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  • 01 - Erik Marcaigh - Just a Little Disagreement

    3 14.29%
  • 02 - T.j - One careful owner......

    2 9.52%
  • 03 - Frank - Ubiquity

    2 9.52%
  • 04 - Splendour - First Contact

    4 19.05%
  • 05 - MrMogadon - The Biennial Navigational Anomalies Lecture

    2 9.52%
  • 06 - Galactic midden - When accidents lead to heroics... Or maybe it's just incompetence

    2 9.52%
  • 07 - azdour - There be real pirate spaceships out there?

    2 9.52%
  • 08 - Winterwalker - Spaceships

    3 14.29%
  • 09 - psykokow - First time

    3 14.29%
  • 10 - KalRyper - Mass Effect

    2 9.52%
  • 11 - Philip Couts - Running in the Family

    13 61.90%
  • 12 - Majere - Sub-Commander

    2 9.52%
  • 13 - Darkoba - Homecoming

    2 9.52%
  • 14 - Listeri69 - Time for the G1....

    3 14.29%
  • 15 - W4rSkuLL - Ships or hips.

    2 9.52%
  • 16 - rootsrat - Four Hundred Billion Star Systems

    6 28.57%
  • 17 - insanephoton - Hostile business.

    3 14.29%
  • 18 - Goose4291 - Deployment

    4 19.05%
  • 19 - Bleke - Some assembly required

    3 14.29%
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Thread: Drabble Story Contest: Spaceships

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    Drabble Story Contest: Spaceships

    Crumbs! That's quite a few of you out in the audience tonight. I don't get stagefright but I wish I was wearing Psykokow's spangly onesie. It would've saved me soiling my own trousers. I feel little silly wearing this cardboard and toilet paper crown now. But... erm... I don't have to wear it much longer. I'll pass it on to the winner of this week's Drabble contest!

    Below me is a massive pile of fantastic stories all set in the Elite Universe, and all of them about SPACESHIPS.

    Above me is a bunch of options in a poll. It's a multiple choice poll but please limit yourself to only the three votes. The results of the poll will be announced on Monday morning. Not only will the winner receive this wonderful imaginary crown, they will win the honour of deciding next week's topic.

    Anyone voting for themselves will be strapped to the outlet of a main rocket motor just before superboost is activated.


    direct :

    01 - Erik Marcaigh - Just a Little Disagreement

    They were eight hours in, Rose lying in a hedgerow 1,000m away with the sniper rifle pointed towards the home office of Counselor Hargathen. Seamus was at the door in a repairman's uniform, answering the call made earlier when an electrical problem surfaced out of nowhere. His job was to get in and disable the protective shielding around the house long enough for Rose to take her shot.

    The Counselor had introduced a new bill, placing additional taxes on the purchase and insurance payments of spaceships, and their client wanted to cast a special veto before it gained traction.

    02 - T.j - One careful owner......

    "Lovely little runner Sir, used by a Vicar to pop to sermons at Mars High each week."

    Psykokow lusted after it, he had to have it!

    Only 43,000,000 on the clock Sir, a snip at 15 million credits.

    Handing over his last credits, the salesman spoke, "would Sir like insurance?"

    "No thanks", Kow replied, "Insurance is for mugs!"

    Kow powered it up and departed into deep space.

    Tapping the speedometer he noticed the sticker over the odometer. he peeled it off and gasped at the astronomical number hidden underneath.

    Suddenly the ship lurched. Metal grinded, smoke erupted from the engines.

    03 - Frank - Ubiquity

    Mark entered the showroom and spoke to the sharp-dressed salesman. "I'm sick of pirates catching me. Got anything with a bit of oomph?"

    The salesman smiled razorsharp teeth. "The Cobra-Mk3 is faster than any pirate in this sector! Plenty of Cargo space as well."

    Mark left smiling with a bill of sale in his hand.

    A pirate entered the showroom, "Traders keep getting away from me! I need something to give me an edge."

