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  • 01. Death by Glob -- The Lone Gunman

    4 16.67%
  • 02. The Art of War -- Gavthomas

    10 41.67%
  • 03. Alpha and Omega -- Darren Grey

    8 33.33%
  • 04. Plagued By Deadly Civil War -- DaddyHoggy

    4 16.67%
  • 05. A Clash of Giants -- W4rSkuLL

    0 0%
  • 06. It’s a Trap! -- Steve O B Have

    0 0%
  • 07. Urgent Extraction -- insanephoton

    0 0%
  • 08. My Epic Battle -- Ian Phillips

    2 8.33%
  • 09. Afterthought -- Variform

    1 4.17%
  • 10. The Empire Strikes Bat -- Frank

    1 4.17%
  • 11. The Last Drop -- Musashi

    7 29.17%
  • 12. The Grand Scheme of Things -- Gimi

    2 8.33%
  • 13. Shaped Charge -- Darkoba

    1 4.17%
  • 14. Epic Battle: Fireworks

    3 12.50%
  • 15. Candid Camera -- Scorpio

    2 8.33%
  • 16. The Great War -- Luniticisi

    10 41.67%
  • 17. Last Battle -- Cathy

    6 25.00%
  • 18. Tiling Can Kill -- psykokow

    2 8.33%
  • 19. The Battle of Corus Minor -- Phoenix_Dfire

    3 12.50%
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Thread: [DRABBLE POLL] Topic: Epic Battles

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    [DRABBLE POLL] Topic: Epic Battles

    As the contestants stride into the arena, a hushed silence falls over the spectators. The sea of expectant faces and fashionable onesies stretches into the distance. Yes, it's time for the epic battle about Epic Battles!

    Ladies, gents and Thargoids - please cast your votes for your favourite drabbles. The rules are:

    • Thou shalt cast three votes, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt cast, and the number of the casting shall be three. Four shalt thou not cast; neither cast thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out.
    • If you have submitted a drabble, don’t vote for yourself - or we’ll send the Spanish Inquisition.
    • Cease fire is three days hence.

    Remember that anyone can vote - and the more voters there are, the better. So spread the word amidst the clamour and confusion of battle's fury.

    The bugle sounds and the charge begins...

    01. Death by Glob -- The Lone Gunman

    The war for some had seemed to rage forever, many hungry, but raging at their differences

    Suddenly another burnt salvo came flying over to the opposing side, it hit Frank straight in the face!

    “Franks down!” shouted AP, Frank was screaming black globs burning his skin


    Simon angry hurled two salvos back, one hit Alien, she screamed the brown blobs
    Sticking to her clothes, impossible to clean off!

    Popping sounds increased

    Yes the epic Marmite vs. Peanut butter war at the Thargoid bar had escalated savagely by 8.32am

    Many patrons were to be toasty brown bread by the end!

    02. The Art of War -- Gavthomas

    The Mystic Awareness band of pirates, thinly disguised as altruistic liberals, had predicted Cmdr Stryder's final destination and had cut him off in numbers. The band's leader Kray taunted him as they scooped his ejected cargo,

    "Sun Tzu once said that if you know your enemy you should not fear the outcome of a thousand battles." You should change your routes as you are painfully predictable. So long Stryder...

    The brigands turned to leave him alone and without cargo, before 15 simultaneous explosions ripped through space.

    Stryder smiled.

    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

    03. Alpha and Omega -- Darren Grey

    I thought I'd seen it all – cities razed, countries burned, fleets wiped out in year-long battles. I've watched as the light of a thousand lasers turned a planet into dust.

    But when Elia screamed, when I saw the blood, I was no use.

    The doctors came, with their instruments and their fancy words. I stared on, a useless observer.

    Screams, blood, panic, the fear and pain in her eyes. Then at last one voice, alone, a healthy high-pitched cry beside his mother's silent body. My son!

    What use of war? What glory in killing? When life is still a battle.

