1. Cmdr_Ajay31091

    So i decided to come check the forums...

    ...... And, nope, done. (close's door and danders off to throw rocks forlornly into a lake) I ain't even gonna go there lol o7 Ajay
  2. M

    General / Off-Topic Riddle me this, Riddle me that...

    Molly said to Polly, go on and get your Dolly, but don't be telling Holly that you got her Dolly, but the Dolly be for Molly said old lady Olly, but Molly gave to Wally the Dolly given to Polly, so who owns the Dolly said the lady Lolly? Written in such a deliberately confusing way you won't...
  3. S

    General / Off-Topic Not fair...not fair at all FDEV!

    The public Beta has already started in The Expanse... They're already testing the surface probes. That's really unfair! :P
  4. Frillop Freyraum

    HOT NEWS: NPCs in CQC!

    Here's the evidence (NPCs aren't programmed to lie, mind you) Also, IIRC the first reference of an ingame character to CQC. Do I see some hope for CQC getting more connected to the main game?
  5. TheSisko

    Gul Dukat: Faction Leader

    Dukat: The boom times are here, Weyoun! The Cardassian Faction is enjoying a period of Civil Liberty! These are great times for Cardassia! Weyoun: And the Dominion squadron supporting your....Dictatorship. Dukat: Of course. But the war against those who foolishly oppose us is going well on all...
  6. Hacker#451563

    Screw infinite probes, who wants to kill "The Penitant"

    I Knew I'd get sent there, turrets shot some bloody coppers and I ended up wns\ted, I didn't care. I tried to clear my name but no one wanted to help me be a good guy!!! So....whren I lft the "Pentant"I opened fire on that hell hole of incrceration... OK Don't try this. I was...
  7. TheSisko

    Rumoured (no, really!) and Reported

    I'm not one for staring rumours or anything, but.... An NPC told me that he'd seen something in Region 14, and his sister's boyfriend had also seen the same thing.....whatever it was. I returned to the nearest station and the faction giver gave me a tip-off, which told me that her Viper MKIII...
  8. [VR] M4st0d0n

    Infinite lives.

    It's time we address this immersion breaking game mechanism. Even if you wipe your save... I started an iron man, got totally fried. And yet I am still writing here on the forum. What nonsense is this? Please answer this poll in comment. A. Infinite lives. And even a menu log once every few...
  9. Boff'in

    Probes and limits

    Now as a small but vocal part of the community react to infinite probes. The only thing in my mind When Adam mention he could probe infinitely, Was there are there are limits to probing. Just ask cartmen in south park, or even Homer Simpson...
  10. TheSisko

    24 Hours from now, we will witness the future of Exploration

    Explorers, the long wait is almost over. We have waited. For years. Hoping. Praying. Jumping. Honking. Scanning. Eye-balling planets from orbit for.....anything of interest. Some thought a day like tomorrow would never come. Some thought that the past and future belonged to never ending...
  11. TheSisko

    The Wrath of Khan vs Chapter 4

    Khan: "I will agree to your exploration changes, if, if, you unleash the Imperial Explorer." Kirk: "Imperial Explorer? What's that?" Khan: "Don't insult my intelligence, Kirk!" Kirk: "Give me some time to recall the data on our Codex." Khan: "I give you sixty seconds, Admiral." Spock: "At least...
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