1. ArtiX

    TMTK Speedbuild Sessions

    Episode 1: Episode 2: (with commentary)
  2. ArtiX

    General / Off-Topic Finish the Fight - TTF production log

    Hey, since i'm frequenting this forum on a more common base, and since PlanCo custom assets are not the only passion i have, i thought this might be a good thread to read through, if you're interested in seeing a song progress from its conception and composition to its final mixdown. Let's...
  3. ArtiX

    Work In Progress Project: Lightswitch

    Ooooooook, let's be silly for a moment, just pure Blue Sky(ing). If it was technically possible to bring the WDW Monorail and maybe even Spaceship Earth into the game, wouldn't that be pretty cool? Well, it is technically possible, with a big load of work and time involved, until now i...
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