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Thread: New Version of Cmdr's Log Available!

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    New Version of Cmdr's Log Available!

    Very first thing I want to make clear...

    What Cmdr's Log is not:
    • It is not online, nor will it ever be.
    • It is not crowd-sourced, nor will it ever be.
    • All the above is intentional.

    If you are looking for a crowd-sourced trading tool, you can stop reading now because this isn't for you.
    It will never grab data automatically from other sources. This is a manual entry log. If you want automatic, this is also not for you.

    My belief is that the crowd-sourced tools violate the true spirit of the game. You are not supposed to know commodity prices of systems you haven't visited. If this were the case it would have easily been built into the game in the first place.

    That out of the way...

    What Cmdr's Log is:
    • A handy replacement for what you would normally do with a pen and paper.
    • It does not track or calculate distances between systems.
    • You log only the data you care about. If you want to keep track of all commodities at a station, great. If you are rushed for time, and only want to log metals, that fine too!
    • Naturally it makes things alittle easier than pen and paper. It will do all the searching for you and finding decent trade destinations.
    • A notes field that basically IS pen and paper, you can type in whatever you want and it will be saved as data for that station.
    • Dynamic user defined data fields for stations.
    • A journal system to log your adventures across the galaxy.
    • PC only, sorry. I know Alt-Tabbing out of Elite can be super annoying; use Data Entry mode to help with this.

    Download Link v2.1d, 64-bit
    Download Link v2.1d, 32-bit (use 64-bit unless you know you need 32 bit)

    Changes / Bug Fixes
    • Added Checkbox type to custom fields
    • Put the No CSV files error dialog on top of other windows.
    • Made commodities at stations with the "None" status not count towards the age column on the stations list.

    Previous Version 2.1c
    Changes / Bug Fixes
    • Improvements to OCR importing stability
    • Import window is now modeless and saves its position
    • Added the Top button the Import window
    • Added auto-close option when the import is successful
    • Import TODO list added; tells you what went wrong and how to fix it

    There was a commodity rename in the default file.
    Land Enrich Sys -> Land Enrichment Systems

    Previous Version 2.1b
    Changes / Bug Fixes
    More crash safety checking for for importing. This one fixes bogus prices showing up in the CSV files. You'll get a warning on the exact commodity and station that the price is broken for, and it will set it to 0.

    Previous Versions...

    Previous Version 2.1a...
    Changes / Bug Fixes
    Importing has been beefed up a bit. It is more likely to prevent crashes on CSV files that have missing data. It will also warn you when you import a file that isn't quite correct. Usually it's one line, like a commodity name missing... in those cases it simply skips that line and warns you.

    I also made the Station age column a single value. It was messy looking before. It now shows the age of the most recent commodity update, basically, the last time you visited and updated a commodity, and there may be commodities that are older.

    NOTE: Sorting by Age on that window doesn't work, at least not correctly. I'll add that to the bug list.

    Previous Version 2.1...
    Changes / Bug Fixes
    • Added more right click options to the trade window.
    • Add Age min/max to Stations list
    • Trade window now remembers settings for one way, round trip and classic mode
    • Added EliteORC Importing (all settings remembered)
    • Multiple selection deletion of stations fixed (not that anyone used this...)

    There has been some commodity renaming in the default_commodities.txt file. If you are still using the default, you might have to edit your system_data.txt file to rename these correctly or duplicates might show up in your commodities list until you do!

    Here are the items that were renamed:
    • Hydrogen Fuels -> Hydrogen Fuel
    • Consumer Tech -> Consumer Technology
    • Fruit and Vegetables -> Fruit And Vegetables
    • HE Suits -> H.E. Suits
    • Non-lethal Weapons -> Non-Lethal Weapons

    If you are using the default commodities text file (If you don't know what this means, you probably are); you will want to open your system_data.txt file and find/replace all occurrences of the above commodities with the new name.

    EliteOCR Importing

    Yes it's finally here! You can now hit the Import... button to open the import dialog. You can point it to a folder where you have CSV files exported from EliteOCR and hit the Import button on the dialog. If you leave all the check boxes checked (which is the default) after you import; it will create a new folder called Imported under the folder you are importing from, and then move all the files it imported into that folder. This way you can't accidentally import again and overwrite any tweaks you've made.

    Just a small note; the time stamp from the EliteOCR data is completely ignored. All commodities imported will automatically be flagged as New.

    Previous Versions...
    Previous Version 2.0c...
    Changes / Bug Fixes
    • Illegal setting on commodity details screen is now a checkbox.
    • System to System button in the Trade window now obeys auto search
    • HS, MS, LS, etc checks in Trade window now obey auto-search
    • Fix numpad keys in trade window (I think, I don't have a numpad on this keyboard!)

    Just a few fixes for this build. Next up will likely be 2.1, where I plan on:
    • Making Search Result (Need/Have) a modeless window and adding age t o it (and possibly a few other tweaks)
    • Adding Age column to the Stations list that will show the min/max age of the commodities therein.
    • Support for other search modes like round trip, classic view.
    • Maybe alittle love for the Journal window finally!

    Even Older...