    04. Plagued By Deadly Civil War -- DaddyHoggy

    Corvel’s comms were jammed with distress calls and battle chatter the moment his squadron of Asps dropped out of Witchspace with the Naval Anaconda they were escorting into disputed Qube space. They approached from the night side of the planet. The glow of city wide fires were unmistakable, even from this distance. In the shadows, their target, an older Coriolis station, was burning brightly in its own venting atmosphere. Hot metal shards of shattered plating spun away from its surface as it rotated like a giant broken Catherine Wheel and dead Vipers tumbled like autumn leaves caught on the wind.

    05. A Clash of Giants -- W4rSkuLL

    He stood calm on the bridge.
    "Keep heading, full forward on all thrusters."
    Frigate Calodius slowly gained speed.
    His adjutant started sweating.
    "What a glorious day to die for the Empire!"
    Sweat dripped down on polished floors.
    "Yes Capt....... Arghhhhhh........."
    The frigate hit the Federation command ship in the middle and it rapidly broke in two. A sudden detonation rattled the huge collision going on, as the two capital ships exploded.

    King Alun laid down his binoculars, he was watching from a safe distance. He proudly shouted "Now, that’s what I call an epic battle."
    "Slave, get me a drink!"

    06. It’s a Trap! -- Steve O B Have


    "So peaceful out here". Far removed from the chaos of what seemed like an age ago.


    A brief moment of nausea and a steady sinking feeling in his stomach reminds that the endless void ahead of him is really just his mind attempting to escape the inevitable.

    Flash… flash, flash, blinky fricking flash

    “Sigh…”, deep breath, tongue the intercom switch.

    “Yes, what is it?”

    Captain?”… Damn memory… nausea, sinking feeling… he was now captain.

    “Sir, it’s time. They’re signalling that they’re ready”

    He turns and chuckles to himself, it’s like one of those old movies… “It’s a trap!”

    07. Urgent Extraction -- insanephoton

    'Mobile Three Four to anyone, requesting urgent extraction'

    Those marines need my help.

    'This is Echo Niner One, to Mobile Three Four, I'm inbound on your position, ETA two minutes'

    'Thanks Echo Niner One, be advised that the LZ is hot'

    The air is thick with weapons fire. It's quite a spectacle, but scary too. I feel somewhat vulnerable. The shield's tell-tale glow shows I'm taking hits.

    She wasn't kidding when she said it was hot. In the distance I see the flashes of orbital strikes hitting enemy positions. The fighting is fierce. Those marines are glad to see me.

    08. My Epic Battle -- Ian Phillips

    "Is a 'Mayday' call ever routine?
    A 'Federation bonded combat assist request' came in.

    We answered.

    Jumping into a 'laser shadow', we saw chaos all around.
    Huge capitol ships blocked the enemy weapons, laser pulses and exploding fighters flashed and died all around, stabbing light into our eyes.

    Madness reigned, no order, no rules. Just shoot, dodge, pray.

    An attack was launched on the enemy flagship, and we escorted the cutters in, keeping tight formation and clearing out the fighters swarming to stop us. Our concentrated fire took out a section of shields....."

    I'm getting dry here, another drink perhaps?

    09. Afterthought -- Variform

    David ducked when most unexpectedly a beam struck his Asp. His instinct kicked in and adrenaline hit his bloodstream as he increased speed, turned and watched his monitors for the enemies' vector.

    He opened a communication channel: 'Whoever you are, you just made the last mistake of your pirate life.'

    There was no response but the beam laser touched his shields again and the game was afoot.

    All the dodging, the cursing, fear and loathing, it was all there. Until finally David scored the final point, a massive shot obliterated the pirate.

    'Did a good job programming Elite.', David thought.

    10. The Empire Strikes Bat -- Frank

    Johnny Ep, the Soladian YottaTennis player was famous for his furious return. The puck could reach speeds that were a sizeable fraction of the speed of light. But the sheer power of his volleys brought a raft of problems.

    He once accidentally destroyed a solar system when his bat slipped out of his hand. The forces involved also played havoc with his bat. The gravostatic cushion matrix would become lumpy, and sometimes the blinking lights on his bat's handle would blink slightly out of sequence.

    People suffering from the same sorts of problems are said to have "Epic bat ills".

