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Thread: Epic Rare trade route - for the brave or insane

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    Exciting Epic Rare trade route - for the brave or insane

    UPDATE: See post #50 for some software to try calculate your own routes.

    I wanted to play with some methods for solving the travelling salesman problem and I figured rare trade routes was the perfect set of data to try it on.

    you'll find attached a trade route that visits 105 different systems, travelling a total of 5957.48 light years, buying something in every system and selling when a commodity has travelled more than 160ly.

    I've also added an image below of the 3d graph - without the ability to move it around it just looks like a mess though

    I've not flown the route myself - it does include all those awkward stations that are a loooong way from the primary star. I also can't promise that it's the most efficient route - it's just the best my method could find.

    let me know if you're brave enough to try it
    if there's enough interest I might be able to tidy up my code a bit and put something out there that will allow people to generate their own routes with whatever subset they want from all the ports.

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    You sir, are bonkers. Have some rep, and if you figure out the way to exclude all those loong SC routes (or FD actually introduces 'micro' jumps) then I'll definitlely be interested!

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    Oh I can easily do that - I've already got options in there for ignoring station that are further than X away.
    or I could just edit the source csv file to prune out unwanted destinations...

    this was just an experiment in inasnity.
    I'll run up a route that only includes station <1000 ls from the primary in a bit an post it.

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    Couple of systems more than 100Ly apart which is a pain to plot, else I'd try and report back

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    I have been trying to do this in my head for ages - it's not easy keeping on top of all the distances. Excellent work - have some rep.

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    I feel a mission coming on :-)

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    Building one now with waypoints and adding small trades between stations to have more fun and increase the profit. Will post it when finished

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    No way I could do this in my head, I just point my software at a list and set some parameters and watch it go, I can see the total distance and a 3d plot of the route so once I'm happy that it's optimised enough I stop it.

    each run will likely generate a slightly different route due to how hard it is to actually "solve" the travelling salesman problem, at least for larger numbers of destinations, if you're looking at <10 I would expect it to come up with the most optimal fairly quickly.

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    Estimated profits for complete circle of 6000 LY ?
    That's ~350 jumps for me, just wanted to see if I should even take it into account.

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    +1 Me Too!

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    Very nice idea, if someone could come up with an efficient rares trade route, for trading over time, it would be interesting,

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    Nice - what software/language are you using?

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    ive seen my jump back to a system ive just came from while doing 2 systems, id probably end up floating around in a resource ring in a dressing gown jibbering incoherently after 15 minutes of that.

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    This is awesome. Have rep!

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    Awesome. Since im not completely normal i think im going to try this weekend. Wife is out of town
    Thinking about skipping Hutton orbital though.

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