1. Fuego Estelar

    PvP Big Battle in Deciat, freeing Farseer Inc from terrorists

    Source: Feel free to comment, etc Hope you like it!!!
  2. Old Duck

    F2P Arena Royale

    Didn't Frontier once offer CQC as a separate game called Arena? Well here is an idea - Frontier should modify that game code to offer a Battle Royale mode (it's all the rage) while keeping the team mode, and release it as free-to-play. Frontier would make their $$$ with the ability to purchase...
  3. W

    Orbital outpost raid mission type

    I believe the game could use some fresh mission types, and since the next few updates are planned to include such I would like to throw a suggestion here. Plus I would really love to see some more organized fleet battles, as combat zones tend to be quite chaotic never ending "blastfests" fought...
  4. Nithingale

    An important civil war is coming, and we are looking for players ready to fight !

    Greetings Commanders, I come to you on behalf of the faction Foyama Novingo Startourism, from the system GD 140. Tomorrow will be an historic day for us, as we are going to conflict the leading faction of the system. We were waiting this moment for about a year, and it will now happen. We are...
  5. T

    Report of a lost battle - Fight of titans in Votaroi

    What a stupid name, commander Twistedcat. I had to make that bet. Anyway, today was goind to be an epic day. Or so I thought. A few weeks ago, my vulture was finally equipped with these sweet 5A thrusters and I was just back from The jet's hole where Hera Tani pimped up that ridiculously small...
  6. CMDR IronManMK3

    Space Battles

    Hi Commanders, I have seen it mentioned a few times in the forums, but has it been confirmed that the engine cannot run full on space battles? Conflict Zones have a fair amount going on but they are all normal ships, and the capital ships are cool as hell when they arrive in a zone but they...
  7. T

    Ships Cobra MK IV Combat Ready!

    I made awesome little video in my Cobra MK IV. Please tell me what you think of it guys. Also tell me what you think of my Cobra MK IV. :) Hope you all enjoy!
  8. K

    Community Event / Creation Elite Dangerous: This Space Beta

    Hey there! Here's my small contribution to the library of Elite fan creations. Now re-cut for clearer narration and further improved musical sync after some feedback. Elite Dangerous: This Space Beta Re-cut version, old URL removed. A somewhat...
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