animal behavior

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    Clipping, Climbing, and Animal Animations

    The game looks really good so far, I am super excited for it! So much so that I have been brainstorming ideas for animal habitats, and I have no doubt you all have been too. I do get a little worried regarding how the animal AI pathfinding works with intractable objects. Climbable trees are...
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    Realistic behaviors Animals & Visitors for longevity

    This is what lacks many tycoon games and this is so important cause with an animal that is close to real life it does not matter if your have little features the exhibit will always be interesting. Cause the animals will do different things on its own and make the viewing interesting. Its like...
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    Realistic Wild Animal Behaviors for Safari Park Builds

    Basically, what I want for this game is to not be completely restricted to playing the game as a legitimate 'zoo' with exhibits etc- when it comes to 'zoo games', I play them because they are the closest thing to any kind of 'god game with animals'/'ecosystem game' that exists in any capacity...
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