1. J

    Extracting Material from Asteroids

    Noob question. just started mining and starting to getting the hang of it, on the surface as well in flight. As for the last, when i’m mining an asteroid sometimes materials show up on the surface of the asteroid (i.e. nickel, chromium, iron, etc.) My question, how do i collect them? Collector...
  2. Cyanidex

    Newcomer / Intro About LTD mining

    Hello everyone. I wonder, 1. Which mining style is the best/fastest for LTD. Core or laser ? 2. Im core miner, sometimes I do optimal yield successfully but when asteroid explodes it says optimal yield range exceeded and poor fragment. WHY ?! 3. You know there is a Surface Deposits that we...
  3. S

    ship launched mining vehicles

    I would like to see a 3rd ship launched vehicle option, perhaps launched from the fighter bay. I think the dynamic of a larger class ship supporting myself while negotiating the new features of mining would be a blast! Any one agree?
  4. Jubei Himura

    You want to talk MINING?! Focused Feedback for Mining is up!!!

    Please go to Read the proposed changed and POST YOUR IDEAS THERE!!!!
  5. F

    Asteroid Landing - Cool or Silly?

    Probably the least important suggestion of all time because more likely silly than actually useful but I think it be cool! Landing on an Asteroid! :D Now, I can't deny the inspiration comes straight out of Star Wars because of two very exceptional scenes from both Empire Strikes Back...
  6. Captain J H Buzz

    CH Products - Fighterstick & Pro Throttle Large Font Layouts

    I've downloaded some controller layouts but my eyes are not so good anymore and it's very hard for me to see them when I'm "testing":D. So I fired up MS Word & mtPaint created some clip arts and very simplistic control layouts for the CH Fighterstick & Pro Throttle. I zipped up the clip art and...
  7. Asp Explorer

    The Joystick/Controller discussion thread

    Joystick waggling! My X52 Pro and pedals arrived today - woo! I am fairly impressed with the hardware, it's solid and seems well made. Unfortunately it doesn't click, and the old trick of holding the base and waggling the joystick has got me absolutely nowhere in Daley Thompsons Decathlon :(...
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