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  1. JukioM


  2. JukioM

    Jaguar, leopard

    Clouded leopard Jaguar
  3. C

    Animal types

    Hi, I'm missing an amount of animals, the animals what I'm missing is penguins goats pony's (maybe an pony ride through the park?) sealions dolphins I was also wondering if there are more people missing this kind of animals.
  4. S

    New/DLC animals, new color mutations and hybrids

    New animals: -Ram -Deer (Daniel deer) -Caribou -Przewalski's horse -African Wild Donkey -Indian Wild Donkey -Kangaroo -Platypus -Meerkats -Otters -Koala -Tasmanian Devil -European/Arctic Fox -Maned Wolf -Quoll -Pengiun -Raccoon -Polar bear -Kudu -Skunk -Fennec fox -Dingo -Wombat -Aardwolf...
  5. C

    Big wishlist of animals that need to be in Planet Zoo + DLC/Update Ideas

    Just a little collection of animals I would absolutely LOVE to see in the game and some features that are missing right now. Animals that need to be added to the game Leopard (since the game is mostly African themed it NEEDS a leopard) Cougar (could also be in Arctic DLC) Moose (could also be...
  6. StarkieKillz

    I would love to make a Hunting Reserve

    you know, whitetail deer, turkeys, pheasants, moose, reindeer; all of that. Id love to see antlered animals horns be bigger as they age not instantly grow up ands be a slamming 10 point, make out a young buck to have just a few points and every year have them shed and become bigger! neat, yeah?
  7. T


    I'd love to see some more monkeys/apes in the game, particularly some of the smaller species: squirrel monkeys marmosets Spider monkeys woolly monkeys capuchins saki monkeys mandrills tamarins golden-cheeked gibbons macaques
  8. A

    some animals i like to see in the game

    1- Pelican 2- Reindeer 3-Greater Flamingo 4-American Bison 5-Black Bear 6-Moose 7-Mexican Gray Wolf 8-Japanese Serow 9-Siberian Tiger 10-Grizzly Bear 11-Gray Wolf 12-Mandrill 13-Chimpanzee 14-Lowland Gorilla 15-Okapi 16-Bongo animal 17-White Bengal Tiger 18-Asian Elephant 19-Orangutan 20-Javan...
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