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    Battlecruisers a bit weak?

    So I know battlecruisers in ED are a cross between carriers and combat ships, but I still feel their armament is a bit weak for how big they are. I feel like when one of these ships decides to focus fire even a Type 10, it shouldn't last quite as long as it does now. Maybe give them hardpoint...
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    An Idea for Battlecruisers

    Hello Elite community! We all know and love the battlecruiser slugfest that tend to happen in high intensity combat zones. The raw power of one of these massive capital ships is unparalleled anywhere else in the game. But what if we made them a player controlled asset, like Fleet Carriers...
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    Report of a lost battle - Fight of titans in Votaroi

    What a stupid name, commander Twistedcat. I had to make that bet. Anyway, today was goind to be an epic day. Or so I thought. A few weeks ago, my vulture was finally equipped with these sweet 5A thrusters and I was just back from The jet's hole where Hera Tani pimped up that ridiculously small...
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