1. U

    Personal Bases

    Suggestion for upcoming content that would allow for a more personal narrative: The Below idea, I believe, would give players more of a stake in the Galaxy, and provide more of a sense of involvement, and a sense of ownership. Perhaps it has been brought up before, or perhaps it's wishing in...
  2. SkyB

    More weapon variety on stations, bases and capital class ships

    They have pulse lasers that often shoot in odd patterns and (multi)cannons... I'd love to see large beam lasers, plasma accs and seeker missiles on them. A bit of variety and fun! They kill anyways, so why not have some diversity?
  3. W

    Newcomer / Intro NOOB - finding planet stations?

    Yep, I'm a NOOB. I am on planet Ross 754 B 1. It has several land bases. But I can't find them in my contacts and I can't generate a flight plan to get to them. How do you find them? There are supposed to be 3 bases on the planet. I am just the discovery stage of this grand game. Thanks,
  4. dreampage

    My Proposal For a Base Building Gameplay Mechanic

    For a long time now I have been thinking about a base building mechanic to be implemented into Elite Dangerous. I think it would be an awesome end-game content for the game which would require a lot of time, effort and investment from players who are sometimes bored of what the game currently...
  5. E


    i have come to realize that elite dangerous is like an empty sandwich. let me explain the game that we have Right now is the crust, lots of flavor and the crust is very well made and the Devs[chefs] right now keep working on the crust adding more butter, more water, more flower, and spices. but...
  6. D

    Fleet Carrier and colonization concept - FRONTIER PLEASE READ

    Maybe you use the fleet carrier to set up a colony: Steps: Collect participating friends to be part of a colony "fleet" (not required, but available) Compile money to purchase a fleet carrier and associated components that will comprise the colony infrastructure at the destination (perhaps a...
  7. M

    The Dark Wheel....found again!

    My wife was sorting the loft and asked if this could be thrown away....NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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