1. CMDR_Brantford

    Powerplay Faction: Felicia Winters Cycle 123 Objectives

    The following is intended for Federal aligned eyes only. This format was clearly not stolen from the Hudson posts. Overview: We managed to jump 4 spots in the PP rankings - tho again, we'ere not sure why. Sure would be nice if FDev told us how their scoring system works.. but whatever - we're #3...
  2. A

    General / Off-Topic The Commodore Amiga thread

    Now i am one of the old school members on here I grew up with a sinclar spectrum to which i wrote my first progamming code when i was 8 years old, then moved on to the 'rad' atari st and moved on to the amiga. The amiga is where most of my childhood/teen memories lie. It could do anything and...
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