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  • 01 Never wait to the last drop! -- The Lone Gunman

    3 13.64%
  • 02 Poetic Justice -- Darkoba

    1 4.55%
  • 03 Lucky break -- insanephoton

    3 13.64%
  • 04 The Good King -- psykokow

    2 9.09%
  • 05 A tear of love -- W4rSkuLL

    1 4.55%
  • 06 A final skim -- DaddyHoggy

    3 13.64%
  • 07 One Push -- Darren Grey

    1 4.55%
  • 08 Essential Supplies -- Bikky

    1 4.55%
  • 09 Sentinel9 -- Riedquat

    2 9.09%
  • 10 Tinderbox -- Frank

    5 22.73%
  • 11 Lonelyness -- Ian Phillips

    2 9.09%
  • 12 Lost, Forever -- Variform

    1 4.55%
  • 13 Ulterior Motive -- Gimi

    4 18.18%
  • 14 First Flight -- Luniticisi

    9 40.91%
  • 15 The Big Hungry Giant -- Cathy

    11 50.00%
  • 16 Ghost Ship -- Gibbonici

    9 40.91%
  • 17 So close -- Scorpio

    2 9.09%
  • 18 Showboating. -- Phoenix_Dfire

    1 4.55%
  • 19 Hunger Game -- Musashi

    4 18.18%
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Thread: Drabble Contest Poll: Out of Fuel

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    Drabble Contest Poll: Out of Fuel

    That's the Poll up now. Have fun voting. Remember you get up to three votes and contestants shouldn't vote for themselves.

    With 19 Drabbles to vote for I'm sure you're going to use up your full 3-vote quota.


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    For your reading pleasure

    01 Never wait to the last drop! -- The Lone Gunman

    “Can you make it Joe?” her yellow indicator light had been on for an hour

    “Yes am sure Amy, look nearly there!”

    “Joe my yellow indicator light, its, its flashing, am stopping!”

    “Damn! I will go on” he grunted “back to pick you up”

    Suddenly Joes yellow indicator began to flash “Nooooo!”
    Joe was just ten meters away from their stationary craft

    He stretched out desperately

    It might as well been a million miles as he began to drift away from it

    He let go of the fuel can from the emergency Buoy “so sorry Amy” he cried in anguish.

    02 Poetic Justice -- Darkoba

    "Computer: Analyse jump-cloud. Enter parameters into the Hyper-drive controls."

    The pirate in the battle-scarred but deadly Fer-de-Lance was determined the treasure laden Cobra wouldn't escape.

    "Analysis complete; parameters loaded."

    "Activate hyper-drive."

    They jumped.

    They emerged into interstellar space - The Cobra pilot, Mary-Sue, had forced a mis-jump.

    Alarmed, the pirate scanned and found the Cobra, a mere twenty-thousand kilometers away. He throttled up and gave chase.

    The Cobra had carried extra fuel and jumped again. The pirate repeated his previous instructions.

    "Analysis complete; parameters loaded."

    "Activate hyper-drive."

    "Fuel level inconsistent with hyper-drive activation."

    The pirate stared despairingly at the dissipating cloud.

    03 Lucky break -- insanephoton

    'Incoming missile, impact thirty seconds' .

    I throttle up to full power, hoping to buy a few extra seconds.

    The missile closes relentlessly.

    I hit the ECM.

    It's still coming.

    I launch a decoy. No luck, it's still following me.

    I throttle back, change heading then back to full power.

    The missile sails past and takes a wide arc to get back on my tail.

    I have a slight chance

    A dozen times I evade it like a bullfighter with a bull. We engage in a dance of death

    Finally it's engine fails, it's out of fuel.

    I am alive.

    04 The Good King -- psykokow

    The lights flickering dimmed slightly, it wouldn't be long till they flickered off for good.
    He sat still hypnotised by the dancing flames, staring through them deep into some distant memory.

    His age was beginning to show and his body needed a serious overhaul. Creaks from bones almost echoing in the silence over the soft crackle of burning.

    The lights dimmed again, it was time to act, time to get more fuel.. at this time of year it would be cold and crisp outside so he put his spacesuit on and headed out.

    Commander Wenceslas needed to collect fuel quickly.

    05 A tear of love -- W4rSkuLL

    The sunlight warms her face again, shadow falls.

    She gasps for air, breathing is getting harder.

    A tear run down Caryns cheek. Light shines on the picture of her family.
    It fades out again. She reach for them.

    Her escape pod is critically damaged,
    and tumbles through space. A trail of fuel follows its tumbling drift.

    "They really got us this time", she could see the crippled Anaconda faiding in and out of her view. Spewing out cargo pods. A pirates Cobra were scooping up the precious goldore.

