View Poll Results: Which are the 3 best Drabbles this week? Theme: Fear

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  • The Horror -- Gavthomas

    4 16.67%
  • A Fate Worse Than Death -- el_tel

    3 12.50%
  • The Only Thing To Fear... Is Fear -- Darkoba

    4 16.67%
  • Sparks -- W4rSkuLL

    3 12.50%
  • A Fear Of Living -- The Lone Gunman

    3 12.50%
  • Nowhere To Run -- Slythe

    2 8.33%
  • Your Own Demons -- Ian Phillips

    8 33.33%
  • Conscience -- Musashi

    3 12.50%
  • X Might Be The Spot -- psykokow

    6 25.00%
  • The Many Flavours of Fear -- Cathy

    6 25.00%
  • A Matter Of Life And Death -- Scorpio

    2 8.33%
  • Last Orders at 'The Thargoid and Fer-de-Lance' -- Luniticisi

    1 4.17%
  • Come Home, Daddy -- Darren Grey

    4 16.67%
  • Fear is Good -- insanephoton

    1 4.17%
  • FEAR: Combined -- Bikky

    5 20.83%
  • Waiting -- T.j

    5 20.83%
  • Sleep -- Gimi

    8 33.33%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: [DRABBLES] Fear poll - vote now!

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    [DRABBLES] Fear poll - vote now!

    As blackest night falls, judgement is upon us once more. Yes - it is time for another poll! Choose your three favourite Drabbles from the list below and cast your votes. The rules:

    • Vote for 3 Drabbles - no more, no less.
    • If you submitted a Drabble, do not vote for your own!
    • When thrice more has darkness shrouded the land, will the hour of reckoning be at hand...

    Remember that anyone can vote - and the more voters there are, the better. So spread the word! And/or terror.

    01. The Horror -- Gavthomas

    Cmdr Stryder felt uneasy, there was something wrong. Nothing he could put his finger on, but very real nonetheless. Something bad was about to happen, something terrible. The tension was building, becoming unbearable... Stryder began to sweat. A horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach developed, he looked to his copilot and shook his head.
    Lt Stepper had seen this before, and felt a wave of resigned inevitability overcame him as the horror of what was about to happen was fully realised. Pffffffffft... pfffffffffffffft... pfffffffffft... pluuuuffffff.......
    "Take the controls for a minute lieutenant, I need to change my onesie."

    02. A Fate Worse Than Death -- el_tel

    They were cutting through the inner hull. Cat could feel the vibration.
    Soon they would be in the cargo hold, but they wouldn't stop there.
    A grinning pirate clawed across the forward visor. She jabbed the button to polarise the hull, but there was no power.
    He laughed. Did he see the fear on her face?
    A dull thump followed by silence...
    A quiet scratching, barely audible.
    Then a loud bang that jarred Cat in her seat. They had used explosive charges on the cockpit door.
    Cat didn't even resist when the slaver stepped into view and raised his stunner…

    03. The Only Thing To Fear... Is Fear -- Darkoba

    "Fear is energy" the commander said. "You can use it, or give in and be used by it. Don't fear the consequences of action, but those of inaction. Be more afraid of not solving a problem than of the problem itself.
    History has shown that the small group which faces its fear can vanquish much larger, better equipped groups.
    Now it's our turn. We have a job to do. Let's do it."

    He glanced over the nine pilots' heads at the view-screen showing two-hundred waiting Imperial fighters.

    The commander chose to ignore the trickle of sweat running down his back.

    04. Sparks -- W4rSkuLL

    The heat was unbearable. And the fear!
    When he came out of hyperspace, the ship was caught in the red giants gravity and all computers were fried. Only life support kept him alive. He looked out of the cockpit to the swelling sun and muttered "sunshine.....". He had been caught totally by surprise by the huge monster, and could feel his life force being drained away.
    So this was his destiny, to slowly get boiled alive by a red supergiant coming out of a hyperspace miss jump. He smiled as his ship melted away. Just sparks revealed his former presence.

    05. A Fear Of Living -- The Lone Gunman

    "Cag leader Antonius to Shadow hawks, all is lost"

    Five young men of tactical one training group remained out of seventeen Eagles

    They shouldn't have been there!

    Imperial Carrier Isobel was taking multiple hits from the Federation fleet

    The Isobel crew fought back as explosions tore through the ship

    Hundreds dying engulfed in horrendous fires, firing continually even as flames licked their skins

    Antonius heart raged!