    The salesman smarmed his most convincing smile and gestured towards a model of a Cobra-Mk3. "These craft seem popular with those in your line of work."

    04 - Splendour - First Contact

    It came again a second time
    A moving dot, a point of light
    A sign from Gods the sages said
    A portent visible by night

    Swimming 'gainst the flow of stars
    This time slower then the last
    Its light grew brighter, dazzling
    'Til every stone a shadow cast

    Then came the angry voice of Gods!
    Reverberating all around
    Until the very rock it shook
    The beasts and birds all went to ground

    Terror struck the hearts of men
    As holy fire lanced from high
    Burning all of those who sinned
    We knew the judgement day was nigh

    The Gods arrived.

    05 - MrMogadon - The Biennial Navigational Anomalies Lecture

    With tenure at Barnard Star Correctional University, he was keen to impress his peers.
    A last minute invitee (due to cancellations in protest about proposals to increase the event’s frequency), he had rushed to prepare his work.

    An expert in imaging technology, he had wondered about the topic, but could see merit in reducing possible space ship damage and biological contagion by tracking these small, fast moving organic objects.

    He was saved great embarrassment, by the commotion caused by Professor Psykokow’s presentation on Ovine Remlock’s.

    Subsequently, solar storms were blamed for communications glitches regarding many misunderstandings about the presentation topic.

    06 - Galactic midden - When accidents lead to heroics... Or maybe it's just incompetence

    The assistant looked petrified as he yelled out in terror "There's more contacts! One's massive!"

    "How long till evacuation's complete duty sergeant?" asked Science-Chief Derrick.

    "Too long, 'roids damaged many escape pods. We ain't getting half the science team off before our orbit intersects again."

    "Send another distress... and logs. Mark mission over and rotate the outpost starwards. We'll shield as many as we can... God help us."

    "Wait! That massive contact's hailed us!"

    Hurtling on over-cooked approach, the shiny new mining behemoth "84ER-ROR" blasted the last 'roid away before inevitably and fatally starfalling.

    The hail contained one word... "sawwww-reeeee!"

    07 - azdour - There be real pirate spaceships out there?

    The cobra was pulled out of supercruise sending the craft into a vomit inducing spin.

    As the ships computer battled to counter the spin, the pilots mouth dropped.

    His senses trying to understand what he saw before him. Was it the spin inducing this illusion?

    A large galleon with four masts.

    It opened fire. The pilot instinctively reacted, firing back.

    Chunks of wood shattered as he hit it, revealing a metallic interior.

    The galleons weapons smashed into the cobra. The ship starting to scream eject.

    The cobra exploded and the disguised anaconda spaceship continued on looking for its next victim.

    08 - Winterwalker - Spaceships

    3301. They celebrate Empire Day, talking spaceships. This load out that, I creep in like a cat. Ordering three nerfed martini's, the barman 100, miss out the synthi-vodka. 100 more drops gin from the test tube, I tune in.

    Imperial Clipper he boasts, of railguns, nice. With so much equipment, he bought it twice. But he's not ensured, that's twice; He spills his drink, once again, staggering up.

    Three bodies between us, I follow him, slow. Assessing my quarry to the garage below. And I won't be sorry, we launch to depart, and target his engines, in well rehearsed art.

    09 - psykokow - First time

    Cathy slipped into something less comfortable as Frank nervously tugged at his collar and tie.
    He managed to loosen it enough to gasp a quiet gush of vital air into his lungs.
    His hands clammy and hot, he was uncomfortable, this was his first time trying this.
    Cathy reappeared, resplendent in white.
    The only sparkle to drown out the glow from the delicious attire was that from the beaming smile on her face.
    She looked knowingly at Frank, nodding slowly to ensure he got the message.
    He smiled, “Great, well that’s the Dress picked, now for the lace slips”

    10 - KalRyper - Mass Effect

    The mechanic despaired, “All the ship’s compartments are utilised …”
    “I have the credits,” the cobra pilot shot back, “I want ten multi-cannons plus the other items on my order. Do it!”

