1. C

    Elite Dangerous YouTube 3D Animated Mini Series

    Hi everyone! I'm Creating a 3D animated series for youtube set in the Elite Dangerous Universe; In a similar style to Rooster Teeth's GEN:LOCK to cut down render time. Source: It will be a mini-series of three or four episodes 30 to 45 minutes each...
  2. C

    Elite Dangerous YouTube 3D Animated Mini Series

    Hi, I want to create an Elite Dangerous mini Series for YouTube, I'm huge Fan of the Game and want to create an animated series; I would like it to be in the Elite universe. I will be creating my assets from reference images (If that's ok), the sound and score will also be made by me; as I do...
  3. LilyValley807

    Completed Dragons for Planet Coaster

    I have made a dragon for Planet Coaster! It's animated and has flexi color, and I have a version with and without normal map. 1A 1B Note - the second version has an identical icon (and name) as the first.
  4. MsRedNebula

    Completed Waving PlanCo Character Signs (Animated)

    I'm going to group future character signs into this thread. I'm not sure if I'm going to do one for every character, but at least the more cartoonish ones! Gulpee and Cosmic Cow are already done, and the next contender is... our favorite Chief! Large (4m) sign Small (2m) sign All signs are...
  5. MsRedNebula

    Completed Waving Cosmic Cow Sign (Animated)

    People seemed to like the Gulpee sign, so I figured I'd do more characters. Here's Cosmic Cow! Large size (4m) - Small size (2m) -...
  6. MsRedNebula

    Work In Progress Animatronic Butterfly

    Well, I put a picture of this in another thread, but here's my official WIP thread. I intend to make a version with the same dimensions as the Spooky DLC spider (about 4m), and a smaller one (2m). The wings will be recolorable and patterned after those of a monarch butterfly. (Might do a couple...
  7. Marcusfalden


    Good Morning/Evening Frontier Development. I am again making the case for adding fully animated ground crews that receive ships at both starporsts and the outpost both in ground bases and in space. I am also asking for animated NPC crew members to all our ships from the 2 seaters to the large...
  8. Marcusfalden


    Please add animated ground crews that can be seen moving around in both the stations and on planetary bases. Elite Dangerous feels like a sterile galaxy. Where are all the humans? On that note please please let us have full NPC crews for all ship types. for 2 seat ships have the job called a...
  9. Googol

    Performance and system hardware specification - spreadsheet

    Someone, I don't know who but they should claim a well-deserved credit here, set up an open-access spreadsheet listing Alpha players' system specifications and the frames per second they were achieving. I found this very useful last year when deciding on a spec for a new machine to play Premium...
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