View Poll Results: Pick Three (3) of your Favorite Drabbles that don't put you to sleep!

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  • 01 - Frank - Meta Girl of my Dreams

    7 63.64%
  • 02 - rootsrat - Siriusly?

    0 0%
  • 03 - Ian Philips - The End

    2 18.18%
  • 04 - insanephoton - Pilot Fatigue

    3 27.27%
  • 05 - Galactic Midden - The morning after...

    2 18.18%
  • 06 - Splendour - Seven Dwarf Stars

    5 45.45%
  • 07 - Erik Marcaigh - Time Out

    3 27.27%
  • 08 - Goose4291 - Tiredness can kill

    1 9.09%
  • 09 - psykokow - Fortified

    2 18.18%
  • 10 - MrMogadon - The Weird Dreams of Frank the Undead

    5 45.45%
  • 11 - azdour - One journey too far

    3 27.27%
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Thread: Drabble Contest: Sleepy

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    Drabble Contest: Sleepy

    The holidays really knocked everyone out, and as of last week at this time, we only had 5 entries, so we held the contest open for one more week to give people more of a go at the topic. So once our entrants roused from their slumber, they got to writing, and we've got a fine batch to read from this weekend!

    So pick the best three (3) drabbles that don't put you to sleep and hit that submit button!

    Voting will end Sunday evening 10pm GMT, so don't hit that snooze button! The winner(s) of this week's Drabble Contest get to choose next week's topic.

    Audio Version

    __________________________________________________ ________
    01 - Frank - Meta Girl of my Dreams

    ...nothing can go wrong."...

    I saw a gorgeous girl admiring my ship. She smiled, "Does this customised spaceship of yours have a psycho-interface? I always fancied having a go on one."

    I connected her to the co-pilot's chair before sharing the dream-like state with her. Feeling part of the Cobra was as familiar to me as slipping on a glove, but I could sense the concerns of my co-pilot "Were those your memories? Did you calibrate the interface for two inputs?"

    "Relax", I thought to her, "This is a bulletproof technology. Nothing can go wrong."

    ...I saw a gorgeous girl...

    __________________________________________________ ________
    02 - rootsrat - Siriusly?

    Sirius B. was old and sleepy. He ate too much for supper and his only desire now was to rest forever. Something disturbing started happening deep within his bowels however. A few atomic nuclei lost their way and collided with each other. This has caused a nuclear reaction – something that Sirius B. didn’t experience for eons. He managed to raise one of his cosmic eyebrows and turned into a supernova.

    Sirius A., his younger brother, sighed: “I knew he’d fart himself to death sooner or later”. Father Universe rolled his eyes and returned to its affairs as if nothing happened.

    __________________________________________________ ________
    03 - Ian Philips - The End

    It's cold and I'm feeling sleepy.

    At first the cold makes you shiver, an automatic response by your body to generate heat. Wait long enough and even that response stops, then you know you are in real trouble. But the problem is, by that time you just don't care any more.

    I'm sitting in my pilots seat, staring at the heat gauge as it slowly descends.
    The stars are pretty, outside the frozen canopy. The tumbling ship lets me see most of them.

    A shot up wreck surrounds me, the sum total of my life's endeavors.

    I mustn't fall asleep.

    __________________________________________________ ________
    04 - insanephoton - Pilot Fatigue

    Alarms are blaring and there's the awful sound of metal scraping on metal. My heart races as I try to grasp what happened. Last thing I remember I was lining upwith the entrance.

    Where am I?

    Back wall of the station. Okay and my ship? No damage and I still have docking permission for pad 4. Let's get landed.

    I must have dropped off during docking. I was lucky, it could have been much worse.

    I was already feeling sleepy when I decided to take 'just one more trade run'. Big mistake. Now I really should get some sleep.

    __________________________________________________ ________
    05 - Galactic Midden - The morning after...

    Sleepy woke, his head bumping the controls caused the main drill to kick loudly into action. “Ouch, my head… shut that off!” rumbled Grumpy.

    “Achoo! Where’s the painkillers?” sniffled Sneezy.

    “I think you’ll need to look in Dopey’s private collection” replied Doc peering through bloodshot eyes, “I can’t see straight enough to reach the medical bay”.