    11. The Last Drop -- Musashi

    I activate the holopad and cherish the minute forms of my family one more time. The roar of the plasma cannons is fading. If they have done their work, much of the population of the planet below has been obliterated. This will make our job easier - but still not without danger.

    If I survive this mission, I go home. The Great Expansion can continue without me; I just want to hold my children again.

    A jolt signals the release of the clamps holding my dropship. Sol-3, soon to be bereft of its strange bipedal primary species, grows majestically beneath me.

    12. The Grand Scheme of Things -- Gimi

    Debris floated around him, twisted metal, a few derelict ships and the odd body part in decaying orbits bore witness of the unspeakable.
    This was cold blooded murder.

    They had answered the call, but it was too late. There was nobody left and nothing left to save. The whole research facility was gone.

    His mind wandered, he couldn't help himself. The battle was lost and in the grand scheme of things an insignificant facility was destroyed. But they had what they needed, an excuse.

    This meant full scale war, and the battles to come would take on entirely different proportions.

    13. Shaped Charge -- Darkoba

    Whatever it was, it had turned the lush green planet a sickly yellow. It had devoured the budding colony, no survivors. It grew huge, reaching towards the station.

    Intense, sustained laser fire merely energised it. It absorbed missiles and torpedoes. It could not be allowed to propagate into space.

    My inner conflict settled, I looked longingly at the holo of my family then pressed the button.

    The thousand-megaton explosion's energy was converted to micro-waves, transmitted to the ring of quarantine-satellites.

    Each satellite sent a pulsed cone of energy downwards.

    The planet compressed below its event-horizon. There would be no escape.

    14. Epic Battle: Fireworks -- Bikky

    Crowds were gazing skywards. Flashing lights overhead. On the dark side of the planet, witnesses viewed glints of debris, and of thrusters, in the upper atmosphere.

    The entire planet waited breathless as war raged. A large corporation is trying to take ownership for the rich Duralium deposits. The defenders are a rag tag group of bounty hunters, traders and local’s.

    Children look up in wonder, oo-ing and ahh-ing, at the pretty flashes. All except one. One who had watched daddy fight inbound, land, then take off in defence of this plant.

    ‘Please come home daddy.’ Is whispered with a tear.

    15. Candid Camera -- Scorpio

    The thousand credits he had lost bribing his way round the Federal landing permit ban on developing worlds was well spent. The warriors were an amazing sight in their tall plumes and scarlet cloaks. How the sun had shone on the obsidian spear points and gold!;The entire nation had shown up, and then the drama had begun.
    Commander Morrow switched to the cam view of the ships underbelly; the auto cannons lay smoking and spent, and the ground beneath the undercarriage was a lake of blood. He had the entire battle on camera;it was a true epic.

    16. The Great War -- Luniticisi

    Decades ago, it was foretold, now only seconds before it began...

    The Great War...

    Every single emotion encompassed within a moment.

    Fear and dread, Pride and Honour, this war was inevitable.

    The allied Ships took their stance above the blue planet they held so dear.

    This was the moment they'd been trained for, infant to warrior, warrior to liberator.

    The elders had spoke of ships the size of Moons attacking on this very day.

    Every resource on the planet had been exhausted, sacrifices made, to build this mighty force.

    -*Comms Open*-

    A lone voice spoke

    "They're not coming, are they?"

    17. Last Battle -- Cathy

    Deep inside the Imperial cruiser an assembled crew wait, hushed. The deck is cleared of clutter for the final bout. Harsh spotlights mark the field of combat. Bets are placed, thumb prints wagering huge sums on tablets passed along the ranks.

    He appraises his opponent. She is battle-scarred and fierce; tough to beat. It has been brutal up to now. Many have fallen. They are the last.

    The Quartermaster raises a silk handkerchief. It drops...

    Tick tick tick...

    Cheers erupt as two little clockwork thargoids begin to race the epic length of the admiral's table.

    "Go, thargy, GO!" he shouts.

    18. Tiling Can Kill -- psykokow

    It had been nearly 50 years since such a ruckus had occurred. The bar owner hoped it would be longer until the next time, hell it might take 50 years to fix the damage.
    All the furniture was smashed and the debris filled one half of the bar, with the odd body over and under this debris.
    The two men stood, bloodied and sweat steamed from their muscular chests, they murdered each other with looks and petty judgements.
    ‘You are nothing but a dirty double 4 delayer scumbag’
    ‘Well you’re a total play blocker’
    Bar Dominos was banned shortly after.

