1. Maxsam

    Fleet Carrier Audio Glitch when Entering and Exiting Hyperspace Portal

    Greeting CMDRs o7! I've noticed in Fleet Carrier Beta 2 and Live update that there is a audio glitch (bug) when jumping. What is it? Fleet Carriers have awesome sound design and effects, so when Carrier is about to enter Hyperspace Portal it does three 'foghorn' like sound effects and three...
  2. Vanquish383

    Elite audible books in game store and listenable in the cockpit

    I'm a PS4 console user and for me be it would a great immersion enhancement to be able to purchase Elite audible books through the game store and listen to them directly in the cockpit of my ship. For now, I have to use a tablet to do so. I would also like to suggest to create an audible...
  3. W

    Additional cabin sounds?

    Simple: It seems like a lot of internal sounds have been added. It's really random when you hear them and it honestly scares the living crap out of me bc I often don't expect them. You can hear these sounds in any type of play, in every type of ship: flying in normal space, Supercruise, docked...
  4. Rhuloe

    No sound after splash screen!

    I've been having an issue where there is no sound after the Frontier and Cobra splash screens. There was sound when I first installed the game on my new computer, then a few hours after playing, the sound just stopped. All other games and software are unaffected. I've posted a ticket which has...
  5. CMDR Evolution

    General Missing Audio Options for ship voice (COVAS)

    When using Elite tools like EDDI, both say that a planet has been scanned. Unlike other COVAS voice triggers, there is no way to disable the one for a planet being scanned (I emailed support and spoke with CMDR Vulcan, who directed me here). Please can the list of AUDIO - COVAS options be...
  6. ProgramRAM

    Outpost Antenna Audio

    Hey guys I asked this question over in Dangerous Discussion but I was told I may have better luck over here! This was my question if anyone can answer it. Noticed an older thread that mentioned the audio thats played from the Outpost and station antennas but people were quick to dismiss it...
  7. Shyrahja

    More audio options to turn off in-game noise (educational speakers, music etc.)

    Hiya, I am basically just bringing over here what I talked about in my review for the game. Sorry for the little "spam". I hope it gets more attention over here! I love the fact that you have to educate your visitors, while you might even get educated yourself through the big boards about...
  8. A

    Audio Popping and Cracking

    The popping and cracking only happens in Planet Zoo, even in the beta so it's most likely my computer settings or GPU settings but I did some configuring and settings changes but I can't seem to stop that cracking and popping of the audio in the game, it's really bad when there's dialogue from...
  9. R

    Major audio latency

    So this has happened twice now, Im playing then all of a sudden i get audio playing from hours ago. I was mat farming a few hrs ago and now i get replays of that audio, Weapons fire and sfx of my srv, it seems to be on a loop just playing maybe 30 seconds then restarts. And even after i exit out...
  10. Riverside

    Docking Call Sign fallback rule

    I bought a new ship (a Cutter) for a specific task yesterday & have not yet named it. When a docking request is approved I hear the station manager state "Gutamaya zero-zero-zero...". In the audio options I have callsign set to shipname, but this ship doesn't have a name. I think it should have...
  11. B

    Media for PlanCo (Audio, Video, Pictures)

    Hello everyone i make this post to Share found Media for Planco Sounds Music and co. For Fairytale i have this Soundtrack found Audiomchine - Tree of Life
  12. buzzx

    Lore and history with Galnet Audio ?

    Would it be possible and easy to add a feature where Galnet audio could be set to read out Elite dangerous lore while flying around. It would be a great way for players to get up to speed on all the major lore and history of the game. If its just a matter of adding text to the game it should...
  13. CMDR Texas Stu

    Engine noise too loud when SFX high enough to hear ships/USS audio notifications (HoH)

    Greetings! Backstory: I'm an aging commander who was complaining about no audio notification for USS ('Discovered new signal source' in supercruise) BEFORE finding out that at ~30% SFX volume (options>audio on PC) I simply cannot hear them over ambient/engine noise. Turning up percentage to...
  14. D

    Newcomer / Intro Changing the Ship's Voice on XBox

    Hey so this may be a stupid question but I went thru all of the audio options and I didn't se the option to change the in ship voice? Anyone know how I can do this? Thanks in advance [CMDR Digital4narchy] o7
  15. Snowy Fox

    Unique Default COVAS for Different Ship Manufacturers

    In the stream this evening, a rather nice surprise addition was revealed in the form of customisable "COVAS," as it was referred to, or the voice of a ship's computer. In addition to the familiar "Verity," a new voice, "Victor," was introduced. Judging by what was said by Ed Lewis and Sandro...
  16. M

    E:D and Audiobooks

    Dunno how many of you have played X-Rebirth but the music in that game, although not as technically impressive sounding, has "supercruise" music that really makes you feel like you are going somewhere, even if you are in a space highway for an hour, the beat of the music keeps you going. The...
  17. Dreamcaster

    Hardware & Technical Anyone upgrading their hardware?

    Greetings commanders, I am playing the game on a 2010 HP laptop (and it is still very playable indeed). I would like to build a desktop PC where I can finally play the game at full resolution and I have only bought the case so far (a stunning Corsair Graphite Series 600T). Anyone upgrading...
  18. Googol

    Performance and system hardware specification - spreadsheet

    Someone, I don't know who but they should claim a well-deserved credit here, set up an open-access spreadsheet listing Alpha players' system specifications and the frames per second they were achieving. I found this very useful last year when deciding on a spec for a new machine to play Premium...
  19. Sir.Tj

    Hardware & Technical PC on a budget advice thread

    Ok, I like many of us can't afford to throw money at a top end gaming rig. (The joys of being a fulltime single dad. :rolleyes:) I thought it might be useful as ED is nearing Alpha for those who need to upgrade componants to be helped out by the forum members. Currently I've got the...
  20. P

    Hardware & Technical Computer Build to run Elite Dangerous

    Ok, i have 2 goals 1 - Play Elite MAX settings 2 - Play BF4 MAX settings I have just bought: Intel 4770K Corsair H100i EVGA GTX780Ti x 2 running in SLI Asus Maximus formula VI motherboard Corsair AX860i PSU Sandisk extreme SSD 32gb Corsair vengence pro RAM If that wont run elite they have...
  21. Tom OConnell

    ED and the Oculus Rift DK1 Discussion Thread

    Oculus Rift - Discussion thread Pre-ordered the Oculus Rift Developer edition, anyone else taken the plunge
  22. Capt. Hook

    Hardware & Technical The Joystick discussion thread

    Will Elite Dangerous be mouse or joystick driven - I'm thinking particularly about combat? My 2 cents: Mouse for Freelancer combat control was fun; Mouse for EVE Online is not great.
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