animal behavior

  1. D

    We want more variation in coat colors and appearance.

    Variation is very important for me in a simulation game so that I dont get bored. Before frontier launched planet zoo they promised each animal would be an individual.... still the only visible difference in most animals that are not tigers or zebras is just their height. for example the...
  2. Narwhaler

    Changes on some animals and bugs I've noticed

    First, the dogs. Wolves and african wild dogs live in packs, yet you are forced to have just a couple to make sure they aren't all time fighting. It's kind of tedious because you have to constantly check when the babies mature. Also I have noticed that most of the times the parents dont even...
  3. SentiCarer

    Missing feature for Pangolins

    I really appreciate the amount of research Frontier have done for Planet Zoo! But a small detail Frontier missed on the Chinese Pangolins is that all Pangolins spend the time they are walking/running on their hind-legs instead of all fours. Pangolins only really walk quadruped in trees (which...
  4. W

    This animal is a dragon in disguise...please gimme it (giant girdled lizard)

    We’re on the horizon of the release and one animal I would love to see is the giant girdled lizard or more commonly known as Sungazers, these dragon like lizards are significantly endangered and that would fit the conservation base of the game. Plus they are crazy looking lizards and would be a...
  5. W

    Breeding rates need to be put up

    They were barely just a little to high and at the end of the beta were non existent they need to be put up for the market and to stabilise zoo population
  6. W

    More realistic and in-depth kill animations

    I understand this game is for all ages but the kill animations are weird... like I put a wold into my Nile monitor enclosure by accident😂😉 but then I saw the wolf fly 15 ft in the air and land on the monitor killing it instantly, it was very stupid I believe the animals should hunt and kill like...
  7. D

    Clipping, Climbing, and Animal Animations

    The game looks really good so far, I am super excited for it! So much so that I have been brainstorming ideas for animal habitats, and I have no doubt you all have been too. I do get a little worried regarding how the animal AI pathfinding works with intractable objects. Climbable trees are...
  8. S

    Realistic behaviors Animals & Visitors for longevity

    This is what lacks many tycoon games and this is so important cause with an animal that is close to real life it does not matter if your have little features the exhibit will always be interesting. Cause the animals will do different things on its own and make the viewing interesting. Its like...
  9. X

    Realistic Wild Animal Behaviors for Safari Park Builds

    Basically, what I want for this game is to not be completely restricted to playing the game as a legitimate 'zoo' with exhibits etc- when it comes to 'zoo games', I play them because they are the closest thing to any kind of 'god game with animals'/'ecosystem game' that exists in any capacity...
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