1. Serenity03

    Ships Ding! 100 Ships Built! Check Them out!

    I completed the build on my 100th and 101st ships yesterday. It wont be my last. Further expansion of my fleet is eminent! "Resistance is futile!" "It's getting a little crowded in my space". Sorry I like movies with ships in them. Check out my fleet! Let me know what you think...
  2. F

    Thargoid Anomaly To Be The Target Of Assault - The Fuel Scoop We're back on thargoid watch!
  3. R

    Ships Fer-de-Lance Vs FAS

    I currently have an A-Rated FAS. I really enjoy it as a full on fighter. It was the first real expensive ship I ever bought and I used it extensively for bounty hunting and undermining in power play. I was thinking about selling it and upgrading to a Fer-de-Lance, but I worry it wont feel like...
  4. n13L5

    Whats the laziest ship to use for staying in CNB's for an hour or so to bounty hunt?

    I looked at a bunch of threads why Python overheats for no apparent reason, which gave me some clues, but some questions remained unanswered... (I haven't played since reputation decay got added to the game. 1.4, I think?) Issue: fighting a single Cobra for 1 minute in a CNB (pretty close to...
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