    "Goodbye, loved ones."

    A last breath, and her tomb is made.


    06 A final skim -- DaddyHoggy

    It wasn’t a noise that woke me but a lack of it. Unstrapping myself from my bunk, I scrabbled around in the dark, eventually locating a torch. Progress to the bridge was slow, each bulkhead door, forced open manually.

    I entered the bridge. There was noise again. Bad noise. Noise which had me longing for the silence. It would seem the engineer had been right, we had a fuel leak and we couldn’t scoop replacement gas fast enough.


    The atmosphere of the sun tugging us ever downwards.

    I headed for an escape pod, suspecting I would never make it.

    07 One Push -- Darren Grey

    All I need… is one push.

    My jet-fuel’s all gone, but if I can return to the ship I’m okay. It seems so close, yet floating here I know it is so very far away.

    I position my air cylinder. One blast could give the momentum I need. I just have to aim right.

    Psssssht goes the air, and I move. Slowly, slowly, the ship grows in my vision. It’s looming closer now. So close I can almost reach out and touch.

    But no, no, I miscalculated. It floats past, an arm length away, and I disappear into the night.

    08 Essential Supplies -- Bikky

    ‘This is Jaqueline Earthwhile reporting from Lave station, watching a vessel edging towards the station at a mere three meters a second, the Anaconda class vessel glides in on vapour. They’ve vented vent some atmosphere through the directional thrusters, to match rotation of the station, It’ll be close.’

    All eyes aboard the station were watching monitors, and the slow progress.

    ‘People have started to man the entrance and throw out grappling hooks to manually pull and rotate the stricken vessel. After several tense hours the craft was finally docked. Celebrations on the delivery of Leestian Brandy are abound this evening’

    09 Sentinel9 -- Riedquat

    The sound of breaking glass rang out and a sudden hush descended on the bar.

    A grey haired man wearing a flight suit barked at the man next to him, “what do you know about a fuel crisis!”, he spat.

    The dark glasses covering his eyes glinted as they caught the light momentarily, then he drunkenly ambled to the center of the crowded room.

    “I was on the Sentinel9…we scooped fuel for three days straight to save our souls”.

    The old captain lifted off his glasses to reveal two horribly burnt eye sockets, as gasps were heard around the room.

    10 Tinderbox -- Frank

    "Free your slaves now or prepare to be boarded!"

    The end of Captain Stubb's cigar lifted as he smiled. The Slave Liberation Front had such pathetic warships. Why should he give up his slaves? The money he saves on a crew pays for his cigars. And they do everything for him, from preparing his ship for battle to refilling his cigarette lighter.

    He leaned forward making his face loom on the vidscreen. "You meddling do-gooders! I'm gonna sell you as pleasure slaves to old hags."

    He leaned back and frowned as he tried to light his cigar, again and again.

    11 Lonelyness -- Ian Phillips

    In the darkness of space, far from any sun a lonely behemoth shuddered into life. Suddenly flames blew from two nostrils blasting light into a void so vast the behemoth was beneath any form of notice. The third nostril stayed cold and dark. On that side a ragged hole marred the otherwise smooth skin, jagged metal, curled and mis-formed, framing it.

    Flames pushed, powerful but out of balance. Uneven thrust was applied for a pre-set length of time, then, out of fuel, shut down.

    Pushed off course by the uneven deceleration, the generation ship travelled onwards, alone in eternal darkness.

    12 Lost, Forever -- Variform

    There was a large virtual circle around his ship. Virtual, but nothing was more real to Danny than its representation projected from the holo-emitters.

    Its circumference was the maximum distance he could reach with one more jump. And every second the circle shrank.

    He imagined the line creeping closer, could feel it limiting his chances for an escape. He was being chased, the rogue exceeding his Delta-V marginally and his fuel reserve was dwindling.

    The rogue came closer, the circle became smaller. With every second his escape jump would bring him out of range of civilization, to be lost forever.

    13 Ulterior Motive -- Gimi

    They had enjoyed the truly magnificent view of the Tianve Pulsar. She had invited him on a once in a lifetime experience, fully aware that this was something he would never be able to afford by himself, something he just couldn't say no to.

    He was watching the spinning pulsar disappearing behind them when he heard the sound of the engines dwindle away.

    He moved towards the cockpit to find out what was going on.

    “Out of fuel” she said with a mischievous smile, “I've called for help but it'll be a while, so we might as well get comfortable”.

    14 First Flight -- Luniticisi

    Their last hope on a maiden voyage... A crazy stunt.

    Commander James, known for his leap without looking approach, had performed a fantastic set of calculations and ship positioning before running out of fuel, and now it was down to inertia.

    The trajectory was perfect, any pilot could see that.

