1. K

    Anarchy Faction influence Working differently in 3.3?

    I've noticed an odd behavior in the bgs that I want to see if anyone else has run into. A buddy and I have been concertedly supporting an anarchy faction, and have, in the days since the reset, watched the faction's support swing wildly, and very unpredictably. In short, we have been running a...
  2. B

    Bounties in Anarchy systems?

    I'm in an Anarchy system and yet when shooting certain ships I'm accumulating a bounty. Anyone else seen this kind of thing?
  3. Mohr

    Oceanic Wing

    Oceanic Wing is a criminal anarchist faction that rejects hierarchical organizations and authority. Its members hold many ideologies but all agree that the galaxy should remain a lawless frontier, free of political and centralized government. Oceanic Wing has no use for 'Crime & Punishment'...
  4. Fuego Estelar


    Hello: First of all, congratulations on the game, is awesome. I mostly play BGS and I have a suggestion I think is very logic. I suggest that on every anarchy station, the black market should be closed, and at the same time you could sell illegal or robbed commodities in the open market...
  5. C

    3 New Anarchy/Pirate, BGS, C&P ideas to help gameplay

    3 Bullet points that I think will strongly improve both overall gameplay and the BGS with Anarchy style systems. 1 (and 2): Influence and One New Faction Type Anarchy Faction: All ill-gotten and illegal goods are able to be sold to their markets Increasing their influence within the system...
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