    "Cag leader to group, each must choose their own destiny, long live the Empire!"

    A suicidal dive; five young men followed him in

    The fear wasn't the dying; fear was the living without honour

    06. Nowhere To Run -- Slythe

    I face my enemy across the scorching sand.
    He is bigger than me, faster, stronger.
    I have no chance, we both know it.
    We have fought many times, I have always escaped defeat.
    This time....
    ...this time, there is nowhere to run.
    I know I will die here.
    My fear almost overwhelms me.
    I choose to fight.
    I use every trick.
    Every trick he's taught me.
    We fight until exhaustion slows us.
    Until I see something unexpected;
    In his eyes.
    I see fear.
    He is afraid!
    Of me!
    I feel renewed strength.
    One final blow.
    Then another.
    I win...

    07. Your Own Demons -- Ian Phillips

    Fear lives in you, coiled up in your chest like a snake.
    As it stirs awake and rears to stare you in the eyes, hypnotic and paralysing, your stomach muscles clench.
    Breath comes in short, shallow gasps. Exhausting. Sweat squeezes out of every pore.

    The snake wears your face.

    You look at yourself and, over the sound of your own voice swearing and whining, admit that you are afraid.

    But you also control a snake and WILL NOT let this one stop you.

    Shakily your hand reaches out and toggles the comms unit on.

    'Commander Reighdar, requesting permission to Dock'

    08. Conscience -- Musashi

    Dietrich, alone in the escape capsule, caressed the gemstones. They were his, and Grace should've accepted that. She'd left Deitrich no choice - and had deserved her fate. Hadn't she? A wretched, frantic wriggling as the bridge became a vacuum following the pod's release. Not his fault.


    Dietrich leapt against his harness, scattering gems.


    Outside the capsule - impossible! Blood hammered, adrenaline sharp at the back of his throat.


    Her face appeared at the porthole; iced eyes accused. His heart thrashed itself to ruin inside its bone cage.

    The lifeless vessel drifted on, starlight faint on its bare hull.

    09. X Might Be The Spot -- psykokow

    This dark system was living up to its name, I’d only been here for just under an hour and I was feeling utterly alone.

    My Sensors showed no nearby activity and my destination was unknown, but when someone hands you a map with a huge X..... well you owe it to yourself to check it out.

    Especially if it turns out to be Ginger Beards treasure location...

    My stroudberry satnav beeped loudly, a soft voice spoke 'You have reached your desination'

    I went to look but the ships power died and a haunting voiced filled my dark hollow craft.

    10. The Many Flavours of Fear -- Cathy

    You taste their fear... stronger than the blood of their guards.

    An executive sweats on the cabin floor, bitter when you take his credits away. His wife weeps on trembling knees, pleading to be spared brutality. You inhale vanilla and take her pearls.

    A senator's daughter glares with citrus pride. Her fiancÚ is cinnamon, too naive to know how much they'll make you in the brothels back home. You'll sample one; citrus or cinnamon? There's time to decide.

    Their terrified chef is dragged from the galley: raw chilli. You grin.

    "My crew are hungry. Make us something tasty to go."

    11. A Matter Of Life And Death -- Scorpio

    The Asp 'Red Dawn' spun silently in space.The hull interior shook with concussion and a dinner plate sized dent appeared in the door. Beyond the plexi glass window a cluster of burning black eyes watched him intently. Life, the wonder of the Universe; Those black eyes were as full of sentient malice as evolution could create.
    Commander Nathan Dakota turned and stared at the airlock view screen into the frigid, utterly lifeless void of space. He knew there was no sanctuary from fear in this Universe. The human sighed, placed his helmet on, and turned the lock release valve.

    12. Last Orders at 'The Thargoid and Fer-de-Lance' -- Luniticisi

    "The problem with fear Dud, is it's scary"

    "Oh, I don't fear, fear Pete"

    "You don't fear, fear, well you ought to fear, fear Dud"

    "Oh really? why fear, fear Pete"

    "I'll tell you why Dud, fearing fear is the reason that we, as human beings, maintain our hold on the world"

    "Are we holding the world Pete?"

    "Well, we're not actually holding the world, Dud. That wasn't my point"

    "What was your Point Pete?"

    "My point was, we need fear to exist as human beings Dud"

    "Why's that then Pete?"

    "Get another pint in Dud, and I'll Tell you"

    13. Come Home, Daddy -- Darren Grey

    Last night I prayed again for Daddy to come home safe. I told God that Daddy is a nice man really.

