1. T

    Looking for hydra level ax pilots

    I am looking for an ax pilot that is able to fight and kill a hydra. REQUIREMENTS: -be able to kill a hydra -use gauss cannons (no hammergauss allowed) -not from axi for personal reasons -be cool generally I am willing to pay 1billion credits for your services. Maybe even more if u need...
  2. AWACS_SkyKnight

    Better Mines

    This is a suggestion for an overhaul of mines. Currently, these weapons are interesting and can be fun to use, but have no real value in combat and only truly serve as toys. Some players are skilled enough to lob mines into ships, and traders occasionally use mines, but these are rare...
  3. 1

    Increase AX weapons limit for multi-crew

    Increase AX weapons limit for multi-crew As the Title says, could you increase the maximum limit of AX weapons? It would be ideal on ships like federal corvette, cutter, T10, for example. The cutter has: 1x Cat 4 Anchor 2x cat 3 Anchor 4x cat 2 Anchor Example = " 4x cat4 (AX multicañones)" With...
  4. Astyrrean

    Sidewinder vs Thargoid Medusa: A tribute to CMDR Maligno

    Source: CMDR Maligno recently retired from active AX combat. The videos of his feats inspired a whole generation of AX CMDRs to learn and improve their skill further, including yours truly. To date, Maligno's most recognizable (and, until now, never...
  5. TheRFSpark

    [EMPIRE] Knights of The Light Table (KOLT)

    Hello all I am TheRFSpark, Leader of the KOLT. We are looking for new and old players to join our group. We are a brand new group that fights to protect the Empire and humanity. We are the protectors of the Empire and it's many powerplay leaders. We do lean more on AD however. We are primarily a...
  6. imaner76

    PvP Frontier created PVP gankers. By design.

    Frontier created PVP gankers. Discuss. For. All in game combat delivers no balanced/relevant in game reward. Once done with the forced/effective methods of "play" that got you the money to being combat ship build ready, you have no in game challenges left. You think back on your time mining and...
  7. Hadrian Augustus Duval

    AX point defense

    Could we get a variant of point defense that do something against caustic missiles or even Thargon? So we can actually put something useful in our utilities slot other than xeno scanner and heat sink? Maybe as a power play module for Hadrian Augustus Duval?

    22 CMDRs in an instance, on PS4

    For the official re-opening of the fleet carrier AXI BarHabba, CMDRs from the PS field of AX were invited to come on a Hydra hunt on Friday 3rd July. In total, at the busiest point, 22 CMDRs (across two party chats) were all in the same instance, fighting the top level Xeno ship, without any...
  9. Katie Byrne

    [INDEPENDENT] The Anti-Xeno Defence Force needs YOU!

    The Anti-Xeno Defence Force are the Fighting and Logistics crew of the [AXDF] Icarus, [AXDF] Pegasus and [AXDF] Hercules . We carry out Counter-Xeno Operations in the Pleiades and Witch Head Nebulas. We are seeking new enlistees across several roles to serve aboard the Icarus (Anti-Xeno...
  10. N

    Remerging thargoid interceptor data

    I know that one of the most annoying things is backseat devs, so apologies in advance but.. During the weekend I went to a AX CZ with the AXI lot. We had 27ish cmdrs in one instance. At some point during the fight, knowledge of the interceptor, in this case IIRC it was a hyrda was fragmented. 1...
  11. ScriptedSamurai

    [ALLIANCE] The Wardens of the Black

    The legend of the first Thargoid war. Teaches us that it is the hubris of men which brought the Thargoids into our space. The powerful, rich, and mighty, had sought to usurp Heaven. But instead, they destroyed it. They were cast out, twisted and cursed by their own corruption. They lied and...
  12. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Not Enough NHSSs

    Just a quick bit of feedback, I'm trying to defend systems near my home from Thargoid attacks. Currently in Aganippe, and there's only 1 or 2 NHSS for me to check out. One of them was a T7, which is waaaayy to hard for me to solo (to be honest, I can barely cope with a T5!). And the other is a...
  13. TheOriginalB

    Eagle Eye: Reflect Change in Infestation Status

    This is based on Redden Alt-Mer's excellent post in a bug report thread, in which we discovered that the "Infested" status, which we could see for a while after 3.3 was released, was removed, and can be viewed here...
  14. Brrokk

    Gimbal-Mount AX Weapons

    I suggest making some AX weapons available in gimbal-mounted variants. The obvious candidate is the AX multicannon, recognising that other weapons with delayed fire may be more difficult. Failing this, buff the damage of the turreted AX multicannon so that it fills the role of a gimballed...

