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Thread: Purple Central Industries - Pand solar system privateers support group

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    Purple Central Industries - Pand solar system privateers support group

    CEO of purple central industries privateer wing commander ollobrains speaking. HQ - Pand solar system

    208LY out from sol the cradle of humanity, the last stop before the C BRA nebula which is currently uncivilised and mostly unexplored space.

    Twin star system, six water worlds that are candidates for terraforming making it a future test when FD implement a colonisation system. There are 12 planets total that are known. Mineral rich planets with 2 outposts established Etraction and refinery economy with 47,000 hardy souls who have settled in this outpost of humanity

    Raliegh Point and Sarmiento de Gomboa Port both belonging to the dominant corporate faction of Purple Central Industry with a current 89% system influence.

    For the purposes of the simulator we will retain the dominant faction as our preferred faction in power. Pruple central industries. Seeking to expand into new solar systems and become a regional dominant indepdant multi solar system controlling power block.

    Purple Central Industry Corporation have given our group the following goals

    Economic expansion to raise the standard of living preferrably assisting the dominant faction but any factions are welcome
    Make the system more secure by killing of wanted npc criminals and running missions against pirates and the collectin of black boxes, military plans and any other actions that assist in securing the system
    Population growth, through the provision of food and other necssities.
    Raising the influence of purple Central industry faction to 100%. Future expansion into nearby systems of which Orokudumbla is apprximatley 19.28 LY away and is an anarchy system is possible but the desire is that purple central industry instead terraforms the local planet into a civilian colony, or sets up outposts in unsettled nearby system which host a wrath of mineral rich and exotic worlds.

    So if youre interested drop me a line in chat, fly up here and get invovled and let us know what youre up to.

    Missions are currently a bit thin on the ground. Mostly supplying food, killing hostile npcs and collecting military plans and the like.
    There is an outfitting station and refueling services. Alternatively we can explore and bring back exploration scans to the local authority. Or one can hunt wanted ships for bounties to make credits. A combat or well shielded trade ship would be advised with a decent fuel and jump range as we are quite remote

    Our top 3 commanders currently are

    1. CMDR Ollobrains (Asp)
    2. CMDR Nauril
    3. CMDR Zeeman (Python)

    With many smaller number of pilots either permanently or semi permanently calling this outpost in space their home, we are also the preferred destination of exploration data turn in for any explorers willing to help PCI build a database of known and unknown space which will give us the ability to leverage our knowledge to future use.

    We are also waiting the rollout of community goals - ocne they start to appear we will be in a position to quickly call for help to achieve rapid expansion

    Currently our main exports are to the HR 6680 solar system and several other local solar systems of palladium, gold, silver, tantalum and less valuable minerals and metals.

    Current imports are varied, with the main demand being called for personal weapons, foodstuffs, Mineral extractors, water purifiers and power generators as well as consumer goods, clothing and any number of rare trading goods are paid for at very good rates

    we have a very high supply of palladium which is a very vaulable metal in demand at lots of industrial colonies with a profit margin of approx 1200 per unit. - this is generating plenty of local wealthy merchants, rich workers and a rapidly expanding economy and future population growth potential

    " If youre looking for pand u need to hit the search button twice in galaxy map, the first result will give u pandamonium, the second result will give u the actual pand. Nearby system if having trouble searching is HR 6680"

    This is the background of this group all are welcome to come and join us in both open and solo mode.

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    The anarchy pirate unfeetterd faction in Orokundumbla has ownership of a station by the name of palmer propspect. there is a black market on the contacts tab where u can sell loot from USS sites. This station also sells slaves. there are mostly missions in PAND at the moment requesting a fix of food items ( algae, fruit and veg etc). Personal weapons and slaves.

    HR 6680 with a one station system. 44LY away has for sale ( food cartidges, personal weapons, mineral extractors, atmospheric processors, power generators, marine equipment, water processors) - there is also a shipyard at the station here as well as outfitting. Nice and close


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    So been fiddling around with a few things so far, nothing major. FD made some posts in the last 24 horus about additional fixes to bugs in the influence system and status queues and maybe missions queieing being fixed. It might not be today so lets see what my efforts have done not just in raw stats, but perhaps changes in NPC spawning patterns and other hidden things i notice. Rare goods would make a killing up here, prices are high and demand is high for personal weapons especially, just a shame i cant find any in nearby USS sites.
    Though the technology acquisitions spawn did eat my 10 supercondutors i had looted off a wanted asp so that was good.

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    Theres actually a good profit to be made off supply the personal weapons and other items, there a lack of missions up here as far as variety so far. Perhaps if the system can reach economic boom demand will go up and so forth.
    There is good bounty hunting of npcs to be had however, a lot of juicy drops as well. And nearby systems spawn a lot of USS sites if that is youre thing.

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    Ollobrains - you have two groups running in the groups thread.

    This thread is being closed until you contact the Moderators to declare your intentions.

    your first group is still open.

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    Good luck with your efforts in PAND.

