1. A

    When you add atmospheric landings, don’t make all planets landable at once.

    There’s no conceivable way you (or any other developer) would be able to create the sheer amount of diversity necessary to make each/most/many worlds feel unique and special. Worlds which feature non-Earth life are the biggest problem here; it would take an enormous amount of man-hours to create...
  2. G

    Soon my fellow commanders, soon..

  3. aries_four

    Non-landable planets showing resources? A hint?

    So I'm sure a bunch of you have noticed that non-landable planets (water worlds, molten planets, gas giants) showing resources. This is making me think we may get the first atmospheric landings in 2019. I know its idle speculation, but this is promising!
  4. R

    Do you think we will ever get something like this?

    As the title says, do you think if (and when) we will ever get something like in the video in Elite Dangerous?
  5. T

    The "Next Major Milestone" & "New Elite Era"?

    So what are your thoughts on that? What could that be? Legs or Atmospherics? My two cents on atmospherics. I do not know if all planets will be land-able, but only basic atmospherics will be disappointing and do not suffice to be called "Next Era". I have just seen a video with Lord Braben...
  6. S

    Amosphic planetary landing and starport, with space legs possible.

    Dear, Frontier, Here is my idea about how you can accomplish both Starport Space Legs and Atmospheric Landing. First you claim that there is no purpose to space legs in the game, yet we get the SRV, why not just use the current technology from the Horizons, which would allow you to show how...
  7. E

    [B]Nobody asked for it but we keep getting it.[/B]

    why is it that we keep getting more guardian/thargoids that nobody for the exception of a select few actually like; the whole personal narrative that they keep saying is just a pretty word for GRIND. i think that frontier made a poll asking the players what they would like to see in the...
  8. ZeroAi

    Is Atmospheric Landings a Major or Minor Feature?

    Over the years, many have posted comments like "Atmospheric Landings is the one feature I want the most," and "Atmospheric Landings will likely be a paid expansion all by itself." But sitting here on my lunch break, I'm struggling to see how clouds, turbulence, and rain/snow effects are a...
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