1. T

    Potential for: other critters

    Hey everybody So usually I post these threads to see what other animals of other families and ones that are from different continents that would be great additions. Today I want to ask about animals that are not from families that are frequently discussed or proposed in previous threads. Example...
  2. T

    Potential for: Swine

    Hey everybody today I wanted to here from you on a group of animals I am not too familiar with; Swine. I was watching The Zoo (show about the Bronx zoo on animal planet) last night and I noted that they have a mandrill habitat that is shared with Red River Hogs. I have noted a lot of people have...
  3. T

    Any zoo tycoon animals in particular

    I was wondering what other animals from zoo tycoon have not been added to PZ and would y’all like any of those animals added. Animals I can think of like Moose, wild horse, California sea lion (id rather have steller sea lions) and emperor penguin Please do not include animals that were from the...
  4. T

    Potential for more: Large birds/tall birds

    Hey everybody. I wanted to discuss potential for other members of animal families we currently have in game. I thought about what continents, biomes, themes we do not have for a certain animal family. I want to hear what other_____ can be added that differ from our current_____ of...
  5. T

    Planet aquarium or something like that

    Hey yall While watching The Aquarium, a great show about the Georgia aquarium I had a thought While I see many posts suggesting PZ make a “marine mania” expansion, maybe they should make a separate game that is about building an aquarium with all features that a great aquarium would have. Let’s...
  6. T

    Potential for more: Canines

    Hey everybody. I wanted to discuss potential for other members of animal families we currently have in game. I thought about what continents, biomes, themes we do not have for a certain animal family. I want to hear what other_____ can be added that differ from our current_____ of...
  7. K

    View what the individual animals think/is currently doing

    There's a feature in most simulator games that will allow you the view what X and Y creature is currently doing or thinking. This feature is present is Jurassic World Evolution even, and I find it quite enjoyable when you can follow a creature with this feature. This may be opposed as a "less...
  8. George Boggs

    New African Animal Update!

    Just a list of the African species that I would like to see in the game. Here is my idea after the Australian Pack! Habitat Animals: Africa: Addax (Addax nasomaculatus) [CR] African Leopard (Panthera pardus pardus) [VU] Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) [CR] Dromedary Camel (Camelus...
  9. B

    Stressed animals

    Hey guys, I’ve played planet zoo for some time now and I have this accruing problem where some of my animals in franchises mode gets easily stressed. I’ve tried to change the barriers, I’ve put more shelters in and given the guest less viewing. But I can’t seem to do anything right. Plus...
  10. 1

    Any thoughts on future DLCs?

    I personally wouldn't mind a pack (or two) more from each continent (I was underwhelmed with the amount of animals offered in the south america and australia packs so 5 more animals isn't asking too much) Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania (I know a lot of people...
  11. G

    Quantity or Quality - What I Think We Need

    Without doubt Frontier and their employees do tremendous work on the animals in the game. Each is animated beautifully (excluding the climbing bugs but those are easily fixed thanks to a trick I saw Rudi Rennkamel do!) and has unique and interesting behavior... But sometimes we’d really like a...
  12. K

    Skin variants needs to be in SANDBOX MODE + Guest camera mode ?

    Hello, I think it's impossible that no one else pointed this out before, but I also can't understand how has the development team added such a easy feature in the game: Why do us, people who don't play Franchise mode at all/challenge mode either (even though I reached 500k conservation points in...
  13. 1

    North American Animals pt. 2

    Love the game, that's why I'm here, and I'm dying for new animal packs! I would be so thrilled to see even one of these animals in a future dlc(s) North American Animals: Great Blue Heron (hey, if flamingos are already in the game why not the great blue heron too, plus it helps increase the...
  14. 1

    North American Animals pt.1

    Love the game, that's why I'm here, and I'm dying for new animal packs! I would be so thrilled to see even one of these animals in a future dlc(s) North American Animals: Alligator Snapping Turtle American Alligator or Cuban Crocodile American Black Bear Arctic Fox Beaver Bighorn...
  15. A

    List of interesting animals to watch for to add to the game

    English Translation via Google Translate Native animals of South America Brazil Amazon Biome Red Macaw Red-crowned Parrot Jaguar / Jaguar (threatened with extinction) Harpy Alligator Sloth Collared Sauim Coatá (threatened with extinction) Spider monkey / (threatened with extinction)...
  16. L

    Aquatic animals-

    I think having sea creatures in our zoos would be really cool animals could include: -dolphins -sea turtles -octopuses -otters -killer whales -exhibit animals(rare fish, seahorses,etc) -sharks -seals -etc New plants could also be added, such as coral reef plants, and new tank barriers could also...
  17. R

    Genetic marker tags

    So when you have an animals profile up, it would be cool if they actually had a tag to show they are carrying a gene for albino, or another gene as suggested in the colour variant thread. Alongside this, adding a tag for this in the marketplace would be amazing to add for other people to know if...
  18. Xauri

    Aviary/Aquatics DLC?? (+Butterflies)

    I absolutely adore both Birds and Aquatic species, and I'd love to be able to have an Aviary in my zoo, along with a Aquarium section, or even just the ability to add fish to the water in some of the enclosures i have. examples could be Freshwaters - Arapaima, Black Pirahna, Tiger fish, Discus...
  19. I

    DLC, Gameplay and Animals

    Heyho, i love playing the game but there are many gameplay-mechanics and animals that I miss badly! Animals: There are very less animals that need water. I don't mean fishes. But there should more animals tet like swimming a bit like otter, racoon, platypus, capybara, or some turtles that...
  20. W

    More animal colouration mutations PLEASE!?