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    Ok a quicm update, after some experiementation of trading between the nearb mikunn system and pand today. Moving high value items from mikunn for sale in pand. Economi boom is critical and expansion. So carrying this over to pand and how it could be applied here, completlting missions in pand for supply of goods ( perosnal weapons for now) and supplying needed high value items to the market. And taking away the higest priced exports to nearby markets should be something we are considering. It would appear some bugs have been fixed by the devs in relation to the underlying applying of missions and trades and status effects to systems.

    Purple Central industries is the dominant faction and holds both stations, so raising influence shoudl just be a matter of building the system up. Even trade on its own to a small system like this should very qiuuckly lead to economic boom. So bring in high priced demand items and take out the higest priced for sale items if possible

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    No change in status today. Still the basic missions from the dominant faction for personal weapons and Non lethal weapons, ive done a limited amount of these missions, am waiting on the list to expand to show some affect on system, no change in influence currently. Am still seeking anyone who is bored to come on out to pand on the fringe, there is outfitting facilities and ammunition replenishment available. No feds or imps to get in the way. Plenty of combat missions and its a nice base for exploration out towards the local nebula thats about 800-1300 LY out, u can make a bit in exploration out that way. And in future there is expansion potential if we can get the standard of living up in economic and security terms

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    Theres large demand for footstuffs also, the system has a very low development index, average of 3 players per day visit in ship visits database, if youre looking for an area to play where to test influence by a small amount of players youre most welcome to come and visit us before u setout on youre exploration of deep space

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    Long term now i know that trading in and out of the system will boost production rates each day. The longer term goal is now for the dominant faction to get 100% control and for economic boom to be generated and also for the production rates of this system to rise as much as we can to see what develops in terms of population growth, npc growth or other results including colony expansion to the terraforming planet or into other systems or additional extraction stations being built.

    So open recruitment let me know if youre coming out or ill look for an increase in local traffic for this long term project.

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    if youre assisting with the PAND project feel free to continue after the update as hopefully now the status changes will take affect. Might be able to get that economic boom going

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    Devs have fixed some bugs around some of the queue changes, it appears the manual changes arent at pand yet but the database is being moniotred and changes apply on im assuming everyones actions within the game world. Higher activity areas are probably recieving priority until the other few bugs are addressed

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    Maybe i will come to help you. Atm doing Lu Pah influence experiment, and earlier i did Canopus (Crimson Dragons) experiment - also system at the edge of civilization. (check the map)
    Crimson Dragons manage to expend to nearby federation system Expiahy and after 1.05 patch they gain more then 9% influence, so it is possible.
    I left that project (my own btw), when i found out that faction are not able to expand to virgin systems, and i found difficulties to do some missions (like food supplies etc), because of no habbited systems nearby.
    Propably the same story with Pand System when i see it on the map. Real emptiness around it, but i'm really into the things you typed aboved. (fan of the Star Trek etc)
    As you propably know, I also take active part in discussion about influence bugs. You can find my posts in few other forum topics. (Mikunn Group topics)

    I'm really into it, because i belive that the fully operational background sim system would be a KEY gameplay in Elite and will make ppl to play this game for years.

    So yea, maybe i will join you in PAND. Right now I'm far away, and i need to sell my Cobra + Type 7 to buy fully upgraded and ready for action ASP.
    This will be the best ship atm for that part of the Universe. I will propably go slowly (economic travel) to explore a lot in the way to PAND and then sell the expl. data.
    So it will take some time, but i dont mind since the influence bug is still there.
    I just hope our efforts are kept somewhere on the servers and wont be lost.
    After last patch it looks like devs dont reset already completed missions and are manually adding that data into the Elite World. (I've noticed influence raise in the places where I did missions)

    So you can expect me at Pand propably in like 20h or so. I just dont know if i should sell all that exploration data which i'll bring to Pand or i should wait until devs will fix that annoying sim bug.
    Propably i will sell it right away. I don't want to accidentally die with it.

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    This project at the moment is to upgrade the dominant faction to 100% control. There are no anarcy factions. Its moreof an experiement of the economic upgrade potential of a system. Im assuning thats working based on another secret system ive been working on last 2 days. If we can get them to expansion and see what happens, the clsoest anarchy system looks like where it might go.
    Im upgrading my rep with that faction, bring a ship that can haul over larger distances as supplies are a bit hard to come by at least 20-40 LY round trips.
    Run pirate hunting missions in nearby systems ( empty ones ) im looking to see if that helps spread influence into virgin areas. The devs might not have activated it yet but we can test it, the wate world that is a terraforming candidate might attract the devs interest in future. For now id like to as per the design documents from 2013 upgrade the standard of living and the security saftey of the system in the background simulator ( increase sys auth, incrase supply and demand, hopefully upgrae outposts to stations, increase NPC traders, decrease pirate activity and broaden the types of missions being offered)
    Theres lots of areas to explore nearby.

    This is a longer term project that will beneefit from early work, and as the devs turn things on the hope is we will be positioned to quickly make things happen, for now im focusing on samll goals , trying to attract assistance and see how it goes) Mikunn and the other systems are here for suppliees and are only 75 LY away

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    Can you provide data about what kind of food they need in the missions most of the time and what other resources. I will have like 80t cargo space in ma ASP, so i can already bring some supplies demanded from missions and keep it in cargo hold until proper mission will popup, to complete it right away. I just need to know what food they need mostely etc.

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