    But maybe God won't believe me. I know Daddy does bad things sometimes. I know he shoots people in space and takes their things. He does it for me and Mummy though – does that make it all right?

    I hear shots again from the Vipers and the walls all tremble. My ears are covered and my eyes tightly shut, but I still hear Mummy screaming.

    Please, God, bring Daddy home to me. I'm so scared. Please bring Daddy home.

    14. Fear is Good -- insanephoton

    Some people say that there's no reason to be afraid of space travel. They'll tell you that Thargoids often have their fear glands removed to make them better combat pilots. That may be fine for Thargoids but I'll tell you why fear is good.

    Space is cold and unforgiving, mistakes can be fatal. Complacency leads to mistakes. People without fear can be reckless and do dumb stuff.

    If you aren't scared of flying in space, you probably don't understand the situation. Only a few millimetres of metal separate you from the cold hard vacuum of space. Fear keeps you safe.

    15. FEAR: Combined -- Bikky


    Fight the new combined threat the BUGS are throwing at us.
    Since the Thargoids have joined forces with Trumbles, there has been a wave of attacks on human space designed to push us into the core and annihilate the species.

    We must fight this new threat. Pilots ranked Competent and above are required to join.

    The threat to humanity has forced the main powers to set aside their differences and become one.

    Join the rest of us in FEAR.


    Note the Federal Empire Alliance Reserves (FEAR) cannot guarantee your safety.

    16. Waiting -- T.j

    I huddle back into the corner just a bit further, my shoulder blades bury deep into the wall.

    I stare at the screen, time slices another terrifying second away.

    Another is added to the enemy's tally.

    My breath tries to escape my lungs, I hold it in.

    I bite my lip too hard; the blood tastes like copper.

    A cold fist of fear clenches my stomach, another is added.

    Panic floods into my frozen heart, the screen blinks again.


    The clock ticks its final tick.

    Is it over?

    Have I made it?

    Whaddya mean only one vote.

    Bloody Drabbles!

    17. Sleep -- Gimi

    The landscape was desolate, burned out by solar flares, and there was more to come. In front of her the lines were endless.
    No one knew where the ancient ship came from, but now it was the only way out.

    No one would enter the system for centuries for fear of radiation.
    The rich and famous had left with every hyperspace capable ship available.

    Finally it was her turn and hot fear knotted in her stomach as she stepped into the contraption, so cold. What would life be like after 200 years?
    Sublight speed travel, at least she would sleep.

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    Poor old psykokow, Name spelt wrong again ... I can see repercussions

    Tough vote this time I'll need to think about it.

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    Originally Posted by Luniticisi View Post (Source)
    Poor old psykokow, Name spelt wrong again ... I can see repercussions
    Ooops - fixed the Drabble list but can't edit the poll.

    That explains the Thargoidgram at my door this morning.

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    Originally Posted by Musashi View Post (Source)
    Ooops - fixed the Drabble list but can't edit the poll.

    That explains the Thargoidgram at my door this morning.


    Even resisted the temptation to change his name to something completely different..

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    Ok, who's fixed the voting grid on my screen to make it look like i'm in the lead. C'mon Own up, That can't be right....

    Can IT?

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    As long as I get a few sympathy votes I'm happy.

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    Phew! This one's a toughie. As I said, it had to be a painful process of elimination. I could have done with five or six votes to feel I'd done it justice.

    Great stuff

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    Originally Posted by T.j View Post (Source)
    As long as I get a few sympathy votes I'm happy.
    I'll give you one.....

    A sympathy vote that is....

    Originally Posted by Darkoba View Post (Source)
    Phew! This one's a toughie. As I said, it had to be a painful process of elimination. I could have done with five or six votes to feel I'd done it justice.

    Great stuff
    well just to make me feel good about a temporary lead, tell me you'd use all 5/6 votes just on me

    Cos with 32 votes already in, and a joint first, i'm sweating.

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    Originally Posted by Bikky View Post (Source)
    Cos with 32 votes already in, and a joint first, i'm sweating.
    Do I detect .......FEAR ?

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    A 3-way tie? Crikey, the drama never ends here in drabbletown!

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    Aaaaand... everyone's out of the starting gate!

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    I've cast my vote, looks tight at the top at the moment, plenty of time though.

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    Originally Posted by Bikky View Post (Source)
    ...just to make me feel good about a temporary lead, tell me you'd use all 5/6 votes just on me
    OF COURSE I would... Feel better now?

    So far a four-way tie... could make the choice(s) of the next topic interesting.

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