    The mechanic shook her head slowly. Her eyes dropped to the floor, then to the steel cable and trailed its snaking course.


    The pilot was eager to try out his guns. The new, grade ‘A’ thrusters roared into life; deck plates glowed as the behemoth lifted off.

    At full power, the cobra shot through the station’s exit … leaving behind an augmented ring of weaponry, cabling and storage bins.

    11 - Philip Couts - Running in the Family

    I had always dreamed of being a pilot, I guess every kid does. The holo-films of hero Commanders fighting to save the Empire from aliens or worse the Federation fired my imagination.

    The biggest issue for an aspiring pilot is the lack of finances to begin your adventure. You can borrow money or as in my case a death in the family allows you to inherit a ship.

    I caressed the sleek lines of the Sidewinder and then realised I had to leave. I holstered my blaster and stepped over the cooling body of my Uncle towards my new ship.

    12 - Majere - Sub-Commander

    He sat alone in the darkness, a feint glow from the panel in front of him casting a dismal light upon his pale features. He heard his named being called out from down below once more, more urgently and with anger. Once again he ignored it, concentrating hard on what was before him, a whole fleet poised ready for action. Suddenly the door flew open and the real commander burst into the cockpit. “I told you to take the rubbish out, what are you doing up here?” Then she saw them and spat with disgust; “Spaceships? How old are you?”

    13 - Darkoba - Homecoming

    He hadn't been to Barnard's for a while. In fact, he hadn't been anywhere for some time. His ship had been almost destroyed, his health severely damaged and his finances crippled.

    Climbing back up, dusting himself down, had been a long, painful, three-pronged effort. The small insurance payout, the rented shuttle and some local trading had been the first rung.

    Now he had his ship back. Apart from some twinges, his health was improved. It was time to re-connect with old friends, trade and replace his lost wealth.

    Kaze-no-Uta emerged into Barnard's space.

    Dar'koba was amazed by the increased traffic.

    14 - Listeri69 - Time for the G1....

    Hello its G1 racing season again and Welcome to the Maia GP lots for the drivers to contend with here at this out of the way grand prix, a few black holes in the region. Qualifying was interesting yesterday when Ryde Myas Arden long got sucked off on his qualifying lap this left a nice gap for Bud Plugg in Mianus and he took full advantage. yes the two pilots from Mianus with a huge gap over the rest of the field and Mianus really is looking unstoppable this season. It’s been many years since we’ve seen Mianus this fluid.

    15 - W4rSkuLL - Ships or hips.

    Derelict ships, there must have been a huge battle here sometime around.
    Alexis turned on the scanner. Scavenging could be a lucrative trade,
    if you were lucky. But she really had her eyes on her co pilot Barkley.
    It had been a long time now and they had been out in space for days.
    Hyper spacing, fuel scooping and trying to pick up the "score".
    Looks like they might have found it here. Lots of intact wreckage.
    She stared at Barkley. His eyes were set on her hips.
    The Cobra drifted on autopilot through the debris, lust had taken over.

    16 - rootsrat - Four Hundred Billion Star Systems

    Captain Mathias Shallowgrave rested his head against the mast. The sea was calm, but he could feel the sea sickness starting.

    He hated his job! When his dad told him years ago he'd finance his studies to become a ship captain, Shallowgrave happily agreed. He’d never expected the old man actually meaning sea vessels, not space ships. When he was sent to the Academy it was too late – the studies have already been paid for.

    The reflection of 400 billion star systems in the perfectly still sea waters made him even sicker. Mathias leaned over the starboard and vomited loudly.

    17 - insanephoton - Hostile business.

    Bosworth Field was a quiet mining outpost owned by Plantagenet Industries. The CEO, Richard York had come to visit. Suddenly explosions rocked the station. Pirates were attacking and they had destroyed the ships on the landing pads. The defences had gone offline. The pirates boarded the station and started searching for Richard. As they cornered him, Richard tried to negotiate.
    'A ship, a ship. My business for a spaceship' Richard begged in vain. Moments later he was dead

    As Henry Tudor heard the news of the pirate attack he suppressed a smile, his greatest business rival had just been eliminated.