    The mining crew of “The Heigh-Ho” had once again partied hard to celebrate Empire day. The drinking games had of course been Happy’s idea and soon they’d all know if Bashful regretted freely giving her affections as she stirred half-naked, arms wrapped around Dopey.

    __________________________________________________ ________
    06 - Splendour - Seven Dwarf Stars

    Ice laced the glass of the cockpit as the ship settled down to sleep. Outside an icefield glowed a ruddy red, the sole light output of the nearby dwarf star. Seven of the small stars in a row, none of them scoopable. That salvaged nav data had turned out to be a real poisoned apple.

    Liz White powered down the last of the non vital systems, leaving only a small trickle to the distress beacon and the ancient stardreamer system. "Thank Terra grandpa didn't have this ripped out decades ago. Here goes nothing."

    She lay back as her eyelids drooped.

    __________________________________________________ ________
    07 - Erik Marcaigh - Time Out

    The Orca settled onto it's landing pad on Lave's surface. The small spaceport just off the islands had been picked out by the couple and Kalran let them know he'd be moving on to a bigger spaceport on the surface.

    "Cheers then, mate," said Seamus who handed out three glasses of Janx.

    They drank it down and Rose caught Kalran as he began to slump. She took him to his cabin and put him in bed.

    "We've got 24 hours before he comes to. Grab the weapons and lock down the ship. I'll pay the dockmaster and meet you outside."

    __________________________________________________ ________
    08 - Goose4291 - Tiredness can kill

    The yellow Hauler "Peckham's Mogul" decelerated out of super-cruise, a few kilometres outside Lave station.
    Onboard, Glen rubbed his eyes as he nosed the Mogul slowly towards the letterbox, exhausted from running the Lave to Achenar trade route for the past nine hours ceaselessly without a break.
    As he entered the letterbox he smiled tiredly to himself, only two more runs and his dreams of Cobra ownership would be achieved.
    The buffeting of a laser blast from the station snapped him from his reverie. In his tiredness induced stupor, he’d forgotten to request docking clearance.
    The bulkheads began to fracture.

    __________________________________________________ ________
    09 - psykokow - Fortified

    The two figures eyed each other cautiously, their breath peppering the air with steam trails. The holding cell offered little in the ways of comfort.
    ‘Ow long did the Imps give ya?’
    ’10 years slavery, for theft’
    ‘Geez, what did you take?’
    ‘My supervisors wife.. he was not happy, You?’
    ’15 years slavery for delivering 15 tonnes of Lavian Brandy for Senator Wagar’s Emporer day Celebration party’
    ‘Wow that’s harsh. So it’s illegal in Prism then?’
    ‘No not at all, just when customs opened my hold door they caught me urinating in the canisters’
    ’15 years!!! For a sly pee?’

    __________________________________________________ ________
    10 - MrMogadon - The Weird Dreams of Frank the Undead

    Frank, weary after a day of doing whatever he does, settled into his nest behind the bar. Quaffing his usual nightcap, he failed to register an additional frisson which momentarily intrigued his taste bud.

    The addition: a modified baculovirus. State of the art. Deadly.

    However, a diet consisting largely of poteen-strength Janxx, had rendered his digestive tract so inhospitable that the poison was rendered harmless, to Frank at least, by his broiling digestive broth.

    Frank awoke confused; in front of an open incinerator? Drowsy memories of him coughing; a startled yelp; bacon???

    “Helluva dream” he thought, heading bar-wards for breakfast.

    __________________________________________________ ________
    11 - azdour - One journey too far

    The overworked hauler pilot tried to keep awake. The stims no longer worked, but he had to quickly pay off his remaining gambling debt.

    The hauler was a battered wreck. Too many interdictions and no time for repairs.

    He was oblivious to the fact that soon death would pay him a visit.

    Fail to repay the debt, they would kill him.

    Make a mistake in landing, the station would kill him.

    But his death was closer than he realised.

    His trusty ship was his coffin.

    The ship exited the station, the battered hull groaned.

    The crack expelling the air grew.

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    Stop witing such a good stories! I'm having hard time voting because of this!

    Well played, all, well played indeed.

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    "No!" scowled Grumpy, "I didn't say Snow White was stupid!"

    Giving two weeks to write the Drabbles has helped get the contestants time to put in some good stories. I'll be hosting next week. Do you think it would be a good idea to put in the same sort of conditional: roll over to the next week if there aren't a sufficient number of Drabbles?

