to check with Seeebek if he's ready or not.

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    Oooh this is amazing, and I'll be entering data around lugh then, so that our efforts to mess with the system can also be supported by trading individuals!

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    A belated Thank You and +1 rep for your service to the community!

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    nice slopey glad to see you added the verbose auto enter.. i was getting annoyed re adding it every patch lol! and no data wipe client side is nice, was only reason i started to use other tools. but your set up is the best! thanks again!

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