    Previous Version 2.0b...
    Changes / Bug Fixes
    • Remembers settings for commodity window.
    • Remembers settings for trade window.
    • Swap Button now auto-searches if checked.
    • X button works to close the app again.
    • MinProfit works with cargo capacity.
    • Station list now starts out sorted by the order they were entered. If you want it sorted by station, just click the Station header. Reason for changing the default is because there's currently no way to "sort by enter order" explicitly.

    There is a new file that gets created settings.txt. This will house all the general app settings and remembering check boxes, etc.

    Note: The first time you run this version, most windows will open in the top left corner of the screen. Move them where you want, and it will remember.

    Some things that are next on my liist...
    - Giving some love to the Search Results window for Have/Need
    - Fixing numpad keys for the trade window
    - More search options for the trade window (like Round Trip Classic Mode)

    Previous Version 2.0a...
    Changes / Bug Fixes
    • Position of the commodities detail window is now saved.
    • Trade window From field defaults to the currently selected station when opening the trade window.
    • Fixed the bug with the custom controls not getting filled in on startup (thus causing some data loss)
    • Fixed the bug with selecting To/From Station in the right-click menu of the trade window.
    • Added swap button for To/From station on the trade window.

    Known Issues
    • There is a CRASH if you close the Commodities Window before you close a Commodities Details dialog. Don't do that

    Thanks to everyone that has been testing and following this tool through it's lifespan. Definitely didn't expect it to get where it is today

    I'm requesting locking the old 74 page original thread. This is our new home now.
    Here's a link to the Original Monster Thread if you want to read about the history of this thing.


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    Just like to be the first to say THANK YOU for v2. Have a good weekend.

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    Hooray, many thanks Arch!

    An extremely useful tool which adds to the overall ED experience, highly recommended for those that haven't tried it yet.

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    As always, feel free to post bugs and such here.

    I'm gonna rely on you experts to help people out while I'm gone for a few hours! Thanks guys.

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    You the man Arch !!!!

    I tip my hat in your general direction

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    I echo the sentiments of the others with a big Thank You for your hard work... and I raise you a feature request for the Need/Have system!

    I do a lot of the trade missions as I like to be allied if I'm sticking around in a system so, it's not uncommon for me to have 15+ fetch missions on the go.

    I would like to have a way to manage these missions.


    • I dock and click arrive.
    • Pick up 4 fetch missions.
    • Against the station, flag the commodities with the totals of each that I need to fetch.
    • Locate the source(s) for the items.
    • When I hit arrive at the correct destination, along with the arrival log confirmation, I get a popup with the items I need. Mark the ones I've picked up (in case of low stock)
    • When I complete the mission allow me to clear the relevant items.


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    Thank you kindly, good Sir!

    ... and gratz to the young'un!

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    I just want to give this version both my seal of approval and my walrus of satisfaction.

    Thoroughly endorsed.

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    Aright I'm out! See you guys in 3 hours or so (if you're awake) I'll probably read posts on my phone now and then while I'm out.

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    Great stuff!

    Silly question. If I want to use my old data from the old tool. What files to I need to copy to the new version?


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    Thank you for the update.

    Since it seemed to be missed in the last thread, a repeat:

    I have a few stations in one systems, and a couple of them had a typo. When fixing it it gives a double system entry (with the same name). It would probably be a good idea to insert some logic when systems are renamed to test if they are renamed to something already there. This confused the profit stuff badly (I got N/A everywhere for that system until tidying up the data file myself).

    I really miss the X to close a window top right...

    When viewing a station, it is not obvious which station is selected. It is not easy to notice in the list. I'd suggest to list system-station around where the "station data" text is. Like a headline, a bit extra size/bold to make it stand out. The note preview can lose a line for this purpose.

    When clicking the trade button, the from station should be pre-selected if there is a currently selected station in station view. The old one had this thing working.

    The sorting of stations on name makes my file very confusing, but I guess it is OK once I set up hiding...

    I like what I see, with some small fixes it will be great. More feedback may be incoming with some proper use...

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    Originally Posted by Papa View Post (Source)
    Great stuff!

    Silly question. If I want to use my old data from the old tool. What files to I need to copy to the new version?

    Back up your old directory then just copy and replace Cmdr's Log.exe, into your directory, that should work :-)

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    Thank you very much for the new version!

    I really like the new custom field feature, but I have found two problems with them:

    1. Custom fields are not correct placed. It's probably related to my high dpi display. In the windows display settings scaling is set to 150 %.

    2. The content of the custom fields seems to limited to 20 characters. Can you raise the limit, please? For example, I would like to key in 'Nationals of Gilgamesh', but currently I'm limited to 'Nationals of Gilgame'.

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    Hi. I really appreciate the new Cmdr's Log. I was trying to create a new field just below Allegiance named Security. Well, I can create it, I can have it give options, but I can't place it anywhere. It seems to plunk the new field partially on top of the word Allegiance and way to the left. Is there something I'm missing (besides my youth?).

    I see I'm a bit slow as usual. FYI, my display is the standard 1920x1080.

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    Originally Posted by Black_rat View Post (Source)


    - - - - - Additional Content Posted / Auto Merge - - - - -

    Back up your old directory then just copy and replace Cmdr's Log.exe, into your directory, that should work :-)
    Cheers mate!

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