    19. The Battle of Corus Minor -- Phoenix_Dfire

    “We’ve lost the Endeavour.” The Lieutenant panicked.

    Colonel McTaggert ignored him as he fired on an eagle fighter, which exploded. Endeavour had taken the last of the Cruiser’s shields. Mac smiled as he spotted exposed pipe work close to the reactor.

    “That Imperial Cruiser is still coming!” The Lieutenant was frantic. “There’s nothing to stop them!”

    Mac turned the Asp and peppered the exposed area with fire from the cannons. He threw the throttle wide open, getting to a safe distance.

    “Yes there is.” He growled. “There’s me!”

    The Cruiser’s reactor blew, taking the rest of the ship with it.

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    Psykokow and Cathy get my vote. Simple and effective,
    both these drabbles avoid epicness cliches which was always the danger area with this theme. Hyperbole is the good sci-fi killer.

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    and instantly we have a 2 voter, damn these rules! so hard to follow! ...

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    I voted early for a change. Voted for the ones that I felt had "something" about them, but it was hard, almost changed my mind a couple of time, but went with first reactions and surprised myself...

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    I always try to vote early. Don't want to be influenced by other votes or the discussions going on in the thread. Have to admit though, this was the hardest one so far.

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    I never read the discussion before voting. I want no chance of being influenced.

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    Personally, I vote for the three Drabbles that I liked best, regardless of how many votes they Have or don't have .. no need to be influenced. Just don't look at the poll results, or read beyond the O.P. before voting if that's the issue

    Solved !!

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    Got one definite, five to choose from for the next two votes. Liked them all.

    Frank - dat woz funny, I liked,

    Vari - I liked that last comment, reeled the imagination in from a space combat to Big D sitting in front of a BBC B

    DaddyHoggy, I'm sorry to say I had to read yours about 8 times. My mind kept wandering to the one before it. That was captivating.

    Can I have 4 votes ?

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    Originally Posted by Bikky View Post (Source)
    Got one definite, five to choose from for the next two votes. Liked them all.

    Frank - dat woz funny, I liked,

    Vari - I liked that last comment, reeled the imagination in from a space combat to Big D sitting in front of a BBC B

    DaddyHoggy, I'm sorry to say I had to read yours about 8 times. My mind kept wandering to the one before it. That was captivating.

    Can I have 4 votes ?
    Well that explains my poor showing, if you're indicative of the voters... Then again, clearly my own fault for failing to write sufficiently captivating story of my own.

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    Originally Posted by DaddyHoggy View Post (Source)
    Well that explains my poor showing, if you're indicative of the voters... Then again, clearly my own fault for failing to write sufficiently captivating story of my own.
    Wasn't that, I'd only got a few words in and was thinking of a silent mother with a new born laying there.

    I did take 5 out then read properly with full concentration.

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    The general quality seems to be improving steadily .
    After choosing all the drabbles I was moved by, I had to start a process of elimination. In one case I had to make a choice based not on the story content / value, but on the actual grammatical structure. Phew!

    A good set of drabbles, folks.

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    Originally Posted by DaddyHoggy View Post (Source)
    Well that explains my poor showing, if you're indicative of the voters... Then again, clearly my own fault for failing to write sufficiently captivating story of my own.
    I thought it was a very evocative piece of writing; it got one of my votes. Loved the image.

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    Originally Posted by Musashi View Post (Source)
    I thought it was a very evocative piece of writing; it got one of my votes. Loved the image.
    Thank-you. That comment alone is worth a bucketful of winning votes.

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    Wow, thanks to all that have voted for my entry this week, It was my favorite that I have written so far and even if I lose out to one of the better Drabbles these early votes are fantastic thank you.

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    Over the half-way mark now, and Luniticisi has a fairly comfortable lead - but several others, led by Darren Grey, are hot on his heels. It could all change - and if you haven't yet voted, you can make the difference!

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