1. CMDR Kridnos

    Comparing particular view-model animations in Odyssey to other games

    Feedback video: Source: Reddit post: Hello, This video focuses on particular view-model animations in the Odyssey alpha that I believe could use some improvement, and also compares those animations to the same animations from other FPS...
  2. Space DLM

    No lip animation

    In my game all the NPCs are ventriloquists and never feel the need to open their mouth. Since my first day of alpha, I have never seen lip sync in my game. I was told it would be related to perfomance with desynching happening below 30 fps but, here's an example, with fps counter in the upper...
  3. K

    Lukewarm mode for crocodiles and gaviale

    English via Google Translate: I would have liked to be able to walk the crocodile / gaviale a few centimeters underwater in shallow waters (from 1 meter) and lurk there in one place, so to speak Original: Ich hätte es gern das krokodile / gaviale in seichten gewässern (ab 1. Meter) ein paar...
  4. Gohax

    Blender 2.83 animation rotations always relative to origin

    Hello, during the past couple of days i created some static items with Blender 2.83 for Planet Coaster to warm up with the workflow, which worked very well. Now that i tried creating an animated object, i'm having a problem with the way rotations are applied in Planet Coaster: Somehow, all...
  5. CMDR Outsider GFX


  6. Pixelated Sparkster

    Dinosaurs Could we have a breakout animation method that is for the indominus rex be applied to the other large carnivores?

    Usually when a large carnivore breaks out from the fence, they would use the same head smash animation during the attempt and once the fence has been broken. The indominus rex is different as it is so far the only dinosaur in the game that has a slightly different breakout animation once the...
  7. SentiCarer

    Missing feature for Pangolins

    I really appreciate the amount of research Frontier have done for Planet Zoo! But a small detail Frontier missed on the Chinese Pangolins is that all Pangolins spend the time they are walking/running on their hind-legs instead of all fours. Pangolins only really walk quadruped in trees (which...
  8. R

    Weights for influencers should sum to one

    Hi. I'm using Blender 2.80 and with a fairly simple object and just 3 bones I keep getting the error message: Weights for influencers should sum to one. I red the topic Weights, bones, Influencer? is it a sickness? And tried everything, but keep getting the error. Does someone know how to solve...
  9. N

    A list of issues & suggestions from over 100 hours of gameplay (various categories).

    Hello, I have played over 116 hours of JW:E and have accrued a number of ideas. Some are improvements that may already be underway as part of the natural course of tweaking new features until they are in an ideal state, whilst others are whole new features. I shall phrase them such that an issue...
  10. Raptor-88

    Completed Stargate Dial Animation

    Hello Planet Coasters, after many struggle i finalized my dialing Stargate animation. It is Dialing Abydos for the fans. Kind Regards, Raptor-88
  11. MsRedNebula

    Completed Waving Gulpee Sign (Animated)

    I'm still having trouble getting my butterfly working, but I wanted to get something fun finished this weekend. So I made a Gulpee sign! A simple "cutout"-style motorized animation, he'd look super cute on the front of your shops. But I may be biased. :) The item cost in game is $5 and there is...
  12. Gaia Rai

    Community Event / Creation 'Elite Dangerous: GR' animated short... kind of

    I've been meaning to start an Elite Dangerous project for a while. We'll see if actually pans out into something more interesting. For now here's the teaser like thing I made.
  13. AGR-13

    Correct wrong hand animations

    Dear Frontier I noticed a right hand animation for "yaw". The joystick animation for the right hand shows a right / left move during yaw. the problem is: I use VR and a pedal to yaw and my hand is not moving like this. This animation is very annoying and kills immersion for pedal owners...
  14. o-YOUNG-DAVE-o

    CONCERN: Fearless goats/herbivores.

    I've noticed with the goats/herbivores that although they do run away when close to a carnivore (sometimes) as soon as the carnivore catches up, both species suddenly stop in their tracks and go through a killing/eating animation. Now this is okay but I have NEVER seen prey running from a...
  15. n13L5

    The ONE reason I don't enjoy exploration... :(

    There's really only one thing that prevents me from being a major explorer around the stars in Elite.. - The hyper-jump animation is so disgusting and ugly. It looks like enveloping space and its stars is something monstrous, sticky and satanic. You are hurled forward into parts of...
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