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Thread: The Black Hole in the Wall

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    The Black Hole in the Wall

    This thread is for you to act in character, if that is your thing. I have attempted to make some player created content for everyone.

    (For thread origin and everything not in character- click here)

    After walking around a bit on Spassky’s Inheritence outpost you come to a door, and glance at the flickering sign above….

    The Black Hole in the Wall

    Yup, this is the place. There is a bulletin on the wall next to the door. It reads:

    Attention all pilots:
    The Dukes are looking for some capable mercenaries, like yourself, to help extend their influence beyond the borders of their sector. Starting with the system known as HR 7327. They have already built up a significant sphere of influence in that sector through a series of investments and acquisitions. The Dukes want your help “leveraging” these acquisitions against the local leaders of HR 7327. Their end goal are the shipyards of HR 7327.
    If cash is your thing, come to Spasskey’s Inheritence in the Mikunn system for some merc work…

    The communication panel on your wrist interrupts your reading with a beep. Looking down you notice the previously locked message is now readable. Pulling it up, it reads:

    Good Evening Commander,
    I’m glad you have made it this far. As you've probably guessed, this bar is going to be where we coordinate our efforts on behalf of the Dukes. The back rooms are available to us and you can walk right in, the bouncers know who you are. All planning is to be discussed here for security reasons. You are the Dukes’ guest so everything is on the house, but don’t go crazy – we have work to do, and it starts now….

    The message deletes. You push open the door, smoke and raucous laughter swelling outward, and step in….

    We have built a new station!!!! This bar is now located in Mercenary's Respite! Old text preserved for posterity.

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    Mercs of Mikunn ComWatch

    Read this section for latest updates. I will keep it updated with the latest coordination effort. Refer to it often:

    Your ComWatch Beeps.... it reads:

    ComWatch 2.0TM:
    ComWatch update: NOW WITH LIVE UPDATES (Found on our internal forums at

    To best leverage their assets the Dukes request the specified influence levels in the following systems:

    Mikunn: Dukes 80%+

    HR 7327: Dukes of Mikunn 30%-70%

    Sukua: Dukes of Mikunn 30%-70%

    Sefrys: Mercs of Mikunn 80%+

    Maiphu: Dukes of Mikunn 80%+

    Noco: Dukes of Mikunn 80%+

    Wangana: Dukes of Mikunn 80%+

    HIP 95677: Dukes of Mikunn 80%+

    You may achieve this through any means you find necessary. Every system is different so use your own discretion to achieve the results indicated. To aid you in your choosing your actions please consult this guide. Check system influence values to determine which ones need to be modified.

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    Commander Sefrys has posted a bulletin:

    Current Frequency of Mercenaries of Mikunn
    Please tune in on this frequency for a real-time communication between other mercenaries supporting the Dukes of Mikunn's cause!
    password for the Mercs of Mikunn channel: mikunn

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    **Commander Lucifer Wolgang goes to the back room and starts playing poker with Rauvir. Bouncers watch the door, ready to escort any mercenaries in who have questions or want to join in on the game. A communication panel lies to the side of the table.**

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    Don't play poker with Lucifer gents, I'm out 50k creds with nothing to show for my troubles...

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    *Hits the mic mute on the com panel Rauvir is speaking into, and grins*

    Hey now, don't scare the fresh meat away. I'm sure your luck will pick up.


    So how about those Dynamic Commodity goons? Any bets on how long it will take for us to acquire that system?

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    Sefrys chimes in from nearby. "I do have an idea how long it will take, but it's just an estimate." He sighed rubbing his chin. "I'll probably be certain on this in due two or three days when the higher-ups sort their reports out. I heard a rumor though, that the expansion might be stalled a little. Damn Dynamics not knowing their place." He growled and threw a curse in a foreign language.

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    *Throws some chips in the pot*

    You know what, lets make a game of it. *Hits the com speaker* Ten tons of gold for the person who guesses the day we start to make tangible headway in HR 7327. If multiple people guess correctly its split. *hits com off* I'll throw in another five tons if you throw in another five tons, Sefrys.

    *Com beeps as severeral messages come in. Lucifer interacts with his ComWatch and bets begin to appear on the holoboard.

    • BacioiuC - 29/12/3300
    • Calomiriel - 1/1/3301
    • Ganner Rysode - 31/12/3300

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    The mercenary snorted with a half-hidden laugh. "Pennies, I'll throw in another twenty tons of gold in credits just to make some more fuss." He said with a childish grin on his face.

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    Then I will match 20 as well. *Hits com speaker* Scratch the previous message! Make that 40 tons of gold to the winner, from Sefreys and me! *Hits com off again*

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    *silently curses at Lucifer* "I'll never learn my lesson will I? I'm in. 30/12/3300."

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    *Beeps the comm* I'm in, 12/30

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    *Fiddles with ComWatch*

    Aaaaand we also have Antinous in for 12/30. Thats three stacked on 12/30. Betting will end in 7 hours and thirty minutes.

    • BacioiuC - 29/12/3300
    • Calomiriel - 1/1/3301
    • Ganner Rysode - 31/12/3300
    • Monkei - 30/12/3300
    • Antinous - 30/12/3300
    • Rauvir - 30/12/3300

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    BTW, are we joining a group in game to increase the chances of the Mercs seeing each other? The easiest way to do this would be for everyone to friend you and then you create a group with your quick join option enabled.

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    H.E Suits at Mapor. 30ly out from Mikunn

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