    The plan, thought Commander James, was flawless... skim the star for fuel and get out of there before the ship burnt up in the atmosphere.

    "Your plan is sound Commander, but I would like to raise one issue"

    "Speak freely Sub-Commander"

    "You do know this ship doesn't have fuel scoops?"

    15 The Big Hungry Giant -- Cathy

    "You said you would show us a giant, miss. I don't hear any fee fie fo fums yet."

    Clarice smiled at the little lad. "Tom, do I teach folk tales or science?"

    "Science, miss."

    "Then wait."

    So the children waited, some more patiently than others, on the quiet observation deck. Slowly the rotating station's blueish ambient light shifted to violet, then deep pink, finally angry, scorching red. A vast and surging ball appeared, almost too close for comfort - boiling seas, eating its planets.

    "Ooh." The children gasped.

    "Yes children. When a sun runs out of fuel it gets very mad."

    16 Ghost Ship -- Gibbonici

    She drifted through the dark on a curving trajectory that would take her to the distant star and her eventual annihilation. Her fuel long gone, she'd been helpless for decades.

    Deep inside her mostly dead control core she remembered better times, when she protected her crew from the hostile oblivion of space and carried them from world to world within her warm belly.

    They were gone now, merely desiccated matter that floated inside her like dust in the shape of men.

    Her distress signal pulsed, sounding like an electromagnetic sigh on the solar wind, and she tried again to forget.

    17 So close -- Scorpio

    Commander Todd left his sorry Asp burning on the parched ground three days ago. He was glad he had bought the Lucozade multipack at the creditwise store on Ensoreus. Those cherry flavored carbohydrates had carried him 100 kilometers across Quator's great north polar desert. ' 100 down and only 200 to go to the shores of the freshwater sea ,' the inner voice sighed. Todd lay down under that torturous sun, took the last bottle in his pack, and drank.The bottle was smaller than the ones that preceded it, and had a single word written on it.The word was Cyanide.

    18 Showboating. -- Phoenix_Dfire

    Looking out of the view port, Davie Thornton, admired his handy-work. The wreckage of three Imperial Eagle fighters floated as he pulled a victory roll in his sidewinder. He loved the coloured trail his engines left. He saw the three pilots making offensive gestures at him from their escape pods. The admiral had sent eagle fighters after him after discovering him in bed with his bored and desperate wife. He smirked to himself. But then his ship coughed and the constant engine noise died abruptly.

    “The coloured trails from my engines.” He realised. “I’ve got a Fuel Leak.”

    “Oh Fandabbiedozey!”

    19 Hunger Game -- Musashi

    I stumble through the back streets of the Coriolis's south-face city. The snake writhes inside me, gnawing at my belly until the pain blurs my vision. Some wag nicknamed the drug 'Rocket Fuel' because with a good hit, you feel like you can reach orbit. Trouble is, you crash just as hard. And it runs out fast.

    I grip the laspistol, but my hand is shaking so much I'll need to get close to my quarry. I hope his credit-stick has enough on it. Please.

    I swear I’ll give it up after this. But right now, the snake needs feeding.


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    Thank you for hosting, Frank

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    Aw, Shucks! It's nice to be appreciated <beam>

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    Frank, please don't whilst wearing the sparkly jacket. The reflections get everywhere!

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    This is difficult!

    With a great deal of effort and heart searching, I've got a SHORT list of 8 entries

    The good side to it is that I have to read those entries again :smilie:

    I might end up having to toss a coin or roll a die - which would be unfair to some authors. Why are you all so damn good?!?!

    Well, with gritted (or is it 'grot'?) teeth, I closed my eyes, stuck a pin in my short list - which I should not have had in my lap! - and let fate, the Cosmos and a few drops of blood from my leg make the choices. This was a case for having more than three votes. Good luck everybody.

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    Some really good ones

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    Good efforts once again.. Good luck everyone.

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    I really struggled to choose this time. More than ever before. All getting so good dammit.

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    Yeah, wow, what a great batch. Can you imagine if we were still doing 1 vote each?! Would be a nightmare.

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    Banging the Drum for More Voters

    This is a tense part of the contest. The Queen of the Drabbles is having her crown threatened by a young pretender. Only you lurkers out there can decide how this is going to end.

    Get voting!

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    Looks like Cathy wins again - and with that Red Giant story tying in with loss of fuel, deservedly so. Congrats, Cathy.

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    Bah.... what does we Huf ta do to win wan of deez?
    Its noat ma spelin or anyfink

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    Oh and Well Done Cathy.... Awesome Drabble as usual....

    Love them

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    Yeah, that's a good win by Cathy. Very inventive use of the prompt.

    I'm pleased with how mine went even if it did get pipped on the final furlong. Next time, next time

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