    4 AX gun limit is unnecessary

    Thargoid fights are HARD, really hard. After doing a bunch of engineering and grinding for Guardian stuff to make their special guns, i hauled my Krait over to the Pleiades and looked for the right signal sources for a cyclops. After several failures, I actually finally managed to kill one and...
  16. Camisade

    The "Quality of Life" Adjustment That's Not Even on the Roadmap, even as Thargoids Loom Larger

    The "Quality of Life" Adjustment That's Not Even on the Roadmap, even as Thargoids Loom Larger TL;DR: Having now seen some of the coming AX Conflict Zones, the implementation of these sites annoys me even more than the already exasperating Thargoid implementation. And what the evolution of this...
  17. MasterHastur

    Anti-Xeno Technology

    Speaking on behalf of the Xeno Hunting community.... "Intial testing of the AX Weaponry yielded varied results against the Thargoids. Though successful, preliminary tests show that as they observed our combat eventually they would overcome the weapons. Further development is necessary for the...
  18. T

    AX mega ships

    I'm sleep deprived and at work, so feel free to take what I say and change it. But, we all know the thargoids are moving into human territory pretty fast. They are less than 100 light years from sol. And unless the federal capital ships undergo a MAJOR refit, theres not much the federal navy is...
  19. C

    Make AX Weapons Great Again (4 Quick and Easy Changes)

    One issue that has come up with the advent of Guardian weapons is that they easily outclass all human AX weapons, making these quite redundant. With this in mind, I would like to suggest the following 4 easy changes to make human AX weapons more viable as an alternative to Guardian weapons:-...
  20. hs0003

    Needed weapon changes (short)

    This post will cover 2 weapons, the AX Multi Cannons and the Shock Cannon It's been quite a while since we got the Large Turreted AX Multi Cannon, so why not give us a non AX version of it? It already has an amazing model, so it just needs a damage decrease to make up for the fact that the anti...
  21. TheOriginalB

    AX Request: Small Flak Launcher

    I'd love to see a small flak launcher added to the game (in addition to the medium-sized one that already exists.) Currently, the requirement for just about all AX-related activities requires medium and large hardpoints, which makes using smaller ships (with the exception of the Imperial...
  22. C

    Making guardian weapons relevant in normal combat and make them more interesting/unique in AX combat

    The biggest problem with the guardian weapons is that outside of the gauss cannon, they are all pretty meh in both normal and AX combat. In AX combat, these weapons really fail to perform because, due to the other weapons' lack of uniqueness and issues with them, the gauss cannon is just plain...
  23. Camisade

    Silly GalNet Article "Aegis Responds to Concern over Thargoid Incursions"

    So the GalNet Article today seemed to be yet another attempt to "further" the sadly underbaked Thargoid-invasion bolt-on narrative. If somehow you missed it, you can read it here. In the article, one anxious Councillor, Rasmus Tseng, does some dramatic hand wringing, finishing his quote with...
  24. Camisade

    The "Thargoid Threat" is Fake News!

    Dateline: The Galactic Enquirer. January 4th, 3304. Agricola's Ascent, Pleiades Sector DL-Y d65. Galactic Enquirer sources have revealed that the "Thargoid Threat" is a manufactured one, created in a cooperative effort by the embattled executives at Lakon Spaceways and the cash-strapped...
  25. S

    Thargoid fighting/hunting

    Hello commanders, recently I have been wanting to go Xeno hunting for some time. Problem is I don't know very much about it except I need AX weapons and a strong ship like Conda, Corvette etc. I will be doing this solo and would like some tips. So if any of you have any it would be much...
  26. sibullski

    small hardpoint ax weapons.

    small hardoint ax weapons would be nice. i think.
  27. Orbitalai

    Release how to mount AX weapons?

    Sorry, but I cannot figure out how to mount AX weapons on site. Anyone knows how to do it?
  28. hs0003

    AX Large Turreted Multicannons, non AX version?

    I don't know about everyone else, but I absolutely love how the AX large turreted multicannons look. So I was thinking, why not give us a non AX version and let us add it to the regular arsenal? Even if it's given the regular turret penalties in comparison to the existing fixed large...
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