1. FluffShady

    Mutations and Aquatics

    - color mutations/morphs (along with variation of these) for the animals (like albino, melanistic, leucistic, pseudo-melanistic, golden tabby, maltese, erythristic, piebald, etc.) (there are also breed specific ones like a spotless cheetah, king cheetah, etc. and many variations of, for example...
  2. H

    Animal Request : Fossa

    I know the final animal lineup is likely compleated I am just wondering, if at any point you decide to do animal packs could you put the Fossa into Planet Zoo ? Its one of my favorite animals. Here is a link to a Wiki on the Fossa :
  3. KITTracer

    Chamaeleo Pointillica 🦎 - Huge scenery item!

    Almost good wednesday evening everyone! 🦎 A new species of chameleon has been discovered in the jungle of Planet Coaster! This is the Chamaeleo Pointillica. One of the greatest species ever found. The animal is about a whopping 5,000 coloured art shapes with a gigantic tree on which the...
  4. MsRedNebula

    Work In Progress Koi fish

    Working my way up the food chain, I decided to try my hand at some fish! The first one is a koi fish. I'm practicing going lower on polys, especially as I'd like to have a few fish swimming around (like how the beetles and rats are in game now). He's at 1,008 tris right now, and not yet...
  5. MsRedNebula

    Completed Animatronic Butterfly - Two sizes, two animations, and recolorable!

    Ahahahaha, it's finally working! My butterflies have come out of their cocoons and are ready to flutter around your parks. There are four total, two different animations and two sizes of each. The larger ones are about 4m wide, comparable to critters like the giant spiders from the Spooky pack...
  6. MsRedNebula

    Work In Progress Animatronic Butterfly

    Well, I put a picture of this in another thread, but here's my official WIP thread. I intend to make a version with the same dimensions as the Spooky DLC spider (about 4m), and a smaller one (2m). The wings will be recolorable and patterned after those of a monarch butterfly. (Might do a couple...
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