    18 - Goose4291 - Deployment

    Decurio Oligirio sat in the cockpit seat, the chair’s straps holding him secure against the zero gravity.
    His Imperial fighter was coupled securely to the port bulkhead of the empty bay, the Technicians having quickly vacated the compartment once completing their final pre-flight checks.
    The ships intercom crackled into life: “All hands, this is Firentis Actual. Action stations, Action stations warship. Assume Damage control state One, condition Zulu. Contact with Federal warship Damocles imminent. Launch the alert fighters.”
    Raising his hand, he signalled the Launch Officer that all was good and he was ready to enter the void once more.

    19 - Bleke - Some assembly required

    Eric was giddy as he signed the receipt.

    "Where can I pick it up?"

    "No need, Mr Marcaigh. I've got the trucks waiting just around the corner."


    "Sure! You did notice that it's a DIY project right? No? Well, don't worry. There are easy step by step instructions in the first box. Man, I'm so envious of you!"

    Eric fretted about as truck after truck unloaded its contents.

    "Mr Marcaigh!"

    Eric cringed at the booming voice of his landlord.

    "I hear that this is your stuff. Get this rubble off the street RIGHT NOW, you hear me?"

    Eric wept.

    Well done Galactic Midden. You have rounded up quite a number of Drabblers for our contest.

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    With this much choice and quality I have no idea how I'll decide on which 3 drabbles to vote for
    I think I'll definitely wait for Psykokow's live online reading to help - hopefully this will be tomorrow evening about 7pm? UK time

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    Originally Posted by Galactic Midden View Post (Source)
    With this much choice and quality I have no idea how I'll decide on which 3 drabbles to vote for
    I think I'll definitely wait for Psykokow's live online reading to help - hopefully this will be tomorrow evening about 7pm? UK time
    I'm going to try and rush home from my client's tomorrow and see if I can get in on the zaniness. I hope 'Kow does the math....

    3 minutes Intro
    1 minute Bragging
    2 minutes talking about Drabbles
    1 minute 15 seconds per Drabble (23min 45sec)
    2 minutes of Drabble restarts, hiccups, and other adversity
    oops.... you're now 1 minute 45 seconds over your 30 minute allocation!

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    He better make time for space cat too!

    I think it could be more like an hour - a bumper hour of fun

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    Such a big a star as Space Cat is bound to feature in a Drabble soon.

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    That's just purrfect! Now we're going to have a whole week of floating felines and fur balls blocking the air vents. As if 'Kow isn't already having kittens over fitting in 19 drabbles

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    I'll have to wait for the later uploaded Youtube or mp3 version I'm afraid. 8pm finish tomorrow

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    Of course it's Space Kat. My mistake.

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    I had completely forgotten how much I enjoyed reading the drabbles, such a variety of different stories from one word. Thanks to Galactic Midden for coaxing me back.

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    Its a party of Drabbles tonight..... 7pm UK time,

    Will be on twitch, and shortly afterwards Youtube, and also will be broadcasting on mixlr (App for phone available), and yes....... RSS podcast too.

    I may create a youtube podcast for it, listing all the previous entries....... if there is a demand for it?

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    Originally Posted by psykokow View Post (Source)
    Its a party of Drabbles tonight..... 7pm UK time,

    Will be on twitch, and shortly afterwards Youtube, and also will be broadcasting on mixlr (App for phone available), and yes....... RSS podcast too.

    I may create a youtube podcast for it, listing all the previous entries....... if there is a demand for it?
    And after that pinky, we're going to try and take over the world!

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    Was nice to sit in with kow for tonights drabbles very impressive quality.....................

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    There were some good sound effects and background voices. All off the cuff too, very impressive.

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    it was a good laugh, a bit longer than expected due to 'talent' issues and 'pronunciation' problems..

    Thanks to everyone who joined me live, was a good giggle.. Updated Poll post with the Video and audio links. RSS updated too.

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