1. Patroux

    Compilation of my best Rollercoaster small videos

    Hello , And the last but not least is a video compilation of some of my best coaster creations mixed with existed ones used in the game Planet Coaster parks scenarios and sandbox mixed ( still with my music as soundtracks ). All the best to you Patroux My instagram for more videos
  2. Patroux

    The waterworld park

    Hello , This is a video of a waterworld park I made in sandbox mode to wish you all a good year 2020 full of creativity :) Soundtrack is my composition "Life is precious" All the Best Patroux
  3. Patroux

    My Christmas park (never too late to share here :o)

    Hello , I'm musician sharing my time between compositions and playing in Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo. This video is about my Christmas park I created from Scratch in Sandbox mode as also a way to make people discover my music ( link in my bio to listen for more ;o) All the best to you for...
  4. Patroux

    Some short videos about my parks

  5. RaSenche

    [Request] Ambient Ship Light Colors

    Even before getting Colored Engine's and Weapons i wanted the option to change the ship lights of an Imperial ship. last Boston meetup i even asked a drunk Sandro and he suggested to post it here (though im also terrible with doing these things so i didnt until now.) then in the 2.4 BETA only on...
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