    It was a good topic for after Hogmanay. I noticed a lot of people writing that their characters were feeling sleepy.

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    A 6 story minimum or rollover seems a reasonable rule to me

    This fortnight's stories were again a tough choice, with several drabbles that had to fight it out for my last vote

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    Originally Posted by Splendour View Post (Source)
    A 6 story minimum or rollover seems a reasonable rule to me

    This fortnight's stories were again a tough choice, with several drabbles that had to fight it out for my last vote
    Gets my vote, 6 stories seems like a decent minimum level.

    Another evening of pondering beckons.

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    I have to wonder what the poll would have looked like with only 5 stories. It seemed the thing to do last week as many people were vacationing and/or just plain worn out.

    I think if we starting doing this religiously, it would shoot the Drabble thread in the foot. We just need to get more Drabblers in. We could all PM the "old" Drabblers and see if they're interested in coming back, or even why they left to begin with. I know when I got busy at work, I couldn't even take the time to think up a story because I kept thinking about that project I should be working on so I could finish it, so I could get to the next one, and so on. Vicious cycle, work is!

    Speaking of work, I'll be getting much busier rather quickly and it'll last til the end of April. Galactic Midden, MrMogadon, and our others who religiously follow the thread, will you be able to help Frank with co-hosting as well? It's not hard. I keep a Notepad file on my desktop and every day, I update it with new drabble story info. Then on Thursday mid-day, I use the rest of the file for the polling question, answers, and thread post. It's then easy to just copy & paste the whole thing in a matter of minutes. (Even though it still takes time to set up everything in Notepad to begin with.)

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    updated Poll post with the video and audio links

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    I got to 12:39 and could see....


    @17:10, I reached into the seat pocket in front of me and pulled out the air sickness bag.

    LOL, I'm really enjoying watching this on YouTube. Thank you for doing it, 'Kow!

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    Excellent video performance. I laughed at Kow's sly smile as he pressed the "fart" button.

    I'm not too bothered about not making a difference to the game. I've spent some time freeing slaves. Some people say buying slave to free them doesn't do any good as the slave traders are making money to continue their business. My answer is that at least the NPCs I rescued are now free.

    Thanks for the votes so far by the way. It's nice to see that I'm involved in both leading Drabbles as either actor or writer.

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    I was able to finish watching the video today.

    Thank you, MrMogadon! I don't know how many actually realize that my drabbles are all strung together into a story. Looks like 'Kow didn't realize it! But that's okay. It's been a bit of an extra challenge to get the story to flow with the random themes that are tossed out each week. I can't tell you how long I waited to finally win and get to pick "Fish" as a theme (or hope someone else picked it) so Kalran could buy his Orca!

    And rootsrat, I really wanted to vote for yours this week... but you lost the coin toss. I was finally down to 4 and couldn't single out the last one. Fate, man! Fate!

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    I Done My Bit.. Have You?

    Here we are on the last day of voting and we are in the same position as we were before where more people entered the contest than voted. Voting is open to everyone. The stories are short so they don't take long to read. Please vote.

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    Well there's 300,000+ players out there. We just need a handful to join the drabble brigade. Come on in and play people!!

    I nearly forgot to vote!! oops. Just finished watching the video (loved it ) and realised I hadn't seen the voting thread yet - I must've missed the link to it that Erik posted when other posts came in after it.

    I'll do what I can to help keep it running. I have an irregular work pattern which keeps me out and about quite a lot, including weekends but Thursdays tend to be my day off most often so I might find I could give hosting a go when Frank needs a break and Erik's got his head in the books.

    Right! Back to the voting, I'll scroll back up right away and cast my three votes.

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    Roughly 4 hours left before the voting ceases and the new victor wears our newly crafted toilet paper crown upon his head.

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    Not long to go and I'm starting to get worried. This toilet paper crown, it is fresh toilet paper that it's made from?.. only I've been caught out with that in the past. You can newly craft things from used materials.

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    Just over an hour to go and we still have more drabbles than voters. Frank still has the lead but a couple of voters could potentially make it a tie or even a three way tie. As for the 6 drabbles or rollover that seems a fair idea. I can remember when we had to have two polls to fit all the drabbles in.

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