Hi and welcome to the Frontier Developments forum.

This is the home of Elite Dangerous, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Kinetimals, Lostwinds Disneyland Adventures, Coaster Crazy and Zoo Tycoon to name but a few.

If this is your first foray into the mad world of internet forums or it's been a while. Never fear we've made a quickstart guide to help you join in our community and get involved.

Ok, put the kettle on, strap yourself down and brace yourself.

Here goes...

Before you do anything else. take a few mins to read the Forum rules.

Forum etiquette.

  • Read the forums rules and guidelines before posting for the first time they can be found here FAQ. and here Forum rules.
  • Search the other posts in the forum to see if your topic is already covered duplicate subjects will be merged into the original thread.
  • Do not use the forum to advertise your product, service or business.
  • Be civil, our forum is a very friendly place with fantastic contributors.
  • Profanities (swearing) or attempting to bypass the swear filter by the use of * or alternative characters is not allowed. neither is racisim, sexisim, insulting other members or trolling or flaming. for a fuller description of the rules, please read the Forum rules.
  • Try to stay on topic or at the least get back on topic as soon as possible.
  • If you can, please help other forum users with any forum questions they may have, because in return you may get help with something you need.
  • Do not use all caps its considered to be SHOUTING, this also applys to increasing the font size excessively.
  • Try not to post Images that are too large users with slower internet connections may struggle to view them.
  • Do not post any information that you want kept private. Posts should not contain personal, identifiable information on yourself, other members or content embarrassing to others. i.e email and personal addresses, phone numbers and the suchlike. Please stay safe on the internet.
  • Do not post content that violates any 3rd party copyright.
  • Don't double post, the forum has a multiquote system so you can reply to more than one post in a thread.
  • And most imprtantly, have fun!
All new forum members have to have their posts, signatures and threads approved (for a time) before they appear in the forum.

The Moderation team do this to protect the forum from spammers and other malicious threats. So if your post doesn't appear soon after posting, please be patient, it dosen't take too long.

Right thats the boring bit out of the way, lets get onto the interesting bit.

Getting started.

Creating a new thread/post.

So you've joined up to the forum and want to share your views, ideas and onsie pictures with the community.
Why not have a browse around and get a feel for how people create threads and posts, etc. This will also help you to see what subjects you may want to comment on, and what the current onesie fashion is this week. (Forum in-joke.)

As well as browsing you can also use the forums search function to look around and see whats happening.
To do this click on the search tab in the title bar and the search popup will appear. Type in a keyword that directly relates to your topic i.e you could type in shields to see what discussions on shields have taken place, the forum will then list any threads that match your criteria. you can then click on any thread and have a good read.

If you find a subject you wish to discuss and would like to add your thoughts or ideas you can by clicking the post reply button.

Another way to search the forum is to use the New Posts tab Just before the Search button.

This allows you to review any new posts made within the last 24hours and will update everytime you click the New Post tab. you can also use the Quick Links tab and select the Mark Forums Read feature to clear the list.

It's located at the bottom of each thread.

So, you didn't find a thread on your subject and would like to start a discussion on it? No problem go to the relevent sections of the forum for your subject. i.e. If you want to ask Frontier if you can have fluffy dice in your new Cobra's cockpit, parking sensors on your Panther for example.

To do this go to the Elite Dangerous section by clicking on the Elite Dangerous section header on the front page then the Gameplay and Features subsection there you will see this page.

As you can see one of the stickied threads at the top of the page (3rd one down), is called is the Gameplay Discussion and Request PART 2 Thread. This is the one you want this time, click on it and have a look at the 1st post to see if your idea has already been suggested. If not go to the bottom of the page and you will see the post reply button.

Click on it and you will get the following page.

You can give your post a title using the title box at the top, this can be useful if you want to make your post stand out a bit more; but it's not mandatory when replying in a thread.

Ok, now the fun bit, what you want to say. You can change and edit your post in quite a few ways, don't go too mad though.

In the dialogue box write your post then you can if you want to start editing it.

1) Formatting Section.

