1. CMDR Tom D

    Automation and Scripting - An investigation into further abuses of BGS and Powerplay

    TL : DR For several months, The Alliance Office of Statistics have been tracking and monitoring up to 20 seperate accounts that have been using automated scripts for station services, flight and travel from system to system. Collectively this has been used to undermine Powerplay powers and...
  2. E

    [SUGGESTION] Expand trade and mining away from first-person play

    tl;dr Automation of the main gameplay grind and allow experienced players to build trade fleets/mining conglomerates forthose who prefer strategy to twitch combat. I am one of many who play Elite a bit and get a bit, well, bored - I know there is such a lot going on in the wider galaxy, but...
  3. Tom OConnell

    ED and the Oculus Rift DK1 Discussion Thread

    Oculus Rift - Discussion thread Pre-ordered the Oculus Rift Developer edition, anyone else taken the plunge
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