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  1. hayleymills

    "Lesser-Known" Animals Wishlist #2: Large Mammals!

    Time for the medium-to-large mammals! Amur Leopard. I hope if they include it, they give us a commonly occurring reddish-gold variant. A leopard of this colour, walking through the snow, is exactly what made me so enchanted by these cats in the first place. Clouded Leopard Spectacled Bear...
  2. T

    An Overly Elaborate Animal Suggestion List

    Each suggestion features: the animal name, its latin name, and a picture. The animal's name is a link to its wikipedia page. its continent and biome its conservation rating some species details, usually just paraphrased from Wikipedia. comments on integration and justification for pick I have...
  3. A

    Some of my Top Animals I think are needed for any zoo

    Petting Zoo Animals (Cows, Goats, Sheep, Alpacas) Leopard (Indian and African) Pizzly Aquatic/Marine Animals (Seals, Otters, Fish Tanks) More Birds! (Cassowary, Emu, maybe an Aviary? , Toucans, Shoebills, Secretary Birds, Bald Eagles, Kiwi, Cranes, Tanagers, Red Crested Cardinals) Sun Bear Bee &...
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