1. encrypted

    LEP owners, don't you think FD should introduce partial or full LEP refund?

    I wasn't aware about ED until Dec 16, 2014, the day before it was launched. Of course I remembered my old Elite Spectrum days, seen some vids and decided to buy it. Oh, man. Everyone remembers the first year? Magic. I did mostly trading and missions until I got to the point to try some combat...
  2. Trilyden

    Military Enlistment

    Alright I’m going to say here that This would be a large feature to implement. So people are wanting an actual personal narrative but feel that the thargoid threat isn’t doing it for them. Also that the grind for Technology broker modules isn’t that personal or exciting. Well here the all...
  3. Mastian

    Capital Ships way to weak!

    Today i was in Conflict Zone for our player fraction and a majestic class interdicter jumped in, first i thought it would be a real threat. After i destroyed some other ships (which actually done good damage) i realised the capital ship alone does almost no damage. I didn't even need a shield...
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