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Thread: Newsletter #56

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    Newsletter #56

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    yay finaly a newsletter but we want new ships!!!

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    When are they fixing the servers

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    Wow... yet another newsletter with no news in it.

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    Wasn't expecting one this week - thx

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    Some/any communication of the transaction issues would be a better policy.

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    Bit disappointed by the news letter. Fan fiction and FD fiction. The competition looks broken judging by the number of bugs still around. Some chap woke up with 5 Billion credits. Let's see if we get some fixes today.

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    I would have thought that after looking back at past development the next newsletter at the start of the new year would give some outlook at the things to come.

    And with things to come I don't mean new ships, but expansions to core gameplay mechanics.

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    The thing that irks me is how little they seem to understand the mood in the trenches... When I saw this newsletter sitting in my inbox I got excited... New year / new start / new news! Then I opened it...
    I get its the holidays, but just don't make a newsletter if the only alternative is one without any news in it! Don't mean to moan, but cmon Mr. B ... You guys want a AAA game, then let's start having some AAA PR to get the juices flowing!

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    Underwhelmed really, how about some game development news ?

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    Sorry, Very useless Newsletter. No Updates, No Fixes, No New Stuff, No Future DEV News.. If i want to Watch a Video i go to Youtube and Search myself. A NEWSletter is for News

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    I applaude FD for actually doing the newsletters every week, but in still the kind who prefer few but rich newsletters.
    The last few ones have been a waste of binary.

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    Newsletter without news indeed, very disappointing. But, ah well, maybe next week.

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    Yes nice newsletter, but where is the news for upcoming features

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