    First of all thank you to frontier for acknowledging the player-base and implementing albinism, but now many people are getting these variants which is good as everyone should but it takes away from the rarity and lowers the price from 10k to less then normal animals I believe if melanism or...
  21. Severance

    Add Melanism in addition to Albinism/Leucism

    So we have the chance to have an albino or leucistic animal born in our zoos, but what about a melanistic animal? Melanism is pretty much the opposite of albinism, resulting in black pigmentation of hair and skin in animals instead of white. There's plenty of examples of melanism in wild animals...
  22. O


    NA-Mountain Lions NA-Crocs SA-Lamma's SA-Panthers Biome-swamp (adding dirty water) Also might add donkeys and ogres. Jk, but a Shrek would be cool.
  23. S

    Animals that should be added

    Here are some animals that I think should be in Planet Zoo and why. 1) Clouded Leopard - These interesting cats are the link between big cats like tigers and small cats like Bob cats. There's no animal very similar to this one, and there pattern will dazzle many. 2) Bob Cats - We need some...
  24. F

    Animal Market between friends

    Maybe you could be add a market, who we can buy/sell/transfer Animals to other Zoos (own) and to Zoos to our friends. That will make animal transfer between friends much easier
  25. P

    Personal opinion: essential animals that need to be added

    As the game has already launched, i feel a bit disappointed with the list of animals we have. Although i am so gratefull to have such a great list, i think that some of the most important animals around the world and some other not so important but very interesting have been excluden from the...
  26. W

    This animal is a dragon in disguise...please gimme it (giant girdled lizard)

    We’re on the horizon of the release and one animal I would love to see is the giant girdled lizard or more commonly known as Sungazers, these dragon like lizards are significantly endangered and that would fit the conservation base of the game. Plus they are crazy looking lizards and would be a...
  27. Y

    Animal family trees

    In the zoo in which I used to work, many habitats which had many animals, there used to be a family tree sign which told the guests which animals are pairs, and which animals is whose offspring. It also used to tell some distinguishing marks of each animal. We used to update the animal after...
  28. M

    Animal Wishlist

    Hi, Just mentioning some animals that I hope make it in to the game at some point. Some of them are pretty endangered and hardly known about so I think it would be awesome if this game could be used to raise awareness about them: Ethiopian Wolf -
  29. W

    Albino and melanistic options in sandbox mode

    In a sandbox anything should be possible including seeing and caring for any animal but I would like some of my animals to be melanistic/luesistic etc. But due to very rare breeding chances I may never get what I want (which is the purpose of a sandbox). So if there were an option in sandbox...
  30. W

    Reptile wishlist (snakes and lizards) long with scientific names

    Lizards: Varanus macraei - Blue spotted tree monitor Varanus Reisingeri - Yellow tree monitor Varanus prasinus - Green tree monitor Varanus beccarii - Black tree monitor Heloderma - Gila monster Chlamydosaurus kingii - frilled-neck lizard Beaded lizard Panther chameleon Agama Bearded dragons -...
  31. W

    Most beautiful tarantulas/spiders to be added (wishlist)

    Typhochlaena seladonia Peacock spider Purple bloom or purple starburst spider - Pamphobeteus machala Colombian lesserblack tarantula - Xenesthis immanis Martinique Red Tree Spider Brazilian Crab Spider, Eight Spotted Crab Spider or flower crab spider Sequinned spider Orchard spider Most of...
  32. W

    Breeding rates need to be put up

    They were barely just a little to high and at the end of the beta were non existent they need to be put up for the market and to stabilise zoo population
  33. J

    Friends Market

    WISH: Make pages in the animal market; Public, Friends. When you place an animal on the market; the first 5-10 minutes, only visible to friends; so that your friends can buy it first, if they need it; after those 5-10 minutes it becomes public. This option is only recognizable with a checkmark...
  34. T

    Common Ostrich Sizes seem wrong

    Might just be in the ones I saw, but male and female ostrich size ratio seems very off. The females I saw in game were much smaller than males, when in reality they are the same size as male ostriches and in some cases larger.
  35. FluffShady

    Mutations and Aquatics

    - color mutations/morphs (along with variation of these) for the animals (like albino, melanistic, leucistic, pseudo-melanistic, golden tabby, maltese, erythristic, piebald, etc.) (there are also breed specific ones like a spotless cheetah, king cheetah, etc. and many variations of, for example...
  36. H

    Animal Request : Fossa

    I know the final animal lineup is likely compleated I am just wondering, if at any point you decide to do animal packs could you put the Fossa into Planet Zoo ? Its one of my favorite animals. Here is a link to a Wiki on the Fossa :
  37. KITTracer7

    Chamaeleo Pointillica 🦎 - Huge scenery item!

    Almost good wednesday evening everyone! 🦎 A new species of chameleon has been discovered in the jungle of Planet Coaster! This is the Chamaeleo Pointillica. One of the greatest species ever found. The animal is about a whopping 5,000 coloured art shapes with a gigantic tree on which the...
  38. MsRedNebula

    Work In Progress Koi fish

    Working my way up the food chain, I decided to try my hand at some fish! The first one is a koi fish. I'm practicing going lower on polys, especially as I'd like to have a few fish swimming around (like how the beetles and rats are in game now). He's at 1,008 tris right now, and not yet...
  39. MsRedNebula

    Completed Animatronic Butterfly - Two sizes, two animations, and recolorable!

    Ahahahaha, it's finally working! My butterflies have come out of their cocoons and are ready to flutter around your parks. There are four total, two different animations and two sizes of each. The larger ones are about 4m wide, comparable to critters like the giant spiders from the Spooky pack...
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