Change the size and style of yout post text here. Try not to make the words too big as it can be considered as shouting on forums as is typing in all capitals.

2) Attachment Section.

Here you can add images, weblinks, quote tags and spoiler tags the most common methods are listed below.

Please Note: when posting images try not to make them too large so users don't have to scroll left to right to view the image and subsquent posts (you can read how to use spoilers a bit further down.)

a) Images (Direct link to the FAQ section here)

To add a image to your post click on the add image icon.

A popup box will appear, you can then type or copy and paste in the url of the image you want to insert from a image hosting site or the website direct link where the image is located. Then when the link is in the box click ok, hopefully the image will then appear in the dialogue box. best format for images is Jpeg but you can use other commonly used image file formats such as .bmp.

b) Website links (Direct link to the FAQ here)

To add a website address click on the icon that looks like the Earth with a link under it.

You can then type in the website address and click ok, if you change your mind you can select the text and click the broken link icon and it will remove the link.

c) Smilies

Why not inject a bit of emotion to your post? click in the dialogue box where you would like to add a smilie and then click the smilie you want. Remember though this can dramatically change the tone of your comments, use wisely!

d) Quote icon

This allows you to directly reply to another forum members post, most people do this by clicking on the quote icon on their post, (we'll cover this in a bit) so don't worry too much about it now.)

e) Spoilers Icon

This is useful if you want to share some info on a subject that not everyone will want to read, i.e discussing a movie plot in the off topic section. Highlight the text you want to hide from general view then click the icon, you will then see the words spoiler in brackets appear around your text this will hide the text unless someone clicks the spoiler tag.

Like this :D

When you think you've finished your thread/post click the preview post button under the dialoge box, you can then review you post and edit it before submitting to the forum using the submit post button.

Quoting another forum members post.

If you would like to directly address another forum members post at the bottom of their post you can add their post inside your own at the bottom of their post you will see this icon.

When you click on this the dialogue box appears with their post contained in quote boxes, you can then type your reply underneath and when your happy hit the submit button,

If you would like to quote more than one forum members posts, you can by clicking on the multiquote icon.

Click on each of the posts you want to quote, you'll notice the icon changes colour and a little + appears to show you've selected it.

Then you can click the post reply button and their posts will appear in the dialogue box allowing you to reply to each post in turn.

If after you have submitted your post and decide for whatever reason you would like to edit your post you can by clicking the edit button.

This is in the bottom right corner of your post, you can then change the post and click the submit post again.

If you would like to start a new thread, again go to the relevent section of the forum and you will see the new thread icon. Again check to see if your thread topic hasn't been covered by another thread, the moderators will when needed merge threads of the same topic together to reduce clutter and multiple threads on the forum.

This is at the top of the page, the process is almost the same as making a new post. the addition is you can if you wish choose a prefix for your thread in the prefix box and give a name for your thread in the title box.

Reputation System

Everyone likes a thumbs up every so often. So if you see a post you really like, why not let them know?

The Forum has a inbuilt reputation system, on any post you like you will see a small set of scales.

This is in the top right corner of the post.

Click on the scales and you'll see the reputation popup appear.

You can then approve or disapprove the post and add your comments, please however use it wisely. (You can use this post to test it out .)

You can check to see if you have received any reputation by clicking on the UserCP tab in the left side of title bar.

Reporting Posts

If you find a post with content that you think should not have been posted i.e a post or conversation that is:

  • Liable to cause offensive to others.
  • Against the forum rules.
  • Aggresive.
  • Objectionable.
  • Illegal.
  • Advertising.
  • Trolling/Flaming.
You can alert the Frontier Moderating team by using the report post function the report post icon can be found at the top right of the post you wish to report.

This will alert the Frontier Moderating team to your concern, who will then review the reported post and take appropriate action if required.

Don't be afraid to use this function, the large amount of posts the forum recieves means that some posts can easily be missed by the moderating team, but please use it responsibly.

We hope this helps you to get involved in the forum, and you enjoy your time here in our community.


Your lovely Frontier Moderating team.

Oh...and Right on Commander.