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Thread: A list of Beta Let's Plays; Streamers; and other in-game footage

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    A list of Beta Let's Plays; Streamers; and other in-game footage

    A host of streams, youtube channels and such sparking in to life for the Alpha?! Here's the likely list:

    MOD NOTE: For those who will be using TwitchTV, be sure to input the game as "Elite: Dangerous" (without the quotes) under the currently/now playing field. That way, we can see it show up here:

    Live Stream for your bookmarking pleasure:

    Kerrash @ Twitch <-- streaming since 12th December 2013 (uk-based).

    Sharpshifter @ Twitch <-- streaming since 12th December 2013

    Zalamander @ Twitch

    Nattehond @Twitch

    Zenoa @Twitch

    A wild psykokow appears @ twitch

    Burning a hole in your fuzz Darkman on twitch

    Exploding his trousers since 2014 CaptGrumpyPants @ Twitch

    Slamdunk Splunkjamma @ twitch

    I say, wot, ole chap it's the Nazarene on twitch

    BoldRover @ Twitch (premium beta)

    Remklep @ Twitch


    Kroy Mortlach @ YouTube

    Commandr Sam @ YouTube

    Jack Booted Thug

    JazHaz is Oolite @ YouTube

    OneViGOR will be doing let's plays @ YouTube

    JohnStabler @YouTube

    zenoah @YouTube

    CMdrBond @ YouTube Playlist

    Riandor @ YouTube Channel

    mark_t50 @ Youtube Playlist

    Marc Paris @ Youtube Channel

    Valkyrie @ Youtube channel

    Dr Wookie @ YouTube Channel

    Darkman @ YouTube

    Zieman @ YouTube Channel

    CaptGrumpyPants @ YouTube Channel

    Splunkjamma @ YouTube

    Cmdr Sp33dy @ YouTube

    deusx_ophc @ YouTube

    Zeewolf @ YouTube

    The indomitable Lave Radio


    Watch again - Stream Libraries

    Kerrash - Elite Dangerous Alpha Playthroughs (and more)

    If you will be streaming, recording, let us know where, twitchtv, youtube, vimeo or others


    Useful list of screen recorder software and associated paraphernalia:

    Originally Posted by Twix166 View Post (Source)
    There's lots of talk about FRAPS but has anybody tried PlayClaw?
    Originally Posted by AndyB(EDB50) View Post (Source)
    camstudio is one example i found with a quick google search, open source and free to use
    Originally Posted by jvj1961 View Post (Source)
    Originally Posted by Cosmos View Post (Source)
    Haven't you guys ever used MSI Afterburner
    Originally Posted by Kerrash View Post (Source)

    Rough guide to those interested in the first steps of making game-play videos:

    First you need to make sure you have a decent computer. By decent I mean, lots of RAM, SolidStateDrive or a fast HDD, a meaty GFX card capable of running at least 1980*1080 at >25fps min. Decent broadband also helps useful in this up-to-the minute HD age. A good CPU (something around 2 or 3 years which was "good" back then) will always help. We don't yet know the min specs for E: D but it is a constant that screencapture carries an overhead so you need a bit of headroom.

    If you want to capture your voiceover you'll need a microphone. if you want to capture more than one person speaking you'll need a voice comms server (not skype - mumble, ts3, vent etc).


    everyone has their preferences, trial and error will find the one you like. Camtasia, FRAPs, CamStudio, there are lots to try. Some will cost you, some are free. Paying is not necessarily better, but again, it's down to preference.


    you will want to have the means for editing your software. Long flashy intros are not necessary (imho) but editing out the phone ringing, dog barking, kids shouting in the background... are. Also, unless you are naturally gifted speaker, it might be nice to record your footage first, then edit out the dross, and add your narration on top.

    You don't want to use windows movie maker for this. Really. Just don't try. You will waste a lot of time. That said, I don't advocate using professional tools either. Perhaps something like "lite" versions of the pro-tools. Again this comes down to preference. Some people like Sony, Adobe, and there are free ones such as virtual dub and others.


    Always try to upload in the best resolution you can possibly manage. People don't like watching crap quality (even if that's all their crummy ISP broadband will allow).

    when you're done with a masterpeice, think on where to launch it. Youtube isn't the ONLY player in town. You have Vimeo too and again, there are likely others that people will recommend.

    Listening to feedback:

    You will (and should solicit) feedback. It's the only way you'll get better. That said, you can ignore the statistical outliers. Look for the constructive comments and feedback and ignore the trolls. Also watch lots of other peoples' videos and see what you like. As always, exposure to this kind of thing will go a long way to helping your own creativity.

    Above all- have fun. There are people who make a living out of this sort of thing. I don't know if that's anyone's aspirations here, but it is a good way to keep yourself and others motivated to play in a game.

    Streaming - well that's a different kettle of fish entirely and due to my sucky broadband something I don't have a lot of experience with. At least, I know people who stream via and they seem to enjoy themselves. So a good place to start would be there.

    Originally Posted by Void Sun View Post (Source)
    MSI afterburner capture works great for me and is one of the only tools I have found that will capture Crossfire artefacts as most seem to disable Crossfire when recording starts.

    However MSI Afterburner creates those damn huge hulking .AVI files 2.5GB for 5 minutes of footage at 1080p.

    Being a bit tight I decided to see what can be done for free. I have VirtualDub which does basic editing etc. and coupled with the following guide now use this to rescale trim and convert my videos in one process.

    VirtualDub save direct to mp4 -Fraps to YouTube - with external encoders

    Using this I record at 85% quality in MSI Afterburner then I can crop and trim the video, downscale by 2:1 and convert to MP4 (2.5GB to 80MB) in one fairly simple process.


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    I intend to post on the Youtube on the bingobrewster channel. Will also post piccys on these forums where appropriate.

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    I hope this will get really hot topic this week

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    I'm in beta so I'll bookmark this thread for future reference as I plan to make some vids. Good stuff Kroy :smilie:

    Maybe the mods will sticky it?

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    A mod should make this sticky, please.

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    Excellent! Good to see this post not only back, but widely available to everyone. Everyone feast your eyes, and click subscribe! I will be eagerly awaiting content from each of these sources. Livestreams might be an issue, as I'll probably be playing while they're live

    Still, archiving's an option.

    See you guys in alpha, and even if I don't you can see me!

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    Thread stickied.

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    Great! Two for the price of one. Maximum coverage - Let's hope these youtubers and streamers will get more people involved in E: D (no pressure guys 'n' gals).

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    Just to clarify, Lave Radio will be doing gameplay videos on the official LaveRadio YouTube channel. It may not just be myself, I believe Allen mentioned Mac tutorials on the podcast.

    If I record some footage which has comedic value then I'll probably post it on my GingerMonkey YouTube channel.

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    Thanks T.J., you are truly the best! And that's not because you yield BANHAMMER

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    Great stuff John - I've updated the OP. If your personal stuff gathers momentum I'll add a link to that also!

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    I'll probably be making some signature banners or wallpapers depending on what is available in the alpha. Not going to bother with any vids as that's being covered.

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    Originally Posted by Kroy View Post (Source)
    Great stuff John - I've updated the OP. If your personal stuff gathers momentum I'll add a link to that also!
    Are you only listing selected channels/streams?

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    Originally Posted by Bingo Brewster View Post (Source)
    Are you only listing selected channels/streams?
    Yes, those that are definite in intent!

    If I record some footage which has comedic value then I'll probably post it on my GingerMonkey YouTube channel.
    Sounded most speculative!

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    How does Shadowplay work, because I think it